Return to the Golden Age (Reprise)

WW #207Despite what he had learned from his previous "Return to the Golden Age" experiment, Kanigher tried it again. He'd had Don Heck (doing some of his better work) with Oksner inks on his first three issues, but now brought in the questionable talents of Ric Estrada and Vince Colletta -- keeping himself on writing chores -- to rehash Godlen Age stories in a modern setting. That is, there were still armies of evil men and the armies of peace-loving women, but now Diana was a translator at the UN, although the stories tended to center around the Amazons more than the search for world peace.

And every woman in the book had enormous breasts. Art looked like it took maybe five minutes to do each story, and the writing wasn't much better. Steve Trevor even popped up again, starting in #208, with no explanation of how he had surivved the barrage of machine gun bullets way back when.

Luckily, this phase lasted only five issues.

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