Power Girl and Donna Troy costume ideas

Here are some more costume ideas. The first is for Power Girl. I heard a rumor that she might turn up as a redhead in her new series. Gee, where have I seen that idea before?

The boots might be those dark blue things that get a lot of black. I picture the cape or scarf or whatever it is as being semi-transparent.

With this notice that I've shrunk her boobs down to reasonable size and recalled that she started out as a petite powerhouse – a cute idea that I'd very much like used again. Her "front window" doesn't give certain artists (spit!) the chance to display every square inch of Power boob. Grr!

Then there're two ideas for Donna Troy, whose nom de guerre -- if she needs one -- should be Lady Troy, imho. (And not "Donna Troy Bitch!" as some fans have paraphrased her line in Countdown [I'm Donna Troy, bitch!"].)

At any rate, Donna's proven that red and the starfield are her thing, so why not combine them? In the first look I've got that lasso that she took from her doppelganger on Earth-51 or whatever turned silver (as it is in the second shot) just because. It's magic. It's fastened to the buttons in her jacket.

But that jacket can vary. I picture the basic outfit remaining stet but the red whatever that she wears over it can be anything: a different style of jacket, a bigshirt, a shawl, a parka, a poncho. Anything. It can even have some kind of Wonder symbol design going on the back every now and then.

The neckline is the same as the second shot, so if she wants to take off the jacket/whatever, she can look tres chic.

Second shot goes with a dress look. Of all the Wonders Donna handles being in a dress the best. Note the rounded hem on her left. This look gets only one cheek-piercing earring to counter the star that holds on her lasso.

On the DC Message Boards I've theorized that this lasso might control energy instead of truth. Something wrapped in it could have its energy levels lessened or strengthened. That might be a fairly cool thing and certainly different from what Diana and Cassie's lassos can do.

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