Here we have the Civil War of the Amazons. It sprang out of nowhere. Oh, we knew the Banas were baddies, but where did this hatred within the Themies come from? What happened to all their sweetness and light, tra la? Not only was Diana now a hypocrite, they were ALL hypocrites!

The bizarre depiction of Hippolyta escalates. I can be charitable and say it was all an as-yet-to-be-revealed plot of Circe's (which might actually makes sense, and makes rescuing the mess that happened during the abysmal Amazons Attack! a lot easier). In an interview at, Phil gives his reasons:

Interviewer: When you came in, did you intend to kill Hippolyta, or was that editorially mandated?

PJ: This is a bone of contention. Basically, by saying that it was editorially mandated suggests that I had no choice in the matter. I was told when I was hired that this event was going to happen, and that Hippolyta would indeed perish along with other heroes...

Interviewer: So you were told that ahead of time.

PJ: Yeah, yeah. I kind of fought it at the beginning, because I just thought that really sucks, and it's another female character that we're killing off, and it's one of Wonder Woman's major supporting characters, and it's Hippolyta. I actually really like Hippolyta. And then I thought about it.

First off, they weren't going to change their minds, and I thought about the dramatic potential of it. I thought, I could get a story out of this for months and months. And quite frankly, it worked really well with what I wanted to do, because I wanted to have Diana and her mother at odds for most of my run. Then it worked out really well that they were at odds and then her mom dies. I just thought that there's drama that we get to play with Diana that's never been played before. So I kind of gave in and worked my stories, knowing that that was going to come, building up to that point.

I question the skewing of character, especially in such a negative way, to amp up a story that (1) didn't need to take place (Hippy was the only major character to bite the big one in the Superman-starring OWAW), and (2) could have been structured entirely another way and have just as much -- if not more -- impact. Wouldn't readers mourn the death of a sympathetic character more than an unsympathetic one? Perhaps Jimenez had just rewatched Star Wars VI and seen the redemption of Darth Vader just before his death scene. In this book, Hippy is turned into a milder Darth Vader. Or Alexis Carrington (is that the name? I never watched that show).

This story needed a much better setup. It needed more room to spread out. While the previous story arc lasted too long (though not nearly as long as the stagnant, upcoming Skartaris arc), this could have used another issue to build up, amplify... and EXPLAIN.

There were few repercussions from Hippy's death. Or Donna's, for that matter. (No, you haven't missed anything. This would happen soon afterwards.) Diana was pictured as reserved about it. Rucka explained later that she didn't want to talk about it. Ooh, that's great drama right there and worth it all! </sarcasm>

The Amazons of Wonder Woman were NEVER meant to be evil. The island is called "Paradise" for a major thematic purpose having to do with the very basis of the title character.

The inclusion of Fury is also a detriment to the storyline. Fury appeared in the simply awful Legends of the DCU which I'll include in this index when I get around to it. Fury-lovers were incensed that their heroine was so messed up -- made insane, per usual DC attitude towards female characters (women are emotionally unstable, you know), over a man. It would have been so nice if no one had ever, EVER referred to that story (much less Fury) again, but here Phil, wanting to knit together all continuity, good and bad, drags it in to clutter up things. Ick. (Why not sane-ify Fury and knock her off during OWAW instead of Hippy?)

As to the Civil War itself: Well, the Bana thing needed to be cleared up, but with a Civil War and mass killing? Nope, that wasn't the answer. Once again, you'll notice that Diana doesn't win the day. Hippolyta ends the war, and Fury kills the villain of the piece.

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