Numbers in parentheses are issue numbers. If they do not have a colon, they're from the second series. If they are noted as (3:something), they're from the third series.

Artemis is the most renowed member of the Bana-Mighdall tribe that we saw. She was Wonder Woman for a time, got a mini-series, and also was Shim'tar. She almost got into the JLA. Artemis has always been portrayed with an extremely short temper and penchant for violence, but she can also have periods of great common sense and calm. Frankly, I found it difficult to figure when she would be in which mood. All too often it had to do with what the plot needed her to be, rather than how she'd react to the plot.

(90) First appearance. (91) We find that she was 14 when the Banas invaded Paradise to massacre the Themysciran Amazons. Since ten years passed in the Demon Dimension while only a few months went by in the real world, Artemis is now 24. She had been the only Bana to argue against allying with Circe. (At age 14?) She urges Bana to join the Contest because if one of them wins, it will gain respect toward their people from the Themies.

(92) During the second Contest, Artie is mystified as to why Themies would cheer her on after she's defeated them in early stages. “It must be part of a dark and sinister conspiracy, Artemis!” Diana tells her. “They're happy for us! They may even like you! Accept it!” Artie lectures Banas who have tried to attack or sabotage Diana and tells them to lay off. They follow her orders.

cover of issue 93, showing Artemis in Wonder Woman costumeDue to Hippolyta's machinations [more likely Circe's mind control, unless we can write the entire thing off], Artemis bests Diana and becomes the new Wonder Woman. (93) Hippy hugs Artie and says, "I also accept you into my heart, as a sister—and a daughter," knowing that Diana is well within hearing distance. That is so Circe, isn't it? But Artie's not interested in Hippy's blessing; she's only interested in trying out Hermes' sandals and flying. These are gifts Hippy has given her, along with the Gauntlets of Atlas, which increase her strength by ten.

As Diana shadows Artie (often saving her or redirecting her to more useful modes), Artie keeps referring to Diana disparagingly as "Little Princess." She believes her role to be a champion for unempowered women. In New York City, Artemis—the girl raised in a man-hating society—lets two slick men give her a fancy apartment, clothes, equipment, and call her "babe," in order to promote her so she can address world leaders as an equal. Or that's what they say. She pins one of them with her arrows to prove her worthiness, and then appears on TV to declare her mission: "The women of this planet labor under oppression and villainy. ... From this day forth, I will fight to end the oppression of women, the destruction of children... and since aggression and hatred towards women is great evil, my first priority will be to end the violence that mars the world society."

(94) During the course of the story, a CEO mentions how the women at his office talk incessantly about Artemis and how heroic she is. (95) At a women's shelter, Artie berates a mother for not defending herself from an abusive husband. The mother replies that he would have killed her and let her children starve.

"Good!" Artie says. "Better they starve than have a mother who is a parasite and a coward!" Her male handlers tell her to ease off that kind of talk.

Later, the mother throws herself in front of Artemis to save her from being shot. "Didn't want... you t'think... I was a... coward..." she groans as she dies.

(96) Artie breaks up a sweatshop, and is admired by a little girl. (97) In a South American rain forest, Artemis and an official discover the remains of a massacre between forest poachers and the army that was supposed to have taken care of them. Artemis admits that all this is too complex an issue for one person to solve, but is interrupted when a villain, Involute, appears, kills the official, and then comes after her. As they battle, Artemis praises Gaea, who owns people and not the other way around (?). She has been practicing with the lasso, but when she lassos Involute with it, its power makes him realize that though he used to be a good person, he's done terrible things. He commits suicide by shooting himself.

(98) Artemis has been shown to constantly berate Diana for being incompetent. Now she nags her for losing the Joker—and then asks who the Joker is.

Artie says, "I saved the rain forest. Ended a major war, saved a women's shelter and stopped the exploitation of immigrants. She wasn't able to even stop a miserable little gang war.... Whine and temporize all you want, sister, it proves my point. You are incapable of real action! Your weakness has cost you your home, your name, and your legend. It has cost you the love of your mother. I have replaced you in everything. And yet you have learned nothing."

Now she vows to clean up Boston so the JLA will recognize her. Her words so upset Diana that Diana destroys Ed Indelicato's file cabinet. Artemis flies to the Sazia compound, where she lays waste to a huge mob of robot security guards provided by Lexcorp. Injured but still eager, she makes it inside, where a hologram of Sazia greets her. Sazia releases a net of robotic arms which she thinks will kill Artemis. In the event they do not (which they don't), Sazia triggers a blast that destroys her house. Artemis barely escapes.

When Diana flies to New York City, she is attacked by Artemis, who accuses her of jealousy and of coming there to plant lies to turn her friends against her. Diana reminds Artemis that out here in the world she is not stripped of her powers as she is on Paradise and belts Artemis across the sky.

Artemis crashes through buildings for three glorious pages, finally landing in her own offices. As her male staffers rush to bolster her ego, Diana points out about a file cabinet: "These files are locked. My guess is they hold records that show your friends hired the villains you've been fighting... and beating. They've been paid to lose." Artemis has been used for media entertainment. The foul, false surface has apparently been vanquished, but the true rot underneath remains.

"Somewhere in there [the files] should be letters from Asquith Randolph, the White Magician. He's the real owner here." Brian Eliot uses his computer skills to discover that there has been no change in the rate of rainforest deforestation or of sweatshop proliferation. The women's shelter Artemis had supposedly saved has been torn down on schedule. The Chauvinist, the guy who'd confronted Artemis at that women's center, had actually left his card... with his agent's name. He'd been an actor who thought they were making a really keen movie—even though his hand got blown up, etc. during the filming. "I'll bet she's method, isn't she? Rilly, rilly good focus.... I'd love to work with her again," he says of Artemis.

(99) Artemis kills the men who had handled her, but one remains, and she tortures him for information. A demon distracts her, but she kills it as well, and then her victim blabbers a location where the Magician may be gathering his strength. For some reason Artemis lets him live as she flies off, and he grins evilly behind her. Is he supposed to be the White Magician in disguise? Hellifiknow.

(100) Artemis has indeed walked into the Magician/demon's trap. He summons the Cheetah and Cassie Arnold—both demons now—to attack the two of them. Even Cassie-demon is too strong for Artemis; Diana faces Cheetah-demon, a being who does not know who she is. Again Artemis refers to her gauntlet in the plural, though there is just the one, and says that it's not enough. She uses her arrows to distract the Magician-demon from Diana, but winds up with her arrow flicked back, impaling her in the chest.

Dying on the floor, Artemis urges Diana to take the Gauntlet, even though that is the only thing keeping her alive. Finally Diana does so, and batters at the Magician-demon for five full pages until he dissolves in flames.

She turns to Artemis, and assures her at her question that the Magician is dead.

"Good. Take back your uniform, Diana. I have... dishonored it. My ambition and arrogance nearly got... us both killed... YOU are Wonder Woman."

Diana: "Your arrogance was one of your most appealing features, little sister. I won't hear you disparage it."

Artemis reminds Diana that she will need a coin placed under her tongue to pay the ferryman for the ride across the Styx.

Diana swears she will remember to do so. "I will tell them all how you fought to the end. How you were a true warrior and I was proud to be at your side. Look, Artemis... You can see the Elesian [sic] fields... all the warriors of all the ages are raising their shields to greet you... Look..."

And Artemis dies in Diana's arms.

cover for Artemis: Requiem 6, showing her on a throne in Hell.In 1996 Artemis starred in a forgettable T&A mini-series, Artemis: Requiem. Well, the one thing we can come away with is that she fought her way out of Hell and is now feeling much better. In it she also lost any virginity she may have had (she was married to a demon prince), and showed that she's hot for guys, the more macho, the better. And oh yeah, the "Requiem" part was the cape name she took since she was no longer Wonder Woman. Read the synopsis if you have an iron stomach.

164: Artemis uses a reconfigured Invisible Jet -- it's an overly-ornate flying platform now -- to travel to Paradise at Penelope's summons. On the way, Artemis passes through an open-air museum: "LOOK at this! Practically a SHRINE to Wonder Woman! Have these Amazons begun worshipping THEMSELVES?... Has everyone FORGOTTEN that Hippolyta only took up the mantle of Wonder Woman as PENANCE for abusing her royal power... which resulted not only in the DEATH of her daughter, but MINE as well?"

Diana rejects Hippolyta's offer to help circumvent a coming armageddon and brings Artemis along instead. When they arrive in Gotham City, Artemis tactfully suggests that perhaps Hippolyta's greater power and experience would serve Diana better than Artemis's skills. When Diana answers that she is merely putting her mother in her place, Artemis -- again, quite tactfully -- shuts up. Diana gives her instructions to team with Huntress to subdue Maxie Zeus and his acolytes. Somewhere along the line, Artemis is given a communications device to link her to Oracle.

When Artie meets up with Huntress, both draw their bows on each other as if they've never heard of each other (though Diana had just assigned Artemis to team with Huntress).

165: Artie and Huntress now aim towards Maxie Zeus as he fires up his acolytes against them. Artemis gets off one arrow (we don't see it hit anyone) before she wades into the fight with her fists -- and her mouth. She and Huntress debate religion and the choice of gods while fighting the mob.

It is Artemis who finally suggests that they work together amicably. Artemis is an atheist. She reminds Huntress that Diana's gods are not hers; that her tribe abandoned them long ago.

"How do you just... ABANDON your gods?" Huntress asks.

Artemis says, "It's EASY -- When they abandon YOU."

166: Continuing their theological debate, Artemis tells Huntress, "I believe that all living creatures are desperate to CONNECT with something BIGGER, Huntress, something that will fill the emptiness within their SOULS... and in their desperation they'll accept almost ANYTHING."

When Cassie the Wonder Girl arrives to save them, Artemis gently stops her from entering into an argument with Huntress. Later, Artie's cobra venom-laced arrows kill the Chimera.

167: As the heroes go crazy/delusional because of god-woven fear, the unaffected Artemis tells Huntress, "I have MY faith, and you have YOURS. Use it to give you power OVER your fear." Artemis easily (according to her) survives a maddened punch thrown by Cassie. (Though Cassie's other punches merely give Robin a black eye.)

168: At New Bana-Mighdall, Artemis directs her people after sabotage has hit some drilling operations that were to be part of an aqueduct, since the Banas don't have an adequate water supply. When an artisan returns a repaired bow to her, she says, "I told you NO machine gun could match the glory of a finely strung hunter's bow." Akila runs up to inform her that Diana and Donna Troy have called a conference concerning hostile actions taken by the Banas.

Artie tells the sisters, "We have NO support from the queen who SHUNTED us to this section of the island, only the constant AGGRESSION of the Themysciran Amazons to deflect!... Do you believe, as your mother does, that we're nothing more than BARBARIANS? SAVAGES?" She says that she would never support civil war. She then accuses Diana of not having "TRULY been involved in DIPLOMACY for YEARS." When the queen arrives, Artie declares, "You're NOT my queen, Hippolyta. And you're NOT welcome here." She accuses the queen of not spending enough time on PI, and says that her presence will make the debates worse. That night Artie meets with Shim'Tar Akila, who has discovered that all items of sabotage across the island are of Themysciran manufacture, and bear the inscription "Ariadne." Artie points out that the name can also mean "Intruder" or "Untrustworthy," and turns to face an ambush of machine gun-toting Themyscirans, who catch them in crossfire.

Artie as Shim'Tar169: Artemis hurls herself upon Hippolyta and her horse as Hippolyta leads her Themies against the Banas. She tells the queen that the Banas are not her enemies. She mentions that she learned a lot as Wonder Woman as the two face each other. We see a flashback montage of Artemis facing down the incredibly unskilled squad of machine gunners who had failed to hit her (and only managed to slightly injure Akila) and who fell beneath her fists and feet instead.

Now Artie tells the queen that Akila has passed on the title of Shim'Tar to her because she didn't feel she was worthy of the trust Hippolyta had placed in her. As Hippolyta pounds her (the two appear for some reason to be equally matched as they trade blows) Artemis tells the queen she must take responsibility for letting her Amazons drift so far from Gaea's path and for treating the Banas "like camel fodder even after we CHANGED!" When she asks Hippolyta, "How can you continue to wear that [WW] armor-- and not UNDERSTAND what it REPRESENTS?!", Hippolyta comes to her senses and the two, plus the princesses and Fury, face down Magala/Ariadne to end the war.

(WW:OWAW #1) Penelope, Artemis and Niobe inform Philippus that Hippolyta has been killed by Imperiex.

191: Gets in a great battle against the monster Scylla, using a rocket launcher. Diana-god augmented the monster's abilities so that it turns the Amazons who have attacked it into statues. Artemis (the Amazon) arrives with a rocket launcher she was going to demonstrate, and instead uses it to attack the beast. She takes out a few of the heads of the monster, but Diana-god stuns her and has the beast turn her into a gold statue as a reward for her warrior spirit.

Trinityat right Trinity: I don't think I'm going to cover this three-part 2003 miniseries in this index because it's blatantly out of continuity (though it was touted as being the True Story of how Wonder Woman first met Superman and Batman. Too bad the writer apparently forgot to do any Wondie research). But seeing as how I don't have a costume index for Artie, I'll include the "costume" the character named Artemis from Trinity wore. It's merely a curiosity.

(208) We learn that Artemis' new title, "Polemarch," translates as war leader, said to be similar to the USPres' "Commander-in-Chief" title. She is introduced as "Her Excellency" at a presidential reception. Her country's name is given as the "Republic of Themyscira."


Artemis' favorite weapon is her bow. How many times has she been seen to fire one at a human? Let's keep track.

164: She aims at Huntress. Doesn't fire.

165: Shoots in the general direction of evil acolytes. We don't see the arrow hitting anything, nor do we hear a shout of pain.

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