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button to go to Cassie Sandsmark costume indexNumbers in parentheses are issue numbers. If they do not have a colon, they're from the second series. If they are noted as (3:something), they're from the third series.

Big caveat here: I really, really, REALLY dislike Cassie Sandsmark. Oh, okay, there were a few times in Young Justice, and maybe once or twice in the pages of WW, but still...

Cassie is an Amazon -- not


(158) After playing a huge part in helping Diana defeat Devastation, Diana and Cassie's trainer, Artemis, confer for a moment. Then Diana waves her arms and declares that Cassie's basic training is over (what? There's so very little to Amazon Training? Cassie has hardly received any) and that "Today you are an Amazon!"

Of course neither Diana nor Artemis have the power to declare Cassie such. It is an uncomfortable plot device, one that I think we can close our eyes to. Cassie might be a Junior Adjunct Amazon Possibility, but she ain't no Amazon!


Let's see... I'll have to include the pic (also in the Wondie Quotes section) from TT in which Cassie shows Supergirl her new costume and then disses the idea of Amazon bracelets...

This series is from Teen Titans Annual #1 (2009), in which Cassie tries out her new, non-angrified lasso (same as the old but under new management) to see what it can do. Maybe it can change her anatomy. I mean, look at that lower left panel. Where's her belly button? Ah, but there's another one indicated above it under her Christmas sweater, approximately where a belly button belongs. Does Goddess Cassie have two navels? Why does she have the lengthened abdomen of a praying mantis? You'd think someone else would have noticed by now...

In 2011 DC published a one-shot Wonder Girl issue, and the only reason I can figure they did it was to introduce an upcoming Teen Titans member, Solstice. The story didn't make sense (check the synopsis) and the two let an obscure villain get away with her loot.

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