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Aegeus on his horse, named, oh, Mr. Ed perhaps?Aegeus, Nikos: 600. Last seen in the comic circa 1982, this villain made a 2010 reappearance on his winged black horse, utilizing bolts of lightning stolen from Zeus that he uses with a fiery bow. The minimally-clad villain also owns the Knife of Vulcan, which can cut through anything, including, he claims (ha! impossible!), the Magic Lasso. He also says he can teleport, and is proud of his ability to blow things up via the lightning.

After causing an airplane to crash, he tries to blackmail the U.S. for crimes against the world, and declares that for every hour he doesn't receive his money, another crime will take place. Superman and Wonder Woman go after him. While Superman is vulnerable to Aegeus' magic, Wonder Woman's bracelets take care of the lightning well enough for her to lasso Aegeus. When Superman distracts him, Diana belts Aegeus, pulling her punch—"mostly." Aegeus has lost several teeth, but will still be able to attend his court case.

A'Iir: (69-71) The Sangtee Emperor's advisor. Diana's pirates kidnap him and question him concerning the empire's politics and emperor. Twice Diana has to stop Ectreba from torturing him for the information. He refuses to divulge any personal information about the emperor. His substitute/replacement in his absence was Bruct, who eventually tried to assassinate the emperor.

Ala, Lady: 191. A Zambian goddess of the harvest who greets Trevor Barnes in the land of his paternal ancestors and invests him (through Gaea) with the powers he needs to help Diana defeat the Shattered God.

Althea: JLA: A League of One. A playful and very green wood nymph from the sacred cyprus grove on Themsycira. She loves to play with Diana. She can manipulate trees, like causing roots to trip the Flash.

Alvin no last name: 189. Trevor Barnes' young teenaged neighbor. Alvin wonders about his friends dealing in drugs and Trevor counsels him through a fable from Aesop that if he hangs around them, he'll probably wind up getting hurt. Trevor encourages him to practice his basketball, and promises to play with him when he gets back from the trip that will result in his death. Trevor also has promised him a trip to the movies.

Alvin spots his "friends," Skemmie and Too-Tall, breaking into Trevor's apartment with a bomb, to teach Trevor a lesson in sticking his nose where it doesn't belong (how did they find out?). The Shattered God possesses a dog that mauls them before they can do so, and then, after the dog disintegrates from the possession, Alvin is possessed to find where Trevor has gone.

After Trevor's death, Diana takes Alvin and Becca Doherty to an Adam Sandler movie. On the way home, they are attacked by one of Skemmie's buddies, but Diana subdues him and sics the cops on him.

Apple(s) of Discord: See G, as in Golden Apple(s) of Discord.

Ananke: 166: Maxie Zeus calls upon the "mother of the trinity of destiny" as Deimos sacrifices him to bring Ares to Earth.

Areopagus:164: Deimos, Phobos and Eris stand in what looks to be the ruins of the Areopagus, in a red-skied limbo that is reached by going inside a Gotham City cathedral.

165: Deimos has reconstructed the Areopagus, drawing its scattered pieces to this place. It will be the seat of Ares' power when they can bring the god to Earth.

167: The reconstructed Areopagus disintegrates due to Ares' wrath. Well, the narration says that it "phases back into its netherealm," but it then says, "Its rubble implodes... until there is nothing left... but charred brick...."

Ares: 164-167: The "Gods of Gotham" story arc centers around a plot by Eris, Phobos and Deimos to bring Ares to the Earth plane.

167: The combination sacrifice of Maxie Zeus, energy of the Golden Apples of Discord, and the joined Amulet of Harmonia have brought Ares to the Areopagus. The god is impressed by Phobos showing him how they have arranged it all, and how many worshippers they have gained. Ares summons Eris' golden apple to himself, a gift of power, not knowing that Eris has poisoned it because she fears that Ares will send her back to Tartarus. Diana prevents Ares from absorbing it by launching herself at him and knocking him through a nexus into a limbo. There, Diana explains the treachery and reminds him that he had directed her to save man from himself and Ares' influence.

Ares reappears in the Areopagus, rejecting his children as "squabbling VERMIN," "contemptible, ungrateful fools," "failures," and "unworthy." He does not believe in them, and declares that the acolytes should not either. He returns their faith that the apples have taken from them. Then he consigns his "favored son," Deimos, who has disappointed him by combining his energies with those of an insane mortal (Joker), back to death. Eris he also sends to rot at the bottom of the Styx. Phobos he calls "the GREATEST EMBARRASSMENT of my immortal life," and says he hopes he will never set eyes on him again. He chains him to Ixion's wheel in Tartarus for all eternity.

Then he offers himself for the acolytes to worship. Diana reminds him of his vow to "NEVER again take an active role in man's DEMISE," and he lets the acolytes be. He tells Diana that her hubris awes him, and that soon mankind will demand from her everything she has and is, when she faces her greatest challenge. He disappears.

Ariadne: see Magala (under Amazons), starting with issue 168. Note that in that issue, Akila discovers that the remnants of seven Themysciran explosive shells used on both sides of the sabotage that Paradise Island is experiencing, are all inscribed with the word "Ariadne."

Arnold, Cassie: Wonder Woman Annual #3: Egocentric, power-hungry remote reporter for WTBN in Boston. She is the mistress of the White Magician, who uses her to get himself good press. She keeps popping up here and there, never anything important...

(96) Paulie Longo calls Cassie a "bimbo" and "choice meat" to her face, expecting her to be pleased. She hears the Magician say that he merely requires her, but retorts that she and he have "a partnership based on mutual respect and trust." Right, hon.

(99) Cassie attempts to solidify her relationship, but discovers that the Magician has become demonic. He reaches for more power, declares himself a "high lord daemon," and sacrifices both her and his "pet," Cheetah. (100) Cassie returns in demon form to battle Artemis and Diana. As a demon, she is more powerful than Artemis with Gauntlets. It takes an addled Circe to send her away... To where? We'd never see her again.

Asklepios: 165: Diana has just been bitten by a snake whose fangs contain Joker venom. Silently she prays, "ASKLEPIOS, son of Apollo: I pray to you, who learned the HEALING ARTS from my own mentor CHIRON; whose shrines were dedicated in ceremony by SERPENTS whose venom would CURE, not vitiate... Help me fight the effects of this foul venom coursing through my blood! Help me HEAL my DYING BODY!" Almost immediately, Diana finds herself cured. "Asklepios" seems to be a variant spelling of the more common Aesculapius.

Athena: 165: When she has been bitten by a snake whose fangs contain Joker venom, Diana prays silently to Asklepios (Aesculapius) and Pallas Athena. To Athena she thinks, "Commune with me through your GIFT OF WISDOM and SHOW ME THE WAY OUT OF HIS MADNESS!" The prayer works almost instantly.

189: The goddess is turned into a statue within the cryptocombs graveyard, along with many other gods.

Aurora Photo Studios: 165: Donna Troy's midtown-Manhattan photography company, run by herself, Carl (name to be discovered) and (other name to be discovered). In this issue the gorgon Stheno turns Carl into a statue before she attacks Donna in the darkroom.

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