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Numbers in parentheses are issue numbers. If they do not have a colon, they're from the second series. If they are noted as (3:something), they're from the third series.

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This pic came from 3:16, as Gail Simone added a ton of dark nuance to the origin of Diana.



WW Annual #3: When hit by a spell that reveals hidden fears, Diana's are that she is unworthy and ignoble and has failed her mother and the gods.

(66) Marooned in space, with almost zero chance of survival, Diana laughs as she strains to control the engines of her thrown-together spaceship. All Amazons, she has said, laugh in the face of possibly unwinnable danger.

(67-71) Diana is the only one in their prison camp who can laugh. Though barely fed herself, she gives much of her food to the starving children of the camp. She goes hunting at night, and eats the lizards she catches raw. Even within the prison, she helps others weaker than she, and in turn, they come to her aid when she is endangered.

She is shrewd in formatting escape plans, and also takes care in choosing her allies and advisors when she becomes a pirate. Though she knows she's utilizing people jealous of her standing and who harbor mutinous thoughts, she compromises with them and keeps them on her side until she can accomplish what needs to be done.

(81) We discover that the reason Diana has been so broke is because the JLA's accounting computer thinks she's dead and has stopped paying her. (Luckily for her, JLA insurance is still paying out. Big-time.) In this same issue Donna Milton bluffs Maxwell Lord himself about a lawsuit, and gets Diana's back pay delivered to her—that day.

When Diana goes to get back child-support for Hoppy's kids from their gangster father, she "blackmails" Antonio Sazia (the gangster's employer's employer) by answering his phone as herself and telling the callers how happy she is to be working with him. She refuses to leave his office, and his thugs cannot move her. She gets the money and leaves.

(86) When Julia has been badly injured and Vanessa kidnapped, Diana faces Paulie Longo, who has the girl. He does not return her, so Diana declares “In the last few months I have lost nearly everything that matters to me. And now you threaten what little remains… Do not count overmuch upon my goodwill. Return Vanessa Katpatelis, unharmed, in an hour, or I will DESTROY you. Be afraid." See issue (87) to view what an angry but calculating Amazon Champion can do to defeat a huge mob operation in a showy way that will frighten them. She says, "Without meaning to, I have given these men the impression I am weak. I must correct that impression.”

(92) After the queen (apparently under mind control of Circe, at least that's the only way I can accept this) calls a second Contest and arranges for Artemis to win, (93) Diana flies away back to the Outer World, to keep an eye on Artie and also to attend to her previous business. Artie keeps referring to Diana disparagingly as "Little Princess."

Diana and Donna Milton perfect the "Biker Chick" costume for Diana to operate with. Diana has apparently spent all the back pay she got from the JLA, for she needs a job. She rescues Micah Rains from monster thugs, and he reminds her that she can come work for him part-time.

"Fifty-fifty," she offers to his surprise. "We will rent a real office, with a real telephone and we will share it 50-50. I will receive an additional 20% of any new revenues I generate for the agency. We will each contribute 10% towards the functioning of the agency, which will not be called "The Wonder Woman Agency" or anything foolish like that. We are going to hire my friend Donna Milton to be our attorney and office manager. Any questions?"

"But I'm still in charge, right?"

"Yes, Micah. You are still in charge..."

(94) Business is brisk. Diana captures a stalker and, by dropping him many times from a height, convinces him that he should consider therapy instead. She furnishes it to him, plus a job—located in Wyoming. She warns that if she hears he has returned, she will be angry.

When she is attacked by Cheshire and Poison Ivy, she accepts Paulie Longo's check in order for her to act as his protector. (She fails at the job in issue **. Wonder if she returned the money?)

(95) Diana and Cheetah team up for a while, since Cheetah owes Diana her life from issue #62.

164: In this issue, the relationship between Diana and her mother abruptly changes, with Diana publicly lecturing her mother for dereliction of royal duty and snubbing her help in the face of imminent armageddon, while "rubbing her face" in Diana's personal estimations as Diana cuddles up to her "sweet" Penelope to give her a pep talk. This is the beginning of the characterization of Diana as a pompous hypocrite, a characterization that would last for the next two years (the Jimenez era). This era also beings the depiction of Diana as a "talker," not a fighter, in earnest. This ability is used to excess, as the dialogue type has to be reduced in size to accommodate it all.

167: When Diana learns that Eris has poisoned the apple of discord she has given to Ares, Diana leaps at Ares, pushing him through a dimensional nexus and warning him not to devour it. She reminds the god of his promise not to directly destroy humanity. Returning to the Areopagus, she talks for 3 pages until Batman can summon his faith in order to throw off the influence of Deimos, and then she talks some more until Ares leaves the Earth plane -- but not before he gives her a dire (and very vague) prediction of the near future.

Meeting privately with Batman afterwards, he tells her, "When you 'DIED' all those months ago, I found myself... WORRIED... that the ONE person who could LEAD the heroes of today to see that dream [a perfect world] fulfilled was GONE." She gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him to have faith.

In this issue, Ares tells Diana that her hubris awes him.

168: Diana discusses life with Donna Troy at the beginning of the story arc. When Donna asks, "[Are you] getting your GROOVE on?" Diana says, "NO! I mean, not like THAT. Not YET," and then goes on to talk about someone she has been thinking of asking out (whom we'd discover to be Trevor Barnes). She says, "He's incredibly PASSIONATE. He often works at the United Nations... He's SMART. And he's SEXY. And Gaea help me, he's unbelievably BEAUTIFUL."

When Diana and Donna call a conference with the Banas to discuss their seeming belligerance towards the Themies, Diana doesn't take that much part in things, letting Donna be the arbiter. When Hippolyta comes, Diana urges her to leave, and outside the conference Hippolyta rails at her daughter for not supporting her. "How can I support you when you're NEVER HERE?!" Diana shouts, and Donna has to break the argument up and berate them for their behavior.

Since the Amazons hang on the verge of war, Diana and Donna go play with staves over Paradise Island. Diana pretty much beats the tar out of her in a nonviolent way, and then they take a spa bath so the fanboys can get a peek at their boobies. Diana reminds Donna of the Bana's foul past but lets Donna try to convince her that they've changed.

169: Diana delinquently says that the civil war "is our fault. We should have PREVENTED this." She tells her family that they have to "strategize and debilitate BOTH armies. We have to REMOVE their capacity to hurt each other and then stop this war!" It's interesting that only Donna takes this advice. Instead, Diana flies around creating sonic booms (like, wow.) and watches her sister do REAL anti-war work. As Diana stops making noise and surveys the scene, she flashes back to her childhood and contrasts the atmosphere. "If it takes me to my final breath... I'll SHOW them. I'll remind them all what it means to be an AMAZON!" she declares, and then meets up with Fury, whom she battles (as if both are fairly evenly matched.).

When Diana meets up with the rest of her family, they confront Magala/Ariadne, who thoughtfully tells them her motives and strategies. Fury rips out Magala's heart, ending her influence forever, and Hippolyta asks Diana if she will help her save their people. Diana questions her if this is the only way and if the queen is prepared for the consequencces, and then Diana flies Hippolyta over Themyscira, where Hippolyta renounces the throne and abolishes the monarchy. With that, Diana throws down her tiara (here it is a symbol of her being a princess, apparently), and becomes Citizen Diana of Themyscira. Diana is shocked to learn that Hippolyta will not help rebuild the Amazon nation, but will resume her WW duties with the JSA.

The Shattered God arc (189-194): When demons bury her, they refer to Diana as "daughter of the sky, sister of the Earth." Diana is fully human, but her powers (and memory?) are depicted as a clay statue of a toddler.

The Shattered God gives this reason for seeking her out: "In your origin as the sculpture of the little girl with the soul of a mortal, you are a creature of Earth, a link to give me form and substance in this time and place. And as the living vessel of the gifts of your goddesses, you are my link to the divine. Through that link, the divine can be remade, recast in my own image."

Throughout this storyline, Diana tosses mentions from popular media around. See commentary on the era from Simonson for his reasons.

In issue 191, Diana says at the altar of the goddess Hippolyta, "I promise. I will be everything you wished and hoped that I could be. Your daughter will make you proud. I never wanted anything else."

She dares stand up to the recovered gods, to demand that they bring Trevor back to life, but she does not do anything to cross Gaea. Like all the gods, she kneels before the Goddess.

Again and again during the Trevor Barnes era, both with Jimenez and Simonson, we are told that Diana is almost struck senseless with his beauty.

3:20-23: In this arc Diana gradually loses her soul through the machinations of Stalker and the demon D'Grth. As the story goes on her heart grows colder and she finds it increasingly hard to remember the qualities of compassion, mercy and love. She begins to distrust others, especially herself, and she is easily angered and moved to kill, though her reason holds her back. Even so, she prays to her god Kane and is gratified to see what she considers a sign of encouragement from him. She is gentle with Stalker and grants him a name, which touches the soulless man. And she discovers that constantly being called some form of "trollop" irritates her.

Brave and the Bold #33. In a highly unlikely story that takes place in a too-recent past, Zatanna learns of the imminent paralyzing of Barbara Gordon and, rather than do anything about it or help her afterward, gets Diana to join them for a ladies' night on the town partying. Along the way, it is Diana who puts the idea of becoming an oracle into Babs' mind. Yeah, right.

Is She...


WW Annual #3: In a conversation about what the greatest aphrodisiac is, Diana says that it is justice that turns her on. She defines justice in aphrodisiac form as "a man who is HONEST, SELF-SACRIFICING and protects the weak." Funny; I don't think that's how any dictionary defines "justice." Still, she does reference a "man" as being a turn-on and not a "person" or "woman."


WW Annual #3: While having barbequed pork ribs with the White Magician, Diana says that "nothing tastes better than the charred flesh you've chewed off the bones of your OWN KILL," and tells him of hunting wild boar with a spear.

(68) After giving away her own meager rations to the starving children of their prison camp, Diana goes out at night and hunts lizards, which she eats raw.


Issue #90 was full of out-of-continuity material, and in it Mala claims that as soon as Diana was named Champion she lost her immortality. Right. Suuure.

...the daughter of Hercules/Herakles?


...the daughter of Zeus?


...rendered powerless/mad when her bracelets are removed/welded together?

(95) Julianna Sazia has had one of her men weld Diana's bracelets together. (A neat trick. How does one weld such impervious metal? I've always wondered.) Sazia says, "It's well known that if a male binds an Amazon, she loses her powers."

Ah, WML is having a great joke with the readers! For as Diana notes, "Don't believe everything you read," she breaks her bonds and starts takin' names.

Abilities and Powers

(WW Special #1) With the dawn of the WML era, Diana gets a new power: to meditate and send herself into mystic realms. In this issue she visits Proteus, far under the sea, and flatters him into giving her a mantra that allows her to accomplish various disguising tricks. These include: magically forming an undercover ID (Diane [with an e] Prince) that even powerful demons cannot find falsity for, even if they research it. Also, Diana disguises Barbara Minerva as herself. The caveat is that a mere mortal mind such as Diana's cannot hold this mantra for long. Supposedly after this adventure she lost the ability.

(66-71) In the Space Pyrates arc, we see that Diana is the only being available (other heroes are off-earth) who can withstand the strain of an Apokolips space sled. She claims she cannot operate in space and must be fitted with a spacesuit and aforementioned sled.

When she is stranded in a prison camp, she fights a Khund to a draw, though later (through surprise, or is she more well-rested?) she gets in a gut punch that lays the Khund flat out.

Diana also has a hand-to-hand fight with a Daxamian. The Daxamian is portrayed not to be a Superman-level though touted as such. The fight goes on for some time before the Daxamian gives up. Diana says, "The battle just gave her time to think. Get me to a HOT BATH before I scream."

(78) Diana can search for the shade of her mother (whom she thinks is dead) in an etheric land of metaphor. (80) Diana's dreaming ability goes a touch haywire (providing the excuse for an exciting cover and nothing else) after she's severely wounded. (87) With the aid of a written spell (a locator?), Diana can send herself into a magical dimension to envision the White Magician's house well enough to find Nessie K. hidden there. She frees Vanessa, using her tiara to counter the spell, and they seem to be in the real world at the time. ??

(81) Due to injuries from Mayfly, the nerves of Diana's inner ear have been damaged and she cannot fly ("It's the easiest thing I do!" she exclaims in disbelief) for many issues. The doctor is surprised she can even stand. When she faces a locked gate, she has to jump it—and still falls on her ass.

(90) In a story full of outrageously out-of-continuity material, we are told that Diana has no special powers on Paradise Island AND that she lost her immortality as soon as she was declared Champion. (Balderdash!) After Artemis is chosen the new Champion, Diana then flies off to the Outer World. I mean, since she has no powers and all...

(97) When Diana faces the Joker, she must develop a cunning craziness in order to defeat him. As Joker tells Diana a stream of woman-centric jokes, Diana uses her trance power to visit Pan, "the embodiment of chaos." She gets him to teach her his "dance" in one very awkward page, and returns to consciousness in time to offer up the punchline to Joker's joke. Now it is Diana who rattles off joke after joke, rattling Joker, as she frees Julianna Sazia and then beats up Joker.

Diana throws herself at an "electric fixture," aka a ceiling light, and shorts it out, shocking Joker both physically and mentally. The lights go out but Joker blindly shoots as Diana taunts him from the darkness. She finally strikes a match, and Joker discovers that his explosive vest now has a very real fuse coming out of it—which Diana lights.

(100) She can smell magic, and when confronted with a bloody dagger, can smell that the blood on it belongs to Cheetah. Later, when the dying Artemis gives her the Gauntlet of Atlas (which multiplies strength by ten) to wear, she has enough strength even though gravely injured, to subdue the White Magician in his "lord high daemon" form.

164: Diana immediately sees beneath the disguises of the gods who have merged with Batman villains: Eris and Phobos.

Diana lassos the Chimera, declaring that she won't slay it but rather, "It's in my power to subdue you -- and with a gentle touch, send you down -- into the arms of Morpheus." She touches the beast and puts it to sleep, in other words. When facing it down later, she does not use this power.

Later the snake-hair of Deimos successfully binds her.

165: Diana seems to share a telepathic link with Donna Troy, but upon closer look this is entirely the one-time magicks of Deimos. Diana screams from being bitten (by Deimos' snake-tail) with Joker venom, and Donna falls to the floor, thinking, "I felt her SCREAMING... in my mind... in EVERY CELL of my body...."

Grinning as the Joker venom starts to take effect, Diana is still able to fight it to an extent, trying to talk sense into insane gods. Also, she demonstrates a power which we'll call the power of super-prayer: she prays silently to Asklepios, whose healing shrines used snakes, and to Pallas Athena. Almost faster than you can say "deus ex machina" -- 2 pages later -- Wonder Woman miraculously revives from the poison.

166: Diana throws one punch at the Chimera (after saying, "Sadly, there's only ONE language the chimera understands...." though she'd merely touched it before to put it to sleep), but spends most of her time trying to reason with unreasonable gods. She ties Deimos and Phobos in her lasso, telling them that the "fires of Hestia" will cause the gods to separate from their mortal hosts. It almost works, but Phobos calls Maxie Zeus in to use the power of the apple of discord against Diana so as to distract her long enough for them to break away.

168: Diana (and Donna Troy) are beaten by Fury off-panel. Darn it, I'd like to see how she managed THAT. Fury even strips off their uniforms, though for some strange and convenient reason the uniforms are left in the holding stall where the unconscious sisters are brought. Perhaps the bath attendants drugged the sisters instead.

169: To disarm the Amazons and stop the Civil War, Diana flies back and forth over Themyscira, creating sonic booms. Great strategy, huh?

189: As Diana has her powers and memory stripped from her in "The Game of the Gods," it's interesting to see what characteristics she displays. Unfortunately, writer Simonson wasn't entirely familiar with the modern WW mythos, so some might consider some of these errors.

Without her powers and memory and with the abilities of "only" an Amazon, she proves herself a cunning and powerful warrior, able to fend off a small army of demons. She hurls a sword a fair distance to skewer one of the demons.

She leaps high up into a tree, though she cannot fly. Birds and squirrels try to communicate with her. From her powerless condition and with no magical knowledge, she can still spin into her WW costume.

Sept. 03

One of the big PR deals of this storyline was that Becca Doherty cuts her hair to disguise her. It's a really bad-looking cut, but when Diana's powers return in issue 194, HER HAIR INSTANTLY GROWS BACK AGAIN, so the long hair can be considered part of Aphrodite's gift of beauty. Beauty = long hair. Remember that.

Some readers also have commented on how gaunt Diana looks during this powerless phase. It could be the artist, but it could also be the lack of Aphrodite's gift, indicating that the original Diana without any godly gifts is a little on the gaunt side.

With only an Amazon's powers, Diana lifts a stone column and then rams what appears to be a sixteen-foot tree trunk through one of Scylla's heads. Then she uses her tiara to decapitate what heads remain.

192: A continuity error shows us Diana floating on air as she has only an Amazon's powers.

Again we are shown that Diana has the power of prayer. In issue 194 she prays to the statue (actual being?) of Zeus for his thunderbolt and -- poof! -- there it is. She cannot hold it for more than a few seconds, but she does aim and loose it, freeing Zeus.

Then she plays Bullets and Bracelets with tiny, almost-immaterial pieces of the Shattered God that are trying to coalesque around Trevor Barnes.

Amazons without powers can be defeated by bashing them in the head with a cast-iron pan and then tying their wrists with duct tape (192), as Diana was by the possessed Vivian, sister of Trevor Barnes.

Diana appears before neo-Nazis, heavily armed in Bronze Age-level weaponry3:16: Sometimes Diana heavily arms herself, though it would seem as if doing so would actually limit what she can do. Perhaps she does it more for the psychological effect it has on her enemies.

3:20: Though Diana has been stripped of her powers, she still is able to communicate with a pack of rabid wolves. She also demonstrates that she is the equal of the best swordsmen in the Sword & Sorcery realms in which she travels. (issues 20-23)

Iconic Accoutrements

The Lasso

WW Special #1: Diana lassoes Deathstroke so he can see the truth of himself, but he shrugs it off, saying, ""Sorry, Princess. I'm immune. I know EXACTLY what I am."

(67-71) It is interesting to note that Diana's costume and accoutrements were taken from her during her time as a slave and pirate. Still, she is seen several times trying out various ropes that her organization makes for her.

166: Diana lassoes Deimos and Phobos, who have possessed the bodies of Joker and Scarecrow respectively in order to fudge their way back to the Earth plane. She says that the truth will force the godly personalities out of the bodies -- and the trick almost works. Perhaps she just needed more time for the lasso to operate.

169: Diana uses the lasso to create a ring of fire in the sky to attract attention to her and her mother as Hippolyta abolishes the monarchy.

Tolifhar pledges his people on the lasso3:14: Tolifhar takes a vow to Diana, swearing upon the lasso not to kill or eat any human, in return for her speaking up for the Gorilla Knights to Solovar's Council in Gorilla City.

3:20-24: An important arc re: the lasso in that Diana begins to lose her soul as Stalker takes it. As soon as the lasso touches Stalker, Diana becomes lost in a cold emptiness within the lasso, which is the emptiness of Stalker's being. As she loses more and more of her soul to him, the lasso does not function for Diana. The explanation is that the lasso cannot find her. However, once she finds her moral compass again by using wolves she had met as inspiration, and when she returns to Earth, the lasso again works for her.


Annual #3: When a criminal uses a rocket-firing machine gun upon her, she deflects the fire with her bracelets, but claims that the impact has broken her wrist. Later, she mentions that the area is merely bruised.


(84) She loses it in a singularity, as she and Donna Milton fall into an underground river. (87) Diana takes three hours to scour the bottom of those watery caves, searching for her tiara. “There is a part of her that is connected to the God-stuff she was given.” She finds it at last. Later when she finds the magical egg made by the White Magician that holds the kidnapped Vanessa within it, the narration tells us: “Etta couldn't imagine why [Diana] should search so hard for such a symbolic bauble [as the tiara]…. That same hand that forged her unbreakable lasso had made this. And it had many uses.” Diana takes her magical tiara and cuts through the magical egg to draw Vanessa out into her arms.

165: She uses her tiara to cut through the sea of snakes that form a prison around her, and are part of Deimos' body.

169: Diana throws down her tiara AS A SYMBOL OF HER ROYALTY when Hippolyta abolishes the monarchy.

Specific Weaponry/Tools

Sandals of Hermes: Allow the wearer to fly. (93) Hippolyta gives them to Artemis.

Gauntlet(s) of Atlas: (93) Hippolyta presents Artemis with the Gauntlets of Atlas (actually referred to in singular form, though the pic shows two; this was a mistake on the part of the artist, who apparently didn't read English well), which will give her the "strength of ten!"

Amulet of Harmonia:164: Diana has kept the Amulet of Harmonia since the War of the Gods. She's used it as a gateway between worlds and uses it now to gain access to a cathedral taken over by the children of Ares. She matches the face of the amulet to its reflection in a window to activate it.

166: Phobos uses both halves of the Amulet to open a doorway to the Areopagus on Earth for Ares. It is unknown what happened to the Amulet after that.


Invisible Jet/Plane/Spaceship/whatever: I need to link this section with the special plane page. In fact, many of these items will get their own page.

191: When Diana has lost her powers and is partially amnesiac, she wishes for a plane and it materializes in front of her. She muses, "I wonder how all this transparency looks to anybody watching from outside the plane. Do I seem like I'm just sitting in the middle of nothing? Weird."

Throughout this particular arc (189-194), the plane may inconsistently be absolutely quiet, or drown everything in the roar of its engines.

In issue 193, Trevor Barnes, sitting in the plane's pilot seat, says, "So... uh... plane... I don't suppose... you know ... how to get to the cryptocombs?" just before he's thrown back in his seat in a burst of acceleration as the jet takes him to a mystic, possibly interdimensional place where the gods are imprisoned.

Other Modes of Transport:

Kane gives Diana a seashell shipDiana arrives at battle from the seashell ship3:15: Kane Milohai gave Diana a seashell that could turn into a ship that would take her ANYWHERE. Luckily for her, that was precisely where she wanted to go, as Themyscira had been barred to her by any other means. She was also able to take a good amount of passengers on the ship, as she took her Gorilla Knights with her.

3:20-23: Combined with Stalker's Rock/Heart of Eternity, Diana can use the shell ship to ferry her group from dimension to dimension.


Alternative Realities

Diana, Clark and kidsThe Legion has two Supers as members.at left In Justice Society of America #22 Geoff Johns finished the story that had begun in Kingdom or Kingdom Come or whatever it was, placing it on Earth-22. Superman marries Diana and they have a passel of kids. FYI, that's Bruce Wayne playing with the baby there, in a scene that is dated as being 10 years after Supes and Diana link up. We see Diana aging alongside Superman, but Superman lives on and on apparently beyond her (I think it had been explained previously that the Amazons had kicked her out of their society and revoked everything about her they could, which apparently included immortality) until we see a scene 1000 years from now of his progeny flying with the Legion of Super-Heroes while he watches proudly from below. pictured above and right

Note that neither of the super-Legionnaires wears an eagle emblem, but both have the "S" huge and center. They are Superman's legacy, not Diana's. Isn't that always the way these stories go? Bleah.

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