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Michael D'AlessioD'Alessio, Michael: 3:26: Sharpshooter on Diana Prince's DMA Dragon Squad, modeled/named after a WW fan. Diana's assessment of him is: Needs to have something to rebel against, so I am always sure to provide that for him." The character was named/modelled after a WW fan.






Dalkriig-Hath: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. One of the thirteen princes of Hades/Hell, whom Artemis is married to. She kills him.

Dark Angel threatens Donna

Dark Angel: (131) Dark Angel comes to collect Donna Troy, still thinking that she's Diana, since Donna's life has reached its nadir. Donna has just discovered that without a doubt (well, these ARE comics), her son and ex and oh, whatsherface I can never remember her name, died in a car crash. Donna knows who DA is and begs her not to take her to yet another lifetime.

(167) Phobos' rising power embodies fears throughout the Areopagus. A false Dark Angel faces down Donna, who cries before her as D.A. threatens her. D.A. picks her up with a fingertip under her chin to taunt her, but Nightwing takes the severed head of the gorgon Stheno and turns the false Dark Angel to stone. Donna finishes the job by pulverizing the statue.

Dayne, Roswell: 190: Diana attacks this man coming out of the subway in NYC, as he has been possessed by the Shattered God and attacked her first. After he is depossessed, he apologizes and offers to pay her off so as to keep his record clean. She takes his money to buy clothes and food (she's amnesiac), and knocks him out so he can't be possessed again to track her. (We don't know if she ever paid him back.)

Deadfall: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. A super-powered member of the Hellenders who was genetically constructed with YY chromasomes to make him the most aggressive man on Earth. What, we need more like that? He's bff with Sureshot. He also wears Harry Potter-style glasses.

DeathstrokeDeathstroke (the Terminator), aka Slade Wilson: Wonder Woman Special #1, #63: Familiar with the country and its current president's questionable motivations, Wilson joins Diana (and Ed Indelicato) in traveling to eastern European Pan Belgravia to rescue Cheetah.

Wilson disagrees with Diana's tactics, preferring violence and killing, at at one point is torturing a captive for information because he's forgotten that Diana has a Magic Lasso. At another point he battles her hand-to-hand, but Diana notes his weaknesses and bests him with a grand finale featuring a kick to the balls.

Ed and Wilson trade constant insults as well. Wilson sends a message to the country's Resistance, and they help him in a final asssault on the evil president's castle. While Ed would capture the president, Wilson takes advantage of the president's incapacity and shoots him, but only succeeds in turning the magic-wielder into a puff of red, laughing smoke. Even so, the people of the country later celebrate their newfound freedom.

Deimos/JokerDeimos: 164: Deimos, god of terror, procures half the Amulet of Harmonia "from the shade of our OTHER sister" as a start to enable him to secure Earth for Ares (so that Ares' children may rule by his side). To get around a sentence of not being able to physically manifest on the Earth (Diana slew him), Deimos has possessed Batman foe Joker's body, creating an amalgam with himself in charge -- though Joker's personality grows stronger as the story arc goes on.

165: Deimos finds the possessed state "exhilarating" in that now has an additional foe to destroy: Batman. He holds Batman and Diana in his snake-hair as he gloats (for four full pages). He wants to destroy ALL of Diana, however, and that includes the part of her soul that resides in Donna Troy. He sends the gorgon Stheno after Donna and gives her half of the amulet to use as transportation. He poisons Diana with Joker venom by using his snake tail to bite her. Then he instructs Eris to torment Harley Quinn, who has been begging Joker to come to his senses and free her. When Eris and Phobos squabble over possible treachery, Diana uses her tiara to cut through Deimos's hair of snakes and escape. Diana then slugs him across the Areopagus, but he lets loose a blast of energy which she easily deflects with her bracelets. Deimos then gloats (for three pages) that he has reassembled the Areopagus and is about to sacrifice Harley to bring Ares to Earth.

166: Deimos summons the half of the amulet from Donna and the head of Stheno from Nightwing to use their powers to summon Ares. When he peeks (quickly looking away) into the bag containing the head, he says, "Yeesh. She's even UGLIER dead than she was ALIVE...!" As he holds the two parts of the amulet up to create a doorway, the Joker personality emerges with equal force to his. "His madness... it infects me... I can't stop it...!" Deimos says.

Diana lassoes Deimos and Phobos, saying that the truth will force the gods' personalities out of the bodies. It doesn't quite work, though this may be due to not enough time elapsing. Deimos tells Diana, "We are gods, born with purpose and function -- and we all have our roles to play! ...We do what we do because we have no choice."

167: Deimos can only watch as Phobos possesses Batman. It is he (and Joker) who whisper so that Diana can hear that Eris has poisoned the apple to be presented to Ares. Phobos's power increases and even Deimos/Joker begins to feel fear. When Ares returns from limbo, he calls his children "contemptible, ungrateful fools" and "failures" who are unworthy of him. Ares rejects them all. As Ares strips Deimos' spirit from Joker's body, he says, "I regret that your resurrection was not more succesful, for you were ever my FAVORED son. But you were SLAIN in righteous battle with Wonder Woman -- and you allowed your divine energies to SUCCUMB to an INSANE MORTAL. You are no longer the son you once were." Deimos's spirit disappears.

Deva threatens DianaDevastation: :

D'Grth being punctured by the Invisible PlaneD'Grth: 3:20-23. Also spelled "Dgrth." A mega-demon who wants to spread his powers across all dimensions. Years ago the boy who would become known as Stalker made a deal with him for skills and gave up his soul to him. Now Stalker wants a soul and, together with his Oracle, makes a deal to trade the souls of Diana, Beowulf and Claw the Unconquered, plus the the Soul or Stone Heart of Eternity for a soul of his own: Diana's.

When Diana steals the Soul of Eternity from Stalker, the deal is called off and the fight becomes one between her and D'Grth on Earth. D'Grth causes grievous burns on Diana, but she keeps fighting. She uses her lasso as a bull whip to slice through D'Grth's wrist, and then summons her Invisible Jet (hooray!) to gut him. Eventually she whittles him down to just his head, which offers her her every wish if she will spare him.

Stalker gives Diana back her soul and under the auspices of the Oracle, the four swordspeople carry out the ceremonial murder that will take care of D'Grth forever.

Diana of Themyscira: aka Wonder Woman. She has her own index, silly.

Diana the godDiana, the Roman god: 191: Despite being a hunter noted for her archery skills, Diana the god is depicted as a Roman warrior with sword. A halo sometimes appears around her head, signifying her divinity. (Simonson wanted to use this device as seen in some ancient art.)

Diana the god has changed the monster Scylla so that it has a Medusa-like gaze, turning victims into statues.

She accuses the Amazons of giving up their identities when they abandoned the old ways, and decrees death to them all.

Throughout, Diana the god acts like a warrior god instead of a hunter, and her story of managing to remain whole without being suspected -- even by Artemis the god, whose other half she is -- rings false, but Diana-WW later confirms her identity and story, more or less.

In issue 192 Diana-WW finds Diana the god (DTG) looting Olympus of the chariot of Zeus, Hermes's sandals, Athena's shield, and such. It is interesting to note that DTG seems to have found BOTH Gauntlets of Atlas. Huh. She also wears Diana-WW's bracelets, through which Diana-WW triggers the Aegis effect to distract DTG. WW throws the goddess into a statue of Zeus, which crushes DTG, who says, "I was... too weak.... bargained my honor... for my very existence... Didn't want to become... just part of Artemis... again... He... gave me power.... I betrayed everything... to live... Now... I, too... am betrayed... The Shattered... God." She dies asking for forgiveness.

Becca Doherty Doherty, Becca: 190. An enthusiastic woman and professional beautician (her skills are doubtful if we measure them by the way Diana looks afterward) who says of herself, "I am, like, your [Diana's] biggest fan EVER!" She wears WW teeshirts and lives in a NYC flat that is escessively decorated with WW memorabilia, furnishings and magazines. She is protective of the powerless, memory-less Diana and reminds her of her super self. She instructs her on how to do the Spin (and wonders how it abides by the law of conservation of energy, invoking Einstein), but thinks (like the rest of the world, apparently) that Trevor Barnes is WW's boyfriend. She chatters that everyone in her shop is jealous of Diana because Trevor is "really hot!" She feeds animals outside her window because Diana has inspired her.

Becca's most memorable contribution to the Wonder mythos is that she cut Diana's hair to disguise her. She also lent Diana a pair of her mother's reading glasses -- which Diana quickly lost.

In issue 191 Becca is momentarily possessed by the Shattered God so he can discover Diana's relationship (via her clippings) to Trevor Barnes.

After Trevor's death, Diana takes Becca and Trevor's friend, Alvin, to an Adam Sandler movie.


Dome: 159: The humanoid personification of the Wonder Dome, who is in love with Diana.




Doom's Doorway: 168: The sculptor Iphthime has created a memorial to mark the Door. Donna Troy pronounces it "gorgeous." Banas leave a booby-trapped offering of flowers that blows up in Iphthime's lover, Anaya's, face.

Dove: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Drake, Tim: See Robin.

Drax: Wonder Woman Special #1, #63: A pointy-eared demon oddly called "the man with horns," though he has none, who poses as a human though he is really a magical creature. He is the mate-servant of an even greater demon named Barremargox who exists in another dimension. Drax partners with the evil president of Pan Belgravia, Baron von Nastraed, to first capture the Cheetah, who proves too weak for them, and then Wonder Woman to host Barremargox's spirit. Deathstroke tries to kill him but fails utterly, and Diana is about to best Drax when Cheetah sacrifices herself or at least leaps to her supposed death (yeah, right) to seal the dimensions so Barremargox cannot come to Earth. The backlash of this kills Drax.

Duke of DeceptionDuke of Deception:

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