POWERS (and techniques) OF AMAZONS:

TAKING THE SPEAR: (79) In her battle with Mayfly, who possesses superspeed as well as amazing marksmanship, Diana explains to Etta that she will have to execute an Amazon concept called, “taking the spear” to bring down the villain.

She explains: long ago, during the war with Hercules, the Amazons were being killed because their swords were just as long as the swords of Hercules' army. Hippolyta developed a desperate strategy: the Amazons dropped their shields slightly, allowing minor injury to themselves, and when their attacker came close to finish them, they dealt them a death blow. In this way the Amazons won the war. Diana then fires an arrow into the barrel of Mayfly's gun, which gives Mayfly time enough to shoot many times at Diana, severely injuring her even as Mayfly's gun blows up, giving the police a chance to capture her.

When Diana loses her powers during the Simonson era (189-194), we can see through her actions what "regular" Amazons can do:

Without her powers and memory and with the abilities of "only" an Amazon, she proves herself a cunning and powerful warrior, able to fend off a small army of demons. She hurls a sword a fair distance to skewer one of the demons. She leaps high up into a tree, though she cannot fly. With only an Amazon's powers, Diana easily lifts a stone column and then rams what appears to be a sixteen-foot tree trunk through one of the monster Scylla's heads. Diana goes toe-to-toe with the goddess Diana and manages to keep up with her.

We discover that Amazons without powers can be defeated by bashing them in the head with a cast-iron pan and then tying their wrists with duct tape (192), as Diana was by the possessed Vivian, sister of Trevor Barnes.

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