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Narrative panel showing Menalippe was thirdNote that in issue #38 when the Queen's Players reinact the birth of the Amazons for their visitors from the Outer World, the birth of Menalippe the oracle is given as her being the third Amazon born.

Ooh, I missed that as I was scanning this later from that same ish:

an informative panel
Most people latch onto this panel because it points out that our Themies are either virgin, use masturbation or are into lesbian practices. (The prose on the book was deeply shrouded in purple until fairly late in the game.) But notice how Mnemosyne here -- and it is her, not Pythia, darned colorists! -- DOESN'T ARGUE about how the Amazons might "MISS" hetero sex?

She never says, "Oh we never had any." She agrees that some do miss it. And to miss it means that there must have been pleasurable experiences way back when to miss.

Meaning that back on the mainland some of the Amazons had straight relationships, perhaps even husbands. Perhaps even children.

So there. Nyahh. Thank you, Mnemmy.

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