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WW #237The Pasko/Delbo/Colletta team still delineated WW's adventures, but editorship returned to Denny O'Neil. It was decided that since the current TV adventures of Wonder Woman were showing the Amazing Amazon operating during World War II, the comic book should, too. The staff worked out a smooth transition story that took the present-day Earth-One WW and teamed her with the WWII Earth-Two Wonder Woman, leaving the storyline back on Earth-Two in the past. But this Earth-Two character was not the Golden Age Wonder Woman. Gone were the fairy tale adventures, the themes of love and strength of will conquering all. Gone even was the old costume, for this Wonder Woman wore the same costume as her present-day Earth-One counterpart.

Diana Prince was established as a Yeoman First Class in the Navy, operating at the War Department, while Etta Candy and Steve Trevor were with Army Intelligence. Steve had brown hair, while Hpppolyte was blonde and dressed exactly like the Earth-One queen.

Most adventures were spent chasing down Nazis, most of whom managed to operate within the U.S. As Gerry Conway took over writing chores, there were many guest-shots from various Golden Age characters such as Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Flash, Sandman, and the Spectre. Despite the fact that WW now changed clothes by spinning around like her TV counterpart did, this series could have been any super-hero's, for there was no real "Wonder Woman" feel about it (except that she did complain a lot about men).

The series spilled over into World's Finest (issues #244-252), as WW discussed men's bad points: "The arrogance of men constantly astounds me -- particularly the arrogance of a Nazi!" One got the impression that she vented her disgust of all men on Nazis.

Probably the worst issue of this era was the 1978 Wonder Woman Spectacular, which claimed that Mars was behind the Nazis and produced vistas of Amazons armored in g-strings and not much else (while in other chapters in the same story, they dressed in Ditkoesque leotards), showed Baroness Paula von Gunther strutting her half-clad female slaves in front of Hitler, and provided Ditko the means to portray Aphrodite as someone who liked to hang large construction-paper Valnetine hearts all over her gown.

But in issue #242 new editor Jack Harris declared, "We feel that [CBS] should... have the responsibility of making their presentation jive with ours, not the other way around." So the Earth-Two WW celebrated V-E Day in #243 and met up with the present-day WW in #244, as the story looped back around to follow "our" Wonder Woman once more.

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