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First appearance issues are noted in parentheses. If you come to something like (3:7), that means third series, issue #7. All other issue notations are second series.

Amazons known to be Bana-Mighdall are noted as "BANA." Amazons who are definitely original Themyscirans are noted as "THEMIE." All Amazons appearing before issue #29 are of the original Themysciran line, since that's when the Banas were first introduced. In the putrid, abysmal trainwreck called Amazons Attack! we were presented with Amazons who acted in no way like regular Amazons. DC MBer Martin Gray came up with the name "Shamazons" for these, so I'll use that until some kind of logical explanation is found for them. Also in the horrible Countdown Granny Goodness began to populate Themyscira with human warrior women, which I'll refer to as "Grannyzons" if I can bother to report them, as I rarely picked up an issue of that. If we ever see a hybrid or another tribe (please, DC, haven't you inflicted enough upon us?), I'll come up with some kind of notation for that. War of the Gods is noted as WotG.

Warlord EdurakWarlord Edurak: IMMIGRANT. (186) When Chancellor Phillipus opened Paradise Island to outsiders, she invited beings of all genders from across the multiverse to attend. By issue #186 we see Warlord Edurak of Okaara serving as a member of the governing council... which would seem to easily imply that he is now a full-fledged Amazon citizen. He reports on the progress of some Vegan cartographers.

Warlords of Okaara: These are "masters of every known form of armed and unarmed combat" but pacifists and scholars, who hail from the Vega star-system. Yep, that's the same neighborhood as Starfire's, who was trained by Warlords.


: THEMIE. (WW Annual #1) First Captain of the Guards, with that meaning the folks responsible for guarding Doom's Doorway. She sacrificed her life to plug the doorway back up. Philippus succeeded her in her position and immediately constructed a sturdy, real door to the portal so no other Amazon would be put in that position again.

Epione or not?Epione again from issue 44Epione: THEMIE. (7) Chief Amazon doctor (and thus a priestess of Apollo). Her hair seems to be in tight ringlets or dreadlocks until this shot at right from issue 44.

(50) She is part of the Amazon contingent that travels to America. When all heck breaks out during that arc (see synopses) she is prevented from helping Hellene, who later died, and is taken into custody by the US military.

(59) "Rescued" from the military, Mnemosyne, Epione and Timandra are tortured by Banas.

(172) Hippolyta says she thinks Epione would go mad in the alien ark that serves as hospital during OWAW. "She's never trusted machines as healers--despite seeing all of the miraculous medical inventions in Patriarc's World. 'They wouldn't need such machines if they treated their bodies as they should,' she'd say."

(201) After The Kick, she's mentioned as being available for medical assistance.


Euboea: THEMIE. (10)

(WW Annual #1) She is a champion Amazon diver who first taught Diana how to dive.

(169) Apparently a battalion leader, for Hippolyta calls out to her during the Civil War to push her battalion forward to defeat the Banas.

(50) She is one of the Amazon contingent who travelled to America. See synopses for her adventures there.

Euboea updated look

(186) at right She sits on the new Amazon Council for the new Themyscira and reports to Chancellor Phillipus about the arrival of diplomats and what they are demanding.

Euboea's new look


at left (203) She manages to get a few words in about the leucrocota being a mimic, though Io (and Artie) are in the scene with her as well, hunting the creature who has escaped from the Isle of Reformation after Hera's Kick.


Eudia: THEMIE (probably, because of her devotion to Athena). (121) Because Eudia has been constantly praying to Athena, she is still ambulatory while the rest of the Amazon population (even the Banas?) have been turned into statues due to the gods having withdrawn their magics. (I dunno. Someone's got to explain most of this to me.) Though (temporarily) blinded by her condition, she senses that Champion is actually Heracles.



Falizia: BANA. (WW Secret Files & Origins #2) Seems to be the leader of the Banas, for she is forever leading delegations to shout at the Themies. With Anaya and Bitari, she comes to protest the "outsider" Donna being coronated when the Banas are still being snubbed in all ways by the Themies. Falizia's primary role in all appearances seems to be complainer and agitator, though her complaints are valid.

Falizia(168) At a conference called by Diana and Donna Troy in New Bana-Mighdall, Falizia stands up to shout, "I was one of the Amazons who DEFENDED this island from those demon hordes sent by CIRCE! For years, I have done nothing but make a SMALL stake on land and try to build a home for my people!"

(WW:OWAW #1) Shalimar and Rashira accompany Falizia to demand that the Themies help them defend the island during this time of war. Philippus calls her "disrespectful."


Faruka: BANA. (32) (33) She describes herself as the "former chief assistant to the beloved High Priestess Kadesha Banu," whom Diana accidentally killed. Faruka holds all kinds of grudges against Diana, whom she often describes as being "sacriligious," though the one who truly was was Kadesha. Faruka doesn't harm Diana because her queen's final order was to protect Diana.

(34) In her thoughts Faruka reveals that she and Kadesha Banu had been plotting the queen's murder. Now that the queen is dead, she's after a New Order based on even more violence.

To this end she puts together "Shim'Tar," a mysterious armored woman who can win the Tournament of the Crown. Either she or Faruka kill and behead Nehebka.

(35) Batiri lets loose with an automatic weapon and kills Faruka. Buh-bye.

Kaleeza Fashed

Fashed, Kaleeza: BANA. (177) As far as I can figure, both names are actual names and not a title. Why??? Anyway, she's listed as "Amazon Master Designer," who is head of the group that rebuilds Paradise into My Little Pony Island.





Fatima: BANA. (34) She fires at Diana and Hermes until another Bana reminds her that Diana must be spared.



Felicia: (224) Someone calls to her on the field of battle with the OMACs to look out.



Gennes: THEMIE. (3:15) Playwright who fantasized that one of her dolls was a real baby. Alkyone ordered the rest of the Circle to kill her, and for that Hippolyta sent the Circle to prison until they repented. They never did.



Gisa: BANA. (31) Reports Chuma's use of poisoned gas to Queen Anahid. The queen gives her orders: "I want nothing to remain of this villages but ASHES!"



Hadja: THEMIE. (90) A water-bearer. Y'know, just because the Themies weren't allowed tech doesn't mean that they had to have water-bearers. They could have set up some good plumbing systems and sidestepped this. Heck, they had spas! Hot tubs!



Harbinger: See Lyla.

Hellen, no extra "e"Hellen: THEMIE. (76) She and Danthis find the golden statue of Diana and bring it to the queen, triggering Circe's spell.

(90) One of the Amazons who comes to greet Diana after Paradise Island reappears from the Demon Dimension.





Hellene: THEMIE. (14) Member of Amazon Senate. Elected in #17 to lead the faction favoring isolationism, vs those who wanted to open Paradise to the outer world.

(27) Hellene is one of the Men-Hating Trio, I like to call 'em. (The queen calls them the "triad.") Oeone, Hellene and Iphthime are the chief examples of the Amazons who distrust men. They pall around together and mutter about men.

To make matters worse, in issue 36 Hellene is referred to as Iphthime and vice versa! Don't these creators have an Amazon Index of their own? She goes back to being her blonde self in issue (50). There she joins the Amazon contingent that travels to America.

(57) Hellene is officially declared dead, killed by the Cheetah in Gotham City. Though Hellene didn't know how to operate a gun, she had still gone barrelling after Philippus with one when the queen disappeared and havok began to erupt within their hotel.

Helene: SHAM-AMAZON. (AA #4) Oh, what a difference spelling makes! Surely the Themies and Banas would not have a Hellen, Hellene, AND Helene. Anyway, Sham-Artemis sees the dead pegasus that was Helene's and says that Helene was one of the most able field commanders. (She says this to people who would also know this fact.) If this is correct, then Sham-Helene was one of the group of Shamazons that Superman and Supergirl let be murdered by the Army soldiers after they had been "talked down" by Superman.



Hippodamia: THEMIE. (37) A driver summoned by the queen to take her guests to the big celebratin on Paradise.



Hippolytus: BANA. (33) In a story narrated by a very untrustworthy source (Nehebka via millennia of legends), this was the son of Antiope, man-hater supreme, and her true lovey-wuv, that legendary misogynist, Theseus. Hippolytus was still a baby when his mom was killed by Ariadne.

No word WW-wise on what happened to the kid later. I'm sure he'll show up eventually.

I will say this for the guy. If you look at the old myths, he was killed in a very interesting way: traveling by chariot along the ocean cliffs of Greece, he was consumed by the tsunami generated by the eruption of Thera. This is an example of a natural disaster showing up in cultural myth! Cool.

Look him up on Wiki to see other myths.

HopeHope: BANA? One of those folks in the DCU who claims to be an Amazon and whom others (whose word I don't trust, like Circe) call an Amazon, but who is used solely by the Superman crew and thus cannot possibly be a true Amazon. So I list her as a possible Bana, perhaps the part of the group that split off from the Banas who joined the Themies. Hope and her partner Mercy work for (who else?) Lex Luthor as bodyguards.





Imara: BANA. (31) A massacring Bana out to capture Cheetah. She dies by Chuma's arrows. She was Zaharra's consort.

Immigrants to Paradise Island: I've got a special webpage for that subject.

IoIo: THEMIE. (196) The biggest Mary Sue of 'em all. Why do I say this?

One of the definitions of a Mary Sue is not necessarily a stand-in for the creator, but rather a character who can do it all.

• Need a brand-new lesbian romantic wanna-be interest for Diana? Introduce Io out of the blue. Never seen her before.
• Need a sword made? Call Io.
• Need it so incredibly freakingly perfect that even the god of war admires it? Call Io.
• Need to have a "regular" Amazon to address and you don't quite know who the other Amazons might be? Call Io.
• Need a great babysitter? Call Io.
• Need to have a person who is only versed in blacksmithing to rewire the most astoundingly technical item that exists in the world? Call Io.
• Need to have it done in thirty minutes or less? Call Io, or your money back.
• Just created a new Amazon character, and she hogs every scene she's in? That's Io: next to Diana, she's star of the Amazons! And THAT is why she's a Mary Sue.

It didn't help that she wore no top under her smithy garb, even off-duty. Obviously this was for pure reader titillation, pardon the pun. I'm afraid I didn't appreciate it.

SO. (196) Io comes to the NYC Amazon Embassy to check and fix Diana's armor and blades. She complains because her weapons on Themyscira all vanish. (This was Rucka getting the whole "No weapons will work on them, save one!" thing wrong. Rucka was not the only writer who did this.)

Diana replies, "And yet you STILL make weapons each day, knowing the labor is FUTILE." Which tells us a lot about our new character.

(197) Ares comes to Io at her forge and says, "Hephaestus HIMSELF is PROUD of your EFFORTS."

(198) Io's dagger that has been touched by Ares does not disappear. (Duh!) She takes it to Phillipus and Artemis as a sign that Evil is Afoot.

(203) Along with Euboea and Artie, she hunts the leucrocota, who has escaped from the Isle of Reformation after Hera's Kick.

(211) Io shouts for someone to get Niobe to help Callisto after Callisto suffers from a violent vision of Diana's fight with Medousa, which alarms Io to great degree. Io accompanies Carissa to carry the Purple Healing Ray to Diana, which doesn't work on her major injury.

(212) Io serves as guard to Lyta as well as teaches her how to use the bow and arrow. Watching from afar, Circe does not appreciate this.

(214) Io gets punched by Reverse Flash 200 times in less than a second... and survives. Diana says she would not survive a second round. The Amazons take Io to Carissa.

(218) Io says she's "honor bound" to protect Lyta. Intending to swim with the child to a neighboring island, she lectures her because she wants to play instead, and tells her that it's not wise to play games in the water.

When Ares comes for his daughter he tells Io that if she tries to fight him he will kill her, a reasonable threat from the chief god of war and (at this point) Hades. The marvelous Io surprises and wounds Ares with the sword he'd previously blessed. Ares merely grievously wounds Io and retrieves his daughter.

Carrisa uses the Purple Ray on Io and forbids her to die, but the Ray does little since it's a god-wound. When Diana comes running to Io's side, she kisses the wounded Amazon on the forehead and reassures her that she's there for her.

(221) With Io just hours away from having almost died (Callisto tells her the Amazons' patrons must smile on her in that she has survived), Phillipus and Artemis come to her hospital bed to confer about Callisto's doom vision for the Amazons. They ask Io to reconfigure the Purple Ray. The formerly comatose Amazon leaps from her bed and stomps off, refusing.

(222) Io works at her forge, apparently fully recovered in these few hours, refusing to communicate with the others in this time of crisis. Phillipus shows her the broadcast of Max Lord's murder and Io throws a sledgehammer at the monitor. It is Diana's situation that convinces Io to go against her ideals. "May our gods have MERCY on my SOUL," she says.

(223) Danae is told to get Io to safety, but Io is already coming.

(224) Io begs Athena for forgiveness for creating the Purple Death Ray. During the battle with the OMACs Io and Phillipus are to provide cover for Danae, Artemis and Diana. Io kicks a sword to Diana. Diana flies her and Phillipus to the Agora, which is shielded.

When Diana berates the surviving Amazons for defending themselves from OMACs, she specifies Io's actions in particular. Io says that if she thought Diana's mission had the smallest chance to succeed, she would never have built a death ray. She tells Diana that her mission has failed, so she (Io) had to protect the Amazons.

She is the only Amazon to understand that Diana wants the nation to withdraw from the world, and has to explain this to the others. When Diana leaves them, Diana kisses Artemis and Phillipus goodbye, but it is Io who gets the final tender kiss.


Iolan: (223) She must be an engineer, because Artemis tells her to get a forcefield up (presumably around the Agora). Iolan calls upon Hephaestus to bless her work, and the forcefield comes on.

(224) She reports that there's enough power for the forcefield to last until sunset, but the OMACs break through sooner than that.



Iphtheme first appearanceIphthime: THEMIE. (22) Mentioned. (27) One of the Men-Hating Trio, I like to call 'em. (The queen calls them the "triad.") Oeone, Hellene and Iphthime are the chief examples of the Amazons who distrust men. They pall around together and mutter about men. Iphthie's hair in this appearance is very red with dark black shadows, but then Iphthie's skin is an unhealthy shade of eggplant as well. Perhaps she was ill. at right

To make matters worse, in issue 36 Iphthime is referred to as Hellene and vice versa! Don't these creators have an Amazon Index of their own? Iphthie is shown as medium brown haired in issue (50). Aspirin, please!

In issue 50 Diana says, "Ah, Iphthime, ever the debater, eh?" for Iphthie wonders how Amazons going to the Outer World can influence anyone when no one out there really communicates with each other.

(WotG #1) Extremely upset over the death of Hellene and what has happened to the rest of the Amazon delegation, Ipthime counsels war.

(WW Secret Files and Origins #2) Iphth has sculpted a beautiful bust of Donna Troy to honor Donna's coronation. She tells the Bana delegation that Donna has been teaching Themies how to take and develop photographs. She seriously comes on to Anaya, who welcomes it, and urges her to ask Donna to teach her photography as well.

168: Iphthime holds hands with the Bana Anaya and greets Diana and Donna Troy at the memorial to lost Amazons that Iphthime has sculpted for Doom's Doorway. Iphthime says, "No more Amazons will have to DIE because of the monsters beyond those walls," and Donna tells her that her work is gorgeous. When Iphthime sees Anaya picking up a vase of memorial flowers left by the Banas, Ipthime tries to warn her, but Anaya is caught as the vase explodes. Iphthime accompanies Donna and Diana to confront the Banas and accuses Falizia in particular of bloodthirst and greed.

Later in hospital, Iphthime confesses to the bandaged and unresponsive Anaya that she's gone along with dissidents becase "I just couldn't BEAR to have Themyscira raped again by INTERLOPERS from the outside world," and that she didn't imagine things would go this far. She has alrady lost Hellene and "I SWORE I would NEVER lose someone I loved again." When the Banas began to transform Paradise, she didn't want to stand by without stopping it. She says that when Magala came to her, she joined the Amazons to work against the Banas and sabotage them. Now she kisses Anaya on her way "to CONVINCE Magala and the others of ANOTHER way. BEFORE a war begins. Before any more of our sisters are HURT." When Iphthime finds Magala, she says that Diana and Donna will stop her, but Magala calls her a "silly little fool," and shows her that Fury has somehow defeated the sisters already.

169: Iphthime tells Magala that the advances the Banas brought were "pollutants," and Magala says that Iphthime is "so AFRAID of CHANGE." Iphthime joins the fray and stabs a Bana who was about to shoot the wounded Philippus. As she picks Phillie up, she swears that the general won't die this day and takes her to the hospital. Later after things have calmed down, she visits Anaya to apologize again and tell her that she lovers her. Guards take Iphthime away "to the barracks," which may mean some kind of incarceration for crimes and may not.

(173) Anaya releases Iphthie from arrest so all Amazons may attack the aliens of OWAW who threaten Earth.


Janestra: THEMIE. (26) Janestra dreams of flying, so much so that you could say her head is always in the clouds. This drives her coach, Olympia, nuts for she can't get Janestra to focus on training. Janestra even has a pet parrot that she talks to named Aristarchus. Two monsters living below Doom's Doorway figure she's the weak link to the Amazons and construct a demon to tempt her.

Janestra never questioned the human male who shows up at her window one night. ??? He has artificial wings and says his name is Icarus. He tells her that if she can find the Golden Arrow of Abaris, she will be able to fly as well if she holds it.

She retrieves the arrow but instead of instructing her how to use it, Icarus reverts to demon form. Janestra battles him, using the arrow to finish him off. This apparently rebounds and kills the two monsters as well.

Janestra then asks Olympia where she can find some wax and feathers (presumably so she can make the same setup that Icarus had).

Jasmine: BANA. (54) A fellow Bana gives her instructions about communications during the Bana attack in Gotham City.



Jocasta: THEMIE. (90) A potter.




KadeshaKadesha's leering face

Kadesha Banu: BANA. (30) This ancient woman refers to herself as "high priestess, master methodologist and supreme alchemist," but she's also chief torturer and the Banas' resident mad scientist. Unlike the queen of the Bana, Kadesha is so familiar with the outside world that she speaks a little English.

As she prepares to vivisection Diana, she admits that she invented the "Kiss of the Cobra," a poison the queen likes to spit on people (like Diana). Kadesha goes against the queen's wishes and keeps Diana alive for a while to study her.

This lovely lady dies in the same issue she was introduced, accidentally killed by Diana, who was under the influence of the Cobra's Kiss and could not control her strength.




Kahiri: BANA. (34) Believing in prophecy (concerning Shim'Tar?), this Bana follows Faruka.



Kaleeza Fashed: see Fashed, Kaleeza.

Karna lies seductively on the ground, oh boyKarna: SHAM-SHAM-BANA. (AA #4) Okay, we've got all these Shamazons running around during AA, right? Theoretically they are composed of Sham-Themies and Sham-Banas, though they seem to be one big, happy, murdering family. Then we have a splinter group of Sham-Banas who operate outside the Shamazon army yet under the auspices of Queen Hippolyta. (Do NOT ask me to explain when I don't understand!) I'm calling these the Sham-Sham-Banas. Their leader, the self-titled "deadliest of the Bana," is Karna, who informs Grace Choi that she is one of them. She also informs Grace that she's stolen Grace's DNA and if we have to talk ourselves out of this "Grace is a Bana" stuff -- which we must -- then Karna could easily have set that bomb thingie to react to the stolen DNA since she was planning on bringing Grace in on their plot.

Kiya: (222) As the OMACs begin to attack Paradise, Artemis instructs her by radio in setting up defenses.

Laris: BANA. (168) Artemis calls out to her to help victims of sabotage.

Braka, Artemis and Lartys


Lartys: BANA. (90) That's Lartys on the left of Artemis. Or right. She's hard to tell apart from Braka.







Lyana: (WotG #1) BANA.



Lydia: (222) As the OMACs begin to attack Paradise, Artemis instructs her by radio in setting up defenses.
LylaLyla: IMMIGRANT. (WW Secret Files & Origins #3) A character created for the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lyla, aka Harbinger, had been saved from a shipwreck by the Monitor. As his companion and daughter-figure she learned the history of the Multiverse. By using artificial energies, she could split into multiples in order to do her thing, which was mainly collecting superfolk from every whichwhere and providing convenient flashbacks.

Here so long from that Crisis, she arrives on the newly-rebuilt Paradise Island (My Little Pony version) to help the new Counselor of History, Mnemosyne, iron out some kinks in the uber-technical recording playback system. Somehow the Amazons had been entrusted with the now-dead Monitor's (from Crisis) memory orb, which needs Lyla to see past the sequence of the history it shows and appreciate its meaning. Lyla is invited to stay on (presumably as a citizen) to continue her job as historian and be responsible for recording the present.

After the forgettable Lyla was killed off a short while later, the orb became Donna's responsibility until people forgot about it. Let's face it: it's boring stuff.

Lysianassa: (121) Diana calls out to her, but she has been turned temporarily into a statue due to the withdrawal of godly magics from Paradise. (???huh?)

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