A goofy self-portrait that was a college assigment: the cover of Time MagazineA goofy self-portrait
that was done back in the Stone Age as a
college assignment—honest!


Carol A. (Strick) Strickland returned to painting and fine art with the sudden and painful onset of Mid-Life Crisis. She determined that she would paint full-time once she retired, and wanted to hit the ground running. This would require her to reeducate herself after forgetting the little useful material they taught her in UNC-CH art courses. Thank heaven for excellent local workshops and classes!

In the meantime she has begun to win awards with her painting and has her work hanging in restaurants in the Triangle area of North Carolina as well as the occasional gallery. Recently she has decided to return to one of her loves, portrait painting.

Because she still has a full-time day job to pay her mortgage and Internet bills, and also because she's very involved with a writing career, she treasures the time she manages to paint. She is working on building up her inventory of paintings and increasing her presence in the local art community. She also regularly buys lottery tickets in hopes of winning big and dropping that day job.

She is trying to become proficient in plein air painting, which is the fancy way of saying that she packs up everything she can grab from her studio and carts it off to the middle of nowhere to paint landscapes in the wind and buggy sun. Fun!

Her influences are the impressionists, whether they be from France, California, Canada, or Lizard Lick. Light and color dazzle her, as does chocolate. She wishes that acrylics dried slower and oils dried faster (the tech is getting there), and that neither required varnishing, which is a crashing bore and sheer heck on brushes.

Strick hopes you will explore her website, buy a few paintings, buy her books, make her rich, find her a husband, pet her cats, and maybe learn a thing or two about Wonder Woman along the way. And no, she won't mind if you call her "Carol."