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With WW #247, there began a (thankfully short-lived) backup feature called "Tales of the Amazons," which told of the Amazons' original voyage to Paradise Island. It should have been titled "Tails of the Amazons" instead. Using the g-string style of armor that had recently been used in the horrible, horrible, most horrible Wonder Woman Spectacular (too horrible to show here) (although I might get around to it someday), they now added deliberately transparent tunics for the Amazons to wear. Necklines were deep and shifting with the light-weight fabric, lots of leg got to stick out the slitted sides. It was a real treat for all those straight boy comics readers who were too stupid get their hands on an issue of Playboy.

Cover blurb. "Hey, kids! Nekkid chicks! I mean, steel!"
cover banner
bare butt

Note the "coloring error" on Hippolyte here. Yeah, I just bet it was an accident.

bare breast

And check out anonymous Amazons 1, 2 and 3. That armor really protected them, didn't it?
g-string armor

Kinda makes you shudder to think that WW was used as one-handed reading. And that DC Comics was encouraging it.

Btw, Larry Hama was editor. Artists were listed as "Maurice Whitman & Friends."

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