The Best and Worst of Wonder Woman

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Most Forgotten Anniversary:
Donna Troy Hits 50 Years


In the July, 1961 issue of Wonder Woman, #123, something that had been brewing for some time finally crystallized:

Wonder Girl, a member of the "Impossible" Wonder Family, a construct that had had Diana appearing side-by-side herselves at different ages, was referred to as a separate entity.

This would continue consistently. Wonder Girl was Wonder Girl and not Diana. (No matter how loudly DC insists that Brave and Bold #60 was her first appearance.)

Donna came to be a headlining character in the WW book, then helped found the Teen Titans. Eventually they even gave her a name: Donna Troy, with an origin of her very own. Soon afterward, DC turned the vivacious, exciting teen into a Sad and Tragic heroine who was often placed in the background of stories.

Sometimes her Tragic Story would be the lead. She did have moments of happiness. Well, mainly her wedding. But even the birth of her son was marred by Things Going Wrong (and a depowering). Then she got a divorce, her son, step-daughter and ex were killed, she got amnesia that only Wally West could cure (?), she was killed, then reborn as some kind of goddess (forgotten since) with more amnesia and married against her conscious will to a not-so-good god... Then they gave her a costume with a modest v-neck that soon turned into narrow straps not-so-covering her boobs. And Roy Harper called her a slut in front of scores of heroes (including her sister and Superman), and no one called him on it or tried to comfort her.


But in 2010 Donna was FINALLY allowed to join the JLA. I actually had hopes (oh cruel, cruel DC!) that this would be the beginning of big things for her, of her actually starting to get the recognition that a character of her history, power and relationship to the rest of the DCU deserved.

Instead she was Jade's nanny: "Look out, Jade!" seemed to be the entirety of her dialogue. There was some doubletalk about the bright depths of her soul overcoming the darkness of Eclipso, yawn. Then as the DCU spun down to get ready for the Nottaboot, the JLA was disbanded.

Donna says she wants to disappear from the world, to rest in obscurity.As the final members start to beam back to their non-JLA lives in Oct. 2011, Donna spouts a bunch of drivel about how "I just DON'T feel it anymore." Granted, she does get in one good sentence, something that to me is indeed the essence of the Donna character and how she differs from her sister: "[Starman,] you have a life outside of the League and all the craziness that comes with being a mask or a metahuman, and what you want?—that's allowed to take priority sometimes."

Donna balances her life. Diana doesn't. And that's why Diana is the icon.

Back to JLA: The extremely artificial (= bad writing; disrespect for the character) rage she'd been displaying in JLA had been drained from her.

The final panels have her having this conversation with Dick Grayson. "I want the world to forget Donna Troy ever existed." That's not balance; that's denial of self.

The plans for the Nottaboot don't include Donna anywhere.

Happy 50th, Donna. We should have had cake at least.

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