4 stained glass designs: Superman, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, and Legion

Ca. the Eighties. I took a few stained glass classes and thought, "I could make a great side-career out of this!" I enjoyed walking around in bare feet amid all the glass dust. How I loved having my fingers shredded by glass shards! But even small pieces took forever for me to make.

As a sort of farewell to stained glass (though I was still teetering on the career aspect until Warner Licensing told me how much I'd have to pay them for permission) I made a series of comics-based designs. The ovals were about 14 or 16 inches on their widest sides. The FF was about a foot in diameter. The three purple jewels in the upper right of the Legion symbol represented the first three members: Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and (hooray!) Saturn Girl.

I think I sold some, but traded two or maybe three for a keen crystal ball on a dragon base, which I still proudly own. How I missed my Wondie stained glass, though! Ironically, out of the blue a couple years ago a coworker made me one for a Secret Santa present (we had a $10 maximum, and this must be worth at least $60). It's gorgeous—but it's the =W= on a blue background. Didn't have the heart to correct her....

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DC ComicsLet's see. Wonder Woman, Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes are from DC Comics. The Fantastic Four are Marvel Comics characters. Buy their stuff.