One day on patrol Wonder Woman spotted an apartment building on fire. She heard a child's cry from the supposedly evacuated building and crashed through a window to get inside. There in a small, unfurnished room lay two adults, both dead. But nearby was a tiny two-year-old girl, squalling like a demon in fear.

The other tenants were puzzled when Wonder Woman presented the child to them. That apartment wasn't even rented, they told her. No one knew who the parents -- if they had been her parents -- were. Because WW was so new to Man's World, she had never heard of orphanages and so took the infant home, requesting permission of the queen to adopt her. Hippolyte had a long talk with her daughter, and it was decided that Diana's full-time job as a heroine would not be fair to the girl. Instead, Hippolyte hersef decided to adopt the child and called her Juno, the Roman form of Hera's name.*

Juno was too old to start the mental training that Amazons had to use to be powerful and immortal; she was pitied by others for being a mortal. Juno was a great athlete by normal standards, but by Amazon ones she couldn't keep up. She was terribly depressed.

By this time, Wonder Woman had encountered Baroness Paula vonGunther, and had brought both her and her daughter Gerta to live in peace among the Amazons. The island that used to house Diana's laboratory was now Tranformation Island, a reformatory for mortal woman criminals. But Diana's lab still existed there, and still contained her Purple Ray.

Wonder GirlPaula discussed the problem of strength and age for herself, her daughter, the alien Rrara, and the young princess, with Dr. Althea, a brilliant medical doctor who had been rescued by the Amazons from a shipwreck. She had elected to stay permanently on Paradise in order to continue her studies in a free climate, but was now over seventy and extremely mortal.

Althea told Paula about the Purple Ray. Paula saw it as a staring point for ther investigations. With Althea's medical knowledge and Paula's physical genius, the two found an answer to immortality by strengthening not the mind as Amazon Training did, but rather the body by a physical means.

The five gathered in the lab and Paula placed the princess under the focus of the Purple Ray. A switch was pulled and weird purple light flooded the laboratory's main chamber. Then -- it was over. All five now possessed the immortality and strength of an Amazon, but Juno had all the powers of her mother and sister since she had received the full power of the ray. After this, the new Amazons destroyed the improved ray's machinery, leaving only the healing element. Since the ray was on Transformation Island, it was feared that one of the prisoners might escape and use it to transform herself into a super woman.

Thus all were content on Paradise for the next few years until Artemis appeared to claim that an Amazon must be expelled from Paradise. Teng, one of the original Amazons and priestess of Artemis' temple, had made a truthful if unflattering remark about Artemis' terrible temper. After that, Artemis had kept a close watch on her.

While leading a sacrificial boar to the temple one day, Teng heard screams for help. Leaving the animal along a cliffed stretch of beach, Teng swiftly climbed up the rocks to where a young Amazon was hanging. She had been watching Teng's boar and had lost her balance, falling over the edge of the cliff, only to barely catch the top of the rock. Teng stayed with the girl to comfort her -- a job that took a lot of time -- and when she turned back to retrieve her boar, she found that rocks on the beach formed a cul-de-sac. The tide had come in and the boar hadn't been able to escape. Artemis' sacrifice was dead.

"Exile her!" Artemis demanded before the vestal fires. Hipppolyte protested, but Teng volunteered for the punishment, afraid that if she did not do so, Artemis' short temper would be vented on the Amazons. Teng was sent to Man's World, bereft of her immortality.

But a year later the goddess Eos spotted a small craft barely afloat in the waters surrounding Paradise, unable to break through the mystic barrier there. The boat was clearly a victim of a vicious storm that had raged the night before. On it was Teng and her daughter, a babe only weks old. Teng prayed to the goddess to take her baby and protect it, for she was dying. Eos took pity on the ex-Amazon and took the child, very much against the wishes of Artemis, who had caused the sea storm.

Hippy and the TotEos gave the child to Hippolyte, who adopted her and named her Aurora. The youngest princess started Amazon training just like any other foundling Amazon, but it became evident that her double heritage of being Foundling and Amazon born endowed her with powers just like her sisters'.

Artemis' hatred of Teng and therefore Teng's duaghter Aurora, never let up. When Aurora was four, the anger of Artemis toward her had grown to such an extent that Hippolyte was forced to send Aurora to a boarding school in another dimension, a school of mythic royalty such as she, where she would be kept incommunicado until she graduates at age twelve.

Juno was allowed to go to Man's World to attend Teen Titans meetings as Wonder Girl. Wonder Woman had already joined the Justice League. Hippolyte's daughters were famous and known for their powers. The queen was very proud of them, even though they had to leave her all the time. Now, however, it was time Hippolyte left them.

Aphrodite had spotted Ares building up his forces on Gaea, and asked the Amazons to come to that dimension long enough to abort his attempt at warfare. Hippolyte accepted. She used an excuse of having to replenish the Amazon's magical powers to confuse any spying on her that Ares might be doing.

Hippolyte first summoned Diana to help the Amazons fight. Diana refused, feeling herself more needed in Man's World than on Gaea. Diana had to relinquish her powers. Juno was then assigned to be a temporary Wonder Woman until the Amazons came back and Diana regained her powers.

The eventual war on Gaea would have been disastrous for the Amazons had not Diana summoned the Valkyries and other reinforcements to help. But Ares was defeated, and after quelling a few minor skirmishes, the Amazons returned home.

The queen summoned her daughters. Wonder Girl came quickly, but Diana did not appear. Juno was called away on an urgent Teen Titans case, and so did not see her older sister when she was finally brought to Paradise: nearly drowned, injured and totally amnesiac. The Amazons managed to program her with memories that were more encyclopedic than real; they eventually had to rig her bed with a subliminal learning device that re-taught her how to completely use her powers. a technique that was learned by Diana in the form of slightly illogical dreams.

But soon a mysterious, armored woman appeared on Paradise, claiming the right to contest Wonder Woman. In a burst of new-found power, Diana managed to fight the newcomer to a draw. The woman unmasked herself, and Hippolyte knew she beheld her fourth daughter, Diana's twin.

Second thoughts made Hippolyte unsure of herself, so she told no one her suspicions. But when Ares chose to strike Paradise Island through the people of the floating island Marzal, and when this newcomer who called herself Nubia attacked as one of Marzal, Hippolyte was sure. She called Diana, who managed to free her sister from Ares' influence, and told Diana about her twin. However, Nubia and her people had left quickly; there was no time to tell Nubia of her heritage. The floating island was gone, hidden from the Amazons by a mystical means. At least Ares no longer ruled there. Now he had barely enough power to launch a weak, personal campaign against Wonder Woman as she returned to Man's World.

So many things remain unresolved. Will Ares regain enough strength to defeat the Amazons? Will Nubia become aware of her heritage? Will Aurora return to Paradise? Will Juno discover who her parents were? Will Hippolyte fulfill the Delphic prophecy and regain her godhood? There is only one thing that is sure:

Princess Diana will continue to fight hatred in Man's World, be it on Earth, in space, or in other dimensions, for she is truly a Wonder Woman.

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