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Golden Age Etta enters a room, shouting, "WOO WOO!"Etta in USAF uniform






Etta as a redhead




Etta in flight suit

Etta Candy as a blondeCandy(-Trevor), Etta, Lt. Col.:

(72) Etta is working with Steve at a hangar in a mid-town airport labelled "Trevor's Way." She tries to stop a mugging by herself and does well, but Diana helps out a little at the end.

(78) Diana notices that Etta has lost far too much weight, as they look for a wedding gown for her. Though she hasn't eaten in a day, Etta wants to lose more. Diana tells her that Etta's genes will not let her look like Diana, but she should glory in her other gifts, which she will lose if she doesn't eat. She faints, and Diana takes her to a salad place, where she refuses to eat a salad—until Flash begins picking at it, at which point she blows up at him for stealing her food.

(79) Etta saves Diana and Flash's lives by firing fire extinguishers and fire hoses at Mayfly. (80) Briefly she is drawn into Diana's dream at the hospital as the dreaming power goes haywire for a few minutes. (86) More fire equipment, as Etta hacks at a monster with a fire ax, alongside Steve.

(122) Etta announces that 6 months ago she and Steve were -- and then she's cut off. We may assume she means "engaged," though very probably author Byrne wanted it to be "married," but we later (issue #170) discovered that Diana had been a bridesmaid at Steve & Etta's wedding.

(3:14-3:17) Director Steel gets Etta on his team in order to investigate mysterious Diana Prince, whom he suspects is an Amazon sympathizer. She not only takes what he dishes, but dishes out some criticism of her own so that he squirms. She’s found lots of anxiety meds in his office that have been taken in large amounts, and points out that he has scotch on his breath when it’s still 11 AM. (These are our first hints that Dr. Psycho is attempting to take over Steel.)

When Diana doesn't return from a mission, Etta semi-confirms that she must be home with the flu and leaves with the same excuse. She picks her way into Diana's townhouse, only to find a mysterious red-eyed stranger (Stalker) sitting on Diana's couch.

At the end of that particular arc, we discover that Etta joined the DoMA as Diana's “unofficial ALIBI.” Etta always has Diana's back.

3:18-19. The Khunds bring her to their world to act as Diana's “trusted squire.” Etta may not like the Khund, but she’s “not standing by to watch them all BURN.” Diana then thinks, “That is why, as much as any Amazon, this woman is my SISTER.”

Later when confronted by a combative Green Lantern, Etta revises her classic exclamation to say, "Woo-@&#%ing-Woo.” Left alone with the Ichor ship she tells it that, “You can’t destroy a planet in the name of compassion... I know we can’t stop you--but haven’t you shed ENOUGH blood here?”

The mysterious, unseen Ichor answer: “A 'lieutenant colonel' must be a grand thing indeed, small one.”

Capt. Nazi in a really dark panelCapt. Nazi: 3:14: aka Albrecht Krieger, a man who has been given strength rivalling that of Wonder Woman. When Agent Diana Prince and Nemesis enter Society HQ they find no one... except Capt. Nazi. He claims to have killed everyone else. Though she is powerless when a civilian, Diana blinds him with plastic explosive and changes into WW.

Then she demonstrates the power of her lasso by infiltrating his mind, discovering that the Society has created 100 more "Capt. Nazis" by giving his powers to a group of young people (he calls them the "Wunderkind," though that may not be an official designation, so look for them under "neo-Nazis"), who are even now invading Themyscira.

She goes further, leaving him sniveling and begging for mercy, and discovers that his father was his mother's pimp, who killed her over a sack of stolen groceries. The father beat young Albrecht and his brother every day.

Diana muses about what to do with him: "I follow the Amazon Code when facing a vanquished foe: punishment for the adult... empathy for the child. Even for him."

Carl:165: When I find out his last name, I'll file him correctly. Donna Troy's partner at Aurora Photo Studios. He's helping Donna update her portfolio when Stheno turns him to stone. Donna and Nightwing defeat Stheno, and Donna says, "Maybe DOCTOR FATE or ZATANNA could REVERSE this somehow. Or the AMAZONS. IF he's not dead." Perhaps not to make herself sound too callous, she adds, "I HATE that someoe else I love was hurt because of WHO I am and what I can do. Whoever sent Steno is going to PAY for this."

167: Donna tells Nightwing, "Diana says that the Amazons' PURPLE RAY DEVICE might be able to cure Carl."

Cat: 600. In a story that takes place near the beginning of PG's 2009 series, Power Girl gets Diana to act as a "cat whisperer" to explain why Cat is having problems.

the Cheetah in a jumpsuitCheetah: WW Special #1, 63: Cheetah is abducted and tortured by Drax, a demon in thrall to another, more fiercesome demon, Barremargox, for that demon to possess her body and be Drax's mate on Earth. The tortures weaken Barbara so much that the Cheetah spirit leaves her because she's not strong enough to hold it. But Diana, along with Deathstroke, save her. A drink of Deathstroke's spilled blood reinvigorates Barbara so that the Cheetah again possesses her. To stave off Barremargox from possessing Diana, Cheetah throws herself into a magical dimensional breech, closing the window forever. As she does so, she cockily says that "I have spent a LIFETIME seeking ADVENTURE, Diana, and this will be the greatest adventure of ALL!"

(94) Julianna Sazia and an ex-STAR Labs employee accidentally release Cheetah from the other dimension. Cheetah pretends to ally with Cheshire and Poison Ivy to defeat Diana (Cheetah is also attracted to the million-dollar reward for offing Paulie Longo), (95) but actually works with her in order to pay her back for saving her life. She kayoes Cheshire, who had tried to stab Diana in the back.

(97) The White Magician and Paulie Longo wait to kill Joker, Sazia and Diana, but Cheetah pounces on the Magician just as he casts his spell, her final payment in the debt she owes Diana. They disappear. (99) The Magician needed an animalistic familiar, and reveals that he has chained the Cheetah into a pet, "which I am training for obedience!"

"Filth!" Cheetah cries. "When Diana finds out, she will eat your heart!"

He then transforms into a "high lord daemon," bereft of humanity. He sacrifices Cheetah to effect the transformation.

(100) The sacrifice has transformed Cheetah into a demon. Diana faces Cheetah-demon, a being who does not know who she is and attacks mercilessly. When a dazed Circe appears, the witch transports demon-Cheetah away—somewhere.

Cheshire (Jade): (94) Julianna Sazia bribes a jailer in Florida to smuggle in tools so Cheshire can escape, in order to help her get rid of her Boston adversaries. Sazia includes a check for half Cheshire's usual fee. Cheshire battles Diana, aided by Poison Ivy, and manage to knock her out—with Cheetah's help.

(95) Cheshire does a lot of threatening stuff, but by (96) she's "out of commission."

Chiron: 165: In a silent prayer to Asklepios (Aesculapius) to heal her, Diana names the god as he "who learned the HEALING ARTS from my own mentor CHIRON...." which would seem to validate Chiron's sudden appearance in the mythos (a very good argument could still be made against this), and confirming that the Chiron we've seen up to now has been indeed THE Chiron of myth. Say -- didn't he die way back when, you ask? Why yes, he did, and Zeus placed him in the heavens as Sagittarius. Perhaps he got better.

Choi, Grace: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Circe: (88) The phony Dr. Fate is unmasked as Circe. (89) Circe reveals that she has sent Paradise Island to another dimension, a realm of fire (I call it a Demon Dimension) that is only reachable during certain natural phases, as this night is. The Amazons are fighting for their lives. Circe will trade Diana's life for theirs... But then she has a better idea:

"I want you to live your life knowing you've perpetrated a heinous wrong. My offer is this, Diana: I'll bring back Paradise Island if—and only if—you, in return, will kill an innocent soul." She has until midnight to do this. Circe will point her to the soul in question.

Due to this being a Christopher Priest story (under a Kupperberg helm), hunks of logic are left out. Diana does NOT kill an innocent soul—it happens as a complete accident—but Circe conveniently brings the Amazons back anyway.

For the real story of Circe during this time, you'll have to check out the listing for Donna Milton.

169: Circe sent Ariadne to kill Hippolyta's sister, Antiope, and she jealously stabbed the woman in the heart. Millennia later, Circe found Ariadne's "restless shade" and, when Magala died during a mis-cast spell during the time the Amazons spent in the demon dimension -- pretty darned convenient, if you ask me. Circe probably had a hand screwing things up -- Circe placed Ariadne's soul into Magala's body before anyone could notice.

Circe in a kiddie bookIn Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, a kiddie book based on the Legion's cartoon show, Circe appears as the evil, plotting regent on New Themyscira, formerly the moon Io. She's regent for Princess Xenobia.










Circle, the: Hey, they're Amazons. Thus they're in the Amazons Index. I have them listed under the individuals involved: Alkyone, Myrto, Charis, and Philomela.


the modern Claw battles Dianaissue #1 of Claw the UnconqueredClaw (the Unconquered): 3:20-23. One of three of DC's S&S stars from 1975 who were used in the "Ends of the Earth" arc. Claw is part of a team of four consisting of himself, Diana, Stalker and Beowulf to kill the demon D'grth. Unbeknownst to him, it is really a trap set by Stalker and his Oracle in order to get the soulless Stalker a soul again: Diana's.

Claw, a Conan-like barbarian with a demon hand, is portrayed as a none-too-bright and none-too-honorable barbarian. Beowulf must convince him to join their cause. Claw does not have a high opinion of Diana at first, but by the time their mission ends and D'grth has been ceremonially killed, he calls her "princess."

CottusCottus: (10) One of the Hecatonchires and brother of Briareos, who is also in this index. For refusing Zeus's amorous advances, Diana is sentenced to prove herself by traversing the Demon Lair that lies beyond Doom's Doorway to retrieve Harmonia's Amulet. The first demon she encounters is Cottus, who introduces himself as "last of the HECATONCHEIRES." We'd meet another very living one during Rucka's run, so perhaps he meant he was the baby of the family.

He likes to eat people, and grabs Diana with his many arms. Diana manages to escape, and through deus ex... I mean, Diana's hunter's instincts, she spears what she says is its heart, and "its spine SHATTERED, the rest of the creature called Cottus swiftly FOLLOWS SUIT." Don't know if that means she killed him or not. You know how monsters are.

When Diana encounters the ghost of Diana Trevor, DT explains that when she first arrived on Paradise she encountered Cottus having broken through cracks in the seal of the the Doorway, about to do in Menalippe and Philippus. Diana shot him, so Phillie was the first of the Amazons to witness the firing of a gun. Cottus then retreated back to his lair, where Diana again saved Phillie by firing between Cottus's eyes but dying during the ordeal.

Cranmer, Mrs.: 189. Living in 1879 London, she presents herself to the "Inner Sisterhood of the Silver Iris," a theosophical group of sorts. Its members gossip that Cranmer "had the ear of Madam Blavatsky herself... but that they had a falling-out over the exact meaning of the grail in relation to the higher self." Another says, "It's even whispered that she's dwelt on other planes, and that the lord Arioch favored her in her youth." At any rate, the plump, middle-aged Cranmer, who likes to dress her part theatrically, can indeed perform psychic and possibly magical feats as, after a libation of absinthe and laudanum, she successfully translates mystic Ur cuneiform that tells of a Shattered God -- causing a mystic bolt of lightning to destroy the cuneiform -- and then correctly prophecies that the god will return around the turn of the millennium.

Cryptocombs: 189: The possibly interdimensional place where all the gods are turned into statues by the Shattered God. This is where a Victorian funeral populated by demons takes place to interr the clay statue that is revealed to house Diana's powers. The Invisible Jet transports Trevor Barnes to this place for his final showdown with the S.G.

Doctor CyberDr. Cyber:

Cyber-Sirens behead a security personCyber-Sirens: 600: Alluring androids made by Dr. Ivo to abduct various congressmen. They use flying platforms, swords and axes to kill. WW and a group of superheroines stop their plot to abduct various congressmen. WW and a group of superheroines stop the plot.



Cyclone: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.


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