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Barnes, John: Trevor Barnes' brother, who is bald. He lives in Charlotte, NC.

Barremargox: (Wonder Woman Special #1, #63) A great demon who is the mate-master of Drax, a demon doing her doing on Earth. Drax partners with the evil president of Pan Belgravia, Baron von Nastraed, to first capture the Cheetah, who proves too weak for them, and then Wonder Woman to host Barremargox's spirit. Diana is about to best Drax when Cheetah sacrifices herself or at least leaps to her supposed death (yeah, right) to seal the dimensions so Barremargox cannot come to Earth.

Barnes, Ms.: Trevor Barnes' mother, referred to as "Momma" or "Moms." She lives in Charlotte, NC, with her X sons, daughter, and grandson. She likes to cook and tries to keep her family close.

When Diana informs her of Trevor's death, Ms. Barnes thanks and hugs her before heading off to church to pray.

Trevor Barnes is dressed in his best leather jacketBarnes, Trevor Augustus: (170) Creator Phil Jimenez said that this character was based on an acquaintance, who "just happened" really to have the name "Trevor." Apparently PJ had not been informed that comics creators can change names in order to improve stories. Anyway, TrevorB appears, and it wouldn't be until the Simonson run that he became palatable.

He's established as working for the United Nations Rural Development Organization. At one point (189) it is concerned with Central America and India. He mentions that he and a friend, Daryl, were "the greenest kids in the Peace Corps in West Africa. At this point he becomes the target of tabloid news for being Wonder Woman's "lover."

When he travels to India, he greets some of the local men on an extremely friendly basis. He is also guided by two goddesses, Karisin in India and one Lady Ala in Zambia, where his paternal ancestors came from. It is Ala who gives Trevor the "blessings" and "benediction" of the gods. Ala says, "The Shattered God has caught us all.... so we have yielded up everything that we have [to you]." She instructs him to save Diana, who is the key to defeating the Shattered God.

Trevor has a tendency to talk to himself. A lot.

Trevor becomes one of the rare humans to visit Olympus when he helps Diana investigate the disappearance of the gods.

In issue 191 he suddenly starts to be referred to as "Doctor Barnes."

In issue 193, Trevor and Diana sit on a porch swing and he asks her out for an official date for the first time. When the Shattered God attacks, Diana transfers some of her knowledge to Trevor via a kiss. Trevor finds that the Invisible Jet will follow his instructions, even transporting him to the possibly extra-dimensional place where the gods are imprisoned. Trevor urges Diana to fight the god's possession, only to become himself possessed.

When the SG tries to kill Trevor, though, he discovers that he can't disconnect. Trevor urges Diana to kill him so the SG will die as well, but it doesn't work.

After the gods are restored, Diana manages to call Trevor back away from the SG. As the gods destroy the Shattered God, Trevor dies of old age in Diana's arms, saying that "it was worth everything."

The goddess Gaea appears to explain that she had chosen Trevor and had goddesses invest him "with the beauty of the world... the steadfastness of the Earth itself bound to Earth's mortality... and the doom of death... that he might contain the deathless Shattered God, if only for an instant to give my children their only chance of victory." Then she declares that Trevor will be reborn to grace the world as rain.

And across the world and on Oa, it rains.

Barnes, Vivian: Trevor's twin sister, intensely jealous of Diana and the influence she has over her son, Bobby. The Shattered God possesses her and has her attack Diana and Trevor with a frying pan, rendering them unconscious. She ties Diana up with duct tape to make her helpless. When Vivian comes out of the possession, she tells Trevor, "I've never liked her. My own son thinks she's God's gift.... How can I compete with that?" She weeps in her brother's arms for her misdeeds.

Bast walking with DianaBast: (3:15) In search of a god to help her get around Athena's barriers and return to Themyscira to help her mother, Diana goes to petition the Egyptian cat-goddess, Bast. As she turns Diana down, Bast declares herself to be fickle but fond of Diana, and offers the comment that Bast never really cared for Hippolyta.

Batgirl (Cassandra Cain): (600) In a story that takes place near the beginning of PG's 2009 series, Batgirl watches as Power Girl and Diana take down Chang Tsu.

Batgirl (Stephanie Brown): (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Batman: aka Bruce Wayne. (Was I supposed to let that out?)

(164) In this Wonder Woman/Batman family story arc, Batman is compared to Wonder Woman. When Oracle tells him that Diana is coming to Gotham City, he tells her to "turn around now... I don't need her here, I don't WANT her.... And I don't believe in [gods]." He joins Huntress to check out zealots, who have been assembling for weeks around a cathedral that has suddenly sprouted and grown apple trees. They are somewhat interested to see it is indeed Maxie Zeus who leads the crowd, but shocked when they spot Poison Ivy (combined with the goddess Eris) who offers the crowd Apples of Discord, which causes the crowd to riot and orgy. When Batman attacks Ivy, he realizes that something has taken hold of her. Eris easily repels him. He follows her into the church, where other long-time Batman villains have also been possessed by gods. There, Deimos/Joker uses his tail to knock Bats about and then hold him prisoner.

(165) Phobos/Scarecrow tries to make Batman feel fear when he confronts him with images of his failures through the years. Narration tells us that Batman doesn't believe that Scarecrow has combined with a god. "He believes in NOTHING, except HIMSELF." Narration continues to tell us that Batman is an atheist because how could a god have created a world where such evil can be allowed to live? For some reason (not explained), he goes along with Capt. Marvel, Donna Troy and Wonder Woman's explanations of their origins with the gods. "Life has no meaning. EXCEPT FOR WHAT WE BRING TO IT," Batman says to his captor.

(166) Batman agrees to Diana's plan to play the gods' split personalities against each other. He says he doesn't need faith (that the villains won't win) when he has WW. Batman talks to Poison Ivy to tell her that she has become a living goddess and doesn't need Eris' power. But when Phobos opens an interdimensional portal, Batman looks upon it and is bathed "in the light saturated with the undeniable... THE DIVINITY OF FEAR!" This allows Phobos to take over Batman's body, at which Diana pronounces, "It's the ULTIMATE GOD OF FEAR!"

(167) Under Phobos/Batman's rule, fear strikes Gotham, first at criminals, then at their victims, and then at everyone. His personality lies well hidden inside Phobos as the god manifests the fears of people physically as well as mentally. Diana talks to Phobos/Batman for three pages, telling him , "You're a man who believes in COMPASSION and RESPECT and HONEST CAMARADERIE.... You SURROUND YOURSELF with so many LOVING and COURAGEOUS allies..." She tells him that one day all the darkness and horror of the world will be gone, and he should have faith. At last Batman becomes strong enough to throw Phobos out of his body.

In an epilogue, Batman suggests that Father Mike (?) should help the former Maxie Zeus acolytes, and Diana commends Batman for "always FIGHTING, always PROTECTING." Again Batman tells Diana to keep her gods out of Gotham, for the city has enough trouble as it is. He also explains, "When you 'DIED' all those months ago, I found myself... WORRIED... that the ONE person who could LEAD the heroes of today to see that dream [a perfect world] fulfilled was GONE.... It's your FAITH in your dream that MAKES you WONDER WOMAN."

Batwoman: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Becca: Is Becca Doherty. Look for her in the D's.

Belyllioth: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. A demon general of Hell and acquaintance with Artemis.

the modern BeowulfBeowulf issue #1

Beowulf: (3:20-23) One of three of DC's S&S stars from 1975 who were used in the "Ends of the Earth" arc. Beowulf is a very honorable barbarian of great skills and gorgeous looks who joins Diana and Stalker (and later, Claw the Unconquered) to kill the demon D'grth.

Unbeknownst to the team, it is a trap for them that Stalker and his Oracle have planned in order to give Stalker a soul again--Diana's. In return D'Grth will get his and Claw's souls as well as the Soul or Stone Heart of Eternity.

When Stalker tries to kill Diana, Beowulf throws himself in front of the sword and takes the blow. It is a grievous wound, but Beowulf will recover to complete his mythic destiny after they ceremonially dispose of D'grth forever.

Bertinelli, Helena: Hope I got that right. See Huntress.

Black Alice: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Black Canary:(168) Cameos as part of the JSA team with Queen Hippolyta on it. She agrees with the queen's decision to make superheroing a priority.

Blizzard, Minister: See Minister Blizzard.

different views of the Blue SnowmanBlue Snowman: aka Byrna Brilyant, was a Golden Age WW villain (first appearance Nov. 1946 as "the Snow Man"), generally remembered only because she was the only transvestite on Wondie's villain list. She could create blue snow, invented by her father.

Power Girl(2) #7 (Feb. '10) used her as a gag and then had her, under the influence of a mind-altering drug, killed off by the dread Ix Negaspike.

Bodine, Aphrodite: Whoa, Chester! Aphrodite is just "Aphrodite." You'll find her in the A's. And say, I've got some nice swampland in coastal NC you might be interested in...

Briareos poses dangerously like a pro-wrestlerBriareos: (212) One of the Hecatonchires. Guardian of Zeus and brother of Cottus, who is also in this index.

Buchanan, Ares: (66) He's the one who activates the boom-tube-ish device that sends Diana and Tasha Teranova to a far end of the galaxy. (77) He offers ultra-high tech to underworld types to help further his plans. He also makes Antonio Sazia his prisoner before he offers to team up with him to get rid of Wonder Woman. It is now that he gives his name and adds that people can call him the "god of war."

(81) Sazia announces that Buchanan wants to be called "Warmaster." He wants the Boston mob families highly armed and can supply the finest in high-tech weapons and drugs. They can rule the East Coast like gods.

(82) The origin of Buchanan: As a child he was bullied, and Moot and Geof were among his bullies. He learned two lessons: fighting your own battle is a mug's game, and that women exist only to be hated. After a particularly bad beating, Ares lay dying in an alley when the god Ares appeared to him. This was during a period in which Zeus ordained that all gods must leave the earth sphere, but Ares wanted to remain. He proposed a solution to Buchanan: “I will scoop out most of you like a baked potato… to be filled later with chili and cheese. And I will be the cheese!” Beefed up and powerful, Ares B. discovered that he was not so much interested in profit as much as armed conflict. A peacemaker like Wonder Woman was his antithesis.

Ares bribed the White Magician into being his ally, and together they managed to shoot her into space for quite a long time. When she returned, she was Buchanan's number-one opponent. He hired Mayfly to kill her, and also allied himself with Donna Milton, whom he admires for having no ethics. He used Donna to befriend Diana and trap her, (83) which results in him shooting Donna with a singularity bullet when he thinks she's betrayed him and wants too much power—and is pregnant with his daughter. The singularity causes massive destruction.

(84) The White Magician informs Antonio Sazia that Ares Buchanan's life essence is gone from the earth.

Bulleteer: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

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