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First appearance issues are noted in parentheses. If you come to something like (3:7), that means third series, issue #7. All other issue notations are second series.

Amazons known to be Bana-Mighdall are noted as "BANA." Amazons who are definitely original Themyscirans are noted as "THEMIE." All Amazons appearing before issue #29 are of the original Themysciran line, since that's when the Banas were first introduced. In the putrid, abysmal trainwreck called Amazons Attack! we were presented with Amazons who acted in no way like regular Amazons. DC MBer Martin Gray came up with the name "Shamazons" for these, so I'll use that until some kind of logical explanation is found for them. Also in the horrible Countdown Granny Goodness began to populate Themyscira with human warrior women, which I'll refer to as "Grannyzons" if I can bother to report them, as I rarely picked up an issue of that. If we ever see a hybrid or another tribe (please, DC, haven't you inflicted enough upon us?), I'll come up with some kind of notation for that. War of the Gods is noted as WotG.


Rashira 2Rashira: BANA. (59) One of several Banas Pythia thought she had killed. Apparently three of them lived after the attacks.

(WW:OWAW #1) at right Rashira accompanies Falizia to demand that the Themies help them defend the island during this time of war.



: BANA. (168) A drill operator who reports to Artemis that her machine "was rigged to blow when I struck the mark" while working on the new city of Bana-Mighdall, signalling Themysciran sabotage.

Saba: unknown. (201) She has figured the size and trajectory of the tsunami resulting from the Kick.


Sadeh: (218) Carrissa's assistant with the Purple Ray. She transports to NYC to inform Diana that she must come quickly to the grievously wounded Io's side.




Sashina: BANA. (168) Artemis calls out to her to get the extinguishers at the site of sabotage.


Shalimar: BANA. (31) She informs Nehebka that Queen Anahid is dead, and Nehebka tells her to call off their raid.

(WW:OWAW #1) Shalimar accompanies Falizia to demand that the Themies help them defend the island during this time of war.


Shalir: BANA. (58) She and Marita rescue Mnemosyne, Timandra and Epione from US military custody so the Bana can torture them.

Shim'TarShim'Tar: BANA. (34) A mysterious woman "found" by Faruka to be queen and vanquish all enemies of the Bana. She "trounces" the sickly Hermes, who says, "I've never felt such force before... not from anything mortal." The woman gains her power (in part) from Gaea's Girdle. "I am UNBEATABLE!! I am the ULTIMATE WARRIOR!" she declares.

(35) Through some kind of jets on her boots she is able to fly. She can shoot energy blasts from her gloves. She can also shoot a version of cobra venom from her gloves as well. She is as strong or stronger than Diana.

Diana is about to be trashed by Shimmy when Hermes tells her to wrap Shim'Tar in her lasso, which short-circuits the girdle and causes it to, uh, let's let Hermes tell it:

"That is why Faruka warned Shim'Tar not to be ensnared by the lasso. So that the corrupted vestige of Gaea [in the girdle] would not be embraced -- and LIBERATED -- by its righteous MATE."

In all the hubbub, Shim'Tar and the entire city of Bana-Mighdall have disappeared under the sands.

Shim'Tar II


Shim'Tar 2: (60) A much better warrior than the original, who battles Diana. This Shim'Tar is queen of the Banas. Diana unmasks her to reveal that this is her mother, Hippolyta, under Circe's spell.




Akila in full armorShim'Tar 3: BANA (WW Annual #8) aka Akila (who has her own listing here). She doesn't like to be Shim'Tar and prefers to be back studying in Oxford. Artemis says of her, "This pup has no claim to the title of SHIM'TAR! Even as a child she was unable to hold her own in combat! Why do you think her mother sent her away?" To which Akila replies, "To get an education! Someone in our tribe had to..."

So was Akila sent to school before or after the ten years in the Demon Dimension? Artemis remembers her being a child, but Artie was 14 when the DD era began. Akila could have been either about 10 at that time, or 20 or so, depending on which route she took.

And because Akila is Shim'Tar but does not have battle skills, does this imply that she got the job because her mother was Shim'Tar 1?

Akila without her helmet or glassesAkila is an engineer. Hippolyta asked her to recreate the war-suit. Because of PI's anti-technology field, Akila hasn't been able to et the suit's high-tech mechanics to work. "It forced me to improvise... with MAGIC. Half the time, I've no idea what this tin suit will do!" Her helmet must have lenses built in, though, because when she takes it off she's not wearing her glasses. (Note the braids to either side of her face.)

(168) Akila as Shim'Tar tells Artemis that the Themies think the Banas are waging war against them, and accompanies Artie to a conference requested by Diana and Donna Troy. She brings up the fact that many Themyscirans oppose the changes the Banas have brought. Later she and Artemis find that a large squad of Themies holding automatic rifles have surrounded them. The Themies fire (take a moment to think of the configuration and add in machine gun fire...), and Akila falls, hit.

(169) Artemis tells Hippolyta that Akila was only wounded (Don't think about it too hard.) because her armor protected her. She then told Artemis that "she wasn't WORTHY of being Shim'Tar." She then handed the title over to Artie.

Shim'Tar 4 armorArtemis as Shim'Tar


Shim'Tar 4: BANA (170) Artemis. So should we call her "Shim'Tartie"? Those are BRAIDS in her mega-ultra-long ponytail there! How many HOURS did THAT take to accomplish? Has Donna's insistance on taking time to dress up during emergencies rubbed off on Artemis?








Simone: THEMIE (137) In a flashback, she was having a conversation with the queen when young Diana demanded to see her mother and interrupted.


Sitra and Bryony or Bryony and Sitra


Sitra: (223) Phillipus tells Helena/Fury to take Sitra and Bryony with her during the OMAC attack. (Don't know which of these two she is.)



Symeathis: (192) One of the Amazon scouting party investigating the disappearance of the gods from Olympus that Diana the god slaughters.

Tekla: (224) During the heat of battle against the OMACs and on the field, Carrisa kneels over her and says, "Don't you DARE die on me, Tekla! You HEAR me, you old crow?" We may assume that Tekla dies, for Carrisa bites the big one moments later.

Thaleia: (121) Diana calls out to her, but she has been turned temporarily into a statue due to the withdrawal of godly magics from Paradise. (???huh?)

Sir Thomas of Cleveland: See Tresser, Thomas. Even better, look him up in the regular Characters index.

Tia: (222) As the OMACs begin to attack Paradise, Artemis instructs her by radio in setting up defenses.

Henri Claude Tibete Tibet, Henri Claude: IMMIGRANT. (37)

(177) Chancellor Phillipus brings Henri Claude aboard to help redesign the all-new (My Little Pony) Paradise Island.

(186) Henri Claude is apparently now a full-fledged citizen of Paradise as he serves on the Council of Ministers. He briefs the others about the state of housing (although a Bana minister [Falizia?] interrupts him to finish his report. Let us hope by now that Citizen Tibet has taken advantage of Amazon Healthcare Benefits and been healed of his paraplegic condition!


Timandra: THEMIE. (22) Mentioned.

(38) She converses with architect Henri Claude Tibet, who is curious about the column styles of Themyscira. She explains that she is merely an architect of individual buildings. So?

(50) She is part of the Amazon contingent that travels to America. When all heck breaks out during that arc (see synopses), Timandra -- called the "Chief Architect" of the Amazons -- is arrested in LA.

(59) "Rescued" from the military, Mnemosyne, Epione and Timandra are tortured by Banas.

Timandra as a blonde(169) She's a friend of Aella II, though she doesn't appear to be a Separatist as she doesn't know what's going on when all heck breaks loose during the Civil War.

(WW Secret Files and Origins #2) Just to keep us on our toes, Timmy goes right


Sir Thomas of Cleveland


Tresser, Thomas: Immigrant, except it's more "adoptive." (3:1) aka Nemesis, aka Sir Thomas of Cleveland. I've got him listed under the regular character index, but here's the queen elevating him to acceptable rank to be courting her daughter, which makes him an Amazon now.

He was made an Amazon in issue 24 of the third series.






Trigona: BANA. (0) (Yes, DC decided to give us "zero" numbering. For WW, this occurred after issue #90) She has repaired Artemis's spear. She lost a leg in the Demon Dimension.




UNKNOWN AMAZONS: Let's take care of some who are prominent or named in some way other than by proper name.

the Royal Scribe



Here's the Royal Scribe (38) who follows Hippy around "recording for posterity all the royal utterances," as Lois Lane observes. She uses quill and parchment.





unknown Bana


This is an unknown Bana (60), who has been injured by Pythia (odd that she'd let so many [at least 3] escape) and reports to Circe.


: THEMIE. (Annual #1) She demonstrates the Dive of the Nereids to Vanessa and Julia K.

(92) She leads the pack during the swimming sections of the new Contest, but Medusa (not Medousa) turns her and Artemis to stone. Diana throws the monster over a sea cliff and the next we see, Artemis is fine so we may conclude that the same goes for Venny. (I'd include the much-closer pics of Venilia here, but they're that darned Deodato's work and I doubt she'd appreciate those.)

(WW Secret Files and Origins #2) Mnemosyne tells Venelia to cut off Bitari's wine supply for the rest of the meeting with the three Banas, as Bitari is drunk.


: THEMIE. (18) A top-notch horsewoman who claims that she is best at swordplay. She was in love with Mesopee, but was killed during the Amazons' rebellion at the end of Herakles' War. Thank goodness.
Vestina smiles

Vestina: THEMIE (because of her reverence for Aphrodite and Amazon culture). (JLA 80-page Giant #2) She presents the visiting Huntress and Barda with a typical Amazon test in hopes that they will overcome their differences. They must move a massive statue of Aphrodite 12 paces. The solution is to work together to do it, and the experience is successful. (I'm assuming the gray hair here is a cosmetic choice and not natural, and that afterward the colorist and editor learned to research their subjects, hello.)

Paula von Gunthervon Gunther, Paula: IMMIGRANT. (136) She's shown as living among the Amazons -- whom she must have been with some time -- so I'm counting her as an immigrant. In this issues she tries to use the Purple Ray in the Temple of Healing (is this the real Purple Ray? Must research) to bring the comatose and "empty shelled" Donna Troy back to health. I'll get a better pic of Paula soon, I hope.


Zaharra: BANA. (31) Captain of a squad. Queen Anahid orders them to accompany her as she attends to the "murderous infidels." She requests the right of first strike as she is avenging her lover, Imara. Zaharra is thrown out of a window by her prey, Cheetah, and possibly dies.

Zelia: (192) One of the Amazon scouting party investigating the disappearance of the gods from Olympus that Diana the god slaughters.

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