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(89) Circe reveals that she has sent Paradise Island to another dimension, a realm of fire (I call it a Demon Dimension) that is only reachable during certain natural phases. The Amazons are fighting for their lives.

"I want you to live your life knowing you've perpetrated a heinous wrong. My offer is this, Diana: I'll bring back Paradise Island if—and only if—you, in return, will kill an innocent soul." She has until midnight to do this.

Since this is a Christopher Priest story, it has gigantor logic holes in it. Circe does dangle an innocent in front of Diana, and the innocent does die—but it is not Diana's fault at all. Still, Circe restores Paradise Island. However now it also holds the Bana.

(90) Hippolyta explains to Diana that the evil Bana joined forces with Circe in a bargain that would gain them immortality. Circe teleported them all to Paradise Island one night, when they could fall on the sleeping Amazons and slaughter them. “The battle lasted without stop for two days.” You're kidding me, right? These are Amazons, who are far stronger than ordinary mortals (see issue #1), and mortals are exactly what the Bana are.

“There was hardly one Amazon on either side without a wound.” Hippolyta says that the two sides were evenly matched. How could that happen? As for Circe, “she had never intended to play fair, even with her allies. She meant there to be not one Amazon left alive after that date.”

Her goal not accomplished, Circe weaves a spell that transports the entire island into a demon dimension, and then appears in the skies to gloat. The queen narrates: “Former enemies now fought together, bound by common blood and human fear.” Hippolyta claims that it was the Bana's will to guard the outer, now highly-walled perimeter of Themyscira against the demons. They were an early warning system, and in reward for their valor were granted a quarter of Paradise Island to live on. Hope they'd gotten the monsters under control by then.

For the Amazons, it had been ten years of hellish war. For Diana, it has been a few months. The Bana reveal that they hate Hippolyta because she forced her sister, Antiope, off the island [incorrect], depriving them of a “birthright” of immortality [incorrect again]. [Antiope and her group had chosen to leave, though urged to stay. The Amazons had not yet been granted immortality nor was there a hint of such, when Antiope left.] The piece of land the queen has given them is the most desolate quarter of the island. (Though Paradise has never been shown to have any desolation, perhaps this is a result of the demon war.)

I don't include any obviously-out-of-continuity stuff in these indices, so don't expect to see them.

(0) Anyway, the Banas hate the Themies and the Themies completely distrust the Banas. The Bana live in poverty and quite a few of their number, especially the old ones (who apparently didn't receive youth when they got immortality, though we'd never see that again after this range of issues) retain grievous war wounds.

The Banas are barred from entering the new Contest. (91) The general Themie population outvotes the queen and let the Bana into the Contest.

We discover that 14-year-old Artemis had been the only Bana to speak out against allying with Circe.

(91) During the second Contest, some Bana try to sabotage Diana. Artemis tells them to stop it, that if one of them wins or gives a good showing, it will give the Bana respect. Due to [completely illogical; chalk it up to Circe's mind control... maybe] odd circumstances, Artemis wins the Contest and becomes Wonder Woman.




Let me put in a bit from WW vol. 3, #30 here:

Panels from WW #30