Deep in the recesses of the palace lay the small lump of clay that was left from the Amazons' creation. Hippolyte had kept it hidden for millennia. Now she retrieved it, praying to Aphrodite to grant her the knowledge to create life with clay.

The gods had long since left Earth, returning to another dimensional plane they called Gaea, where primitive humans still lived. Earth's people no longer needed the gods and the Olympians needed purpose to survive. They were still fond of the earth and kept several portals open through a dimensional warp to the planet. Paradise was near one such portal.

Through this Aphrodite now came and mercifully granted Hippolyte's wish. However, an oracle had advised Aphrodite to command Hippolyte to make two girls: one black and one white. Becuase of the size of the clay at her disposal, Hippolyte had to fashion statues of the girls as the youngest of infants. Aphrodite wove her spell of life and Hippolyte hugged her new daughters tightly, thanking the goddess with all her heart.

But Ares saw a great promise in his granddaughters that hinted of a permanent conquest of the Amazons. Waiting until Aphrodite left, he stole into the Amazonian nursery and kidnapped one of the girls, forcing Hippolyte back with a spell until he could leave.

NubiaThe Amazon queen watched helplessly, crying out to the gods for help. Ares vanished just as Aphrodite, Heracles, Athene and Hermes arrived. There was nothing they could do. Instead they offered the ritual blessings given at the birth of any royal child: hopes that she would excell above others when she was an adult. They left Hippolyte alone with her daughter.

Hippolyte resigned herself to her fate, but now the clashes between Ares and the Amazons were even fiercer than before. Ares' power was growing it the world of men because he needed no purpose to his life other than that of continually making war. The modern world's war lust strengthened him

Yet in the midst of the battles the little princess Diana grew and prospered. Young in her life it becaume evident that her true Amazon heritage combined with early mental training gave her powers that outstripped those of the other Amazons except Hippolyte. And she could ride the winds as easily as her mother!

On Ares' base, the floating island Marzal, the other daughter, Nubia, was developing along the same lines. Ares had watched the Amazons and had leraned their training secrets; he tried these with Nubia. He struggled to gain control of her mind, but the mental exercises she performed made her more receptive to ways of peace. To compensate for this, Ares forced Nubia to wear a ring talisman that placed her under his command.

The era of the Cold War hung heavily over the world. A plane crashed on a small island adjacent to Paradise. A man, Steve Trevor, lay dying in the wreckage. But Princess Diana, now in her twenties, and her closest friend, Mala, rushed to rescue him. Only Diana's experimental Purple Ray cured him from his deep coma. Upon the queen's questioning, Steve explained about political conditions in the outside world. Aphrodite commanded Hippolyte to choose a champion who would accompany Steve back to Man's World to fight Ares' work.

Hippolyte decided upon a series of contests to determine the champion. She forbad Diana to enter, but any other Amazon could. When among the hundreds that gathered in the main arena, only one showed up masked, Hippolyte knew that her daughter had disobeyed her orders. Hippolyte realized that Diana would probably win the contests, and resigned herself to feigning surprise when Diana removed her mask.

Thus Princess Diana went to Man's World to fight crime as Wonder Woman, sharing international spotlight only with such heroes as Superboy, Wildcat, the Blackhawks, and a very few others.

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