Lady Zor-El

In 1999 the online fanzine, Fanzing, ran an art contest asking people to make up ads for real-life (or close enough) products for superheroes to tout.

I got to thinking about how many buxom blondes there are flying the skies in the DCU, and of course my concern was for Power Girl, whom I see as ignored (except for her bust size) by DC. A possible answer was, of course, to make her a buxom non-blonde -- which would mean using hair dye.

The flying blonde squad had even had its ranks recently increased at the time by the introduction of Thunder in the Legion. I mean, it was bad enough having a Marvel in the Legion (no Marvels in the Legion!) but this, the "descendant" of the brunette Capt. Marvel and CMJr., and the brownette Mary Marvel (upon whom Supergirl can legitimately claim descent) being BLONDE gave me chills. Compounded with this, the Legion already had access to a super-powerful blonde, Andromeda -- also a Supergirl clone. Power Girl of course was a Supergirl clone as well. And now we had a very popular character with a total of I believe at the time it was TWO appearances on the Superman animated series: Supergirl.

Blondes, blondes and more blondes! All of them related in some roundabout way to the original Supergirl (or her predecessor, Mary Marvel)!

Nope, have our post-Crisis Kara dye her hair. That would be a start to solving her problems...

Above in the background are (l-r) Supergirl, Andromeda, animated Supergirl, and Thunder.

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