Power Girl costume

The January 2000 issue of Fanzing held the results for a "redesign a hero's costume" art contest. Naturally I had to submit for Wonder Woman and Power Girl.

PG's natural attributes (and the fact that she debuted with a "front window" keyhole on her costume that artists kept making bigger and bigger even as her breasts grew to watermelon size) have tempted artists into forgetting what medium they're working in and who the audience is. This is not Playboy. Respect towards women is not a joke.

What I was trying for here was an outfit that had more definition in the neckline. By drawing the neck trim, PG got more cloth on her chest. By giving her tights, her artists missed the "opportunity" to give her a thong back rear décolletage.

The person writing the commentary for the contest remarked as to how he disliked loose belts that served no purpose. I've since seen a couple of similar opinions expressed elsewhere, particularly in the Superboy costume remake in his own comic. Chacun à son goût, I suppose.

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