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Donna Troy indexDONNA TROY: The being (once) known as Wonder Girl, to coin a phrase. FYI: the "Who the #@!! is Donna Troy?!!" index is very much under construction, but you can also read my Wonder Family index to see Donna in her pre-Teen Titans heyday. And of course don't miss the Donna Troy Costume Index.

Originally in the Fifties Wonder Girl was a version of Wonder Woman as a girl, but then she became a younger full-blooded sister of Diana whose powers came the regular way, through Amazon Training (WW #123 first series was her first appearance); then an adoptive sister with artificial powers and founding member of the Teen Titans, Donna crossed CRISIS with no reasonable explanation for who she was or how she'd started her career EARLIER than Diana did as Wonder Woman in the modern DCU. (Though of course years and years later DC established that there had been another Wonder Woman before Diana who could have inspired Donna.) (What a terrible idea.) I don't have Donna listed under the Amazons because even though she was adopted by Hippolyta, she was never truly treated like an Amazon and during the Jimenez run Hippolyta made that adoption sound very hollow indeed. On many Amazon state occasions, she might be seen included in a group of civilian onlookers from the outside world.

The only member of the Wonder Family who ever married, Donna even had a son (who was killed along with her ex-husband), and for whom she gave up her powers. Eventually she became a Darkstar (sort of a half-assed Green Lantern Corps), and when she got her powers back she returned to the Titans with the nom de guerre of Troia. I'll try to remember to put some of these landmark events in the index.

The cops had never seen a fire so hot, nor guess how many people were in the destroyed car.





WW #123 (how ironic, as #123 of the first run was Donna's first appearance in comics!) points out the Mysterious Circumstances surrounding Robert, Terry, and whatserface's deaths.










Donna gets the news that DNA results are positive

(131) Donna gets a phone call that DNA tests in the car's remains were positive for all three. Hm. What does that prove, exactly?

Oh, that's Dark Angel over there off-panel, come to switch Donna to another lifetime since she's already suffered the most in this one.

Diana ties Wally to Donna with her magic lasso

(135) Dark Angel says to Donna, ""I WIPE from all existence every last TRACE of you!", but in doing so Donna also manages to seriously weaken her.

(136) With Donna wiped from reality's memory (except on Paradise Island), the newly-reincarnated Diana uses her magic lasso to bind Wally/the Flash and Donna together so that she can use Wally's memories of Donna to fill Donna's soul.

Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense. (!) Let's just say that Wally's memories of Donna as Donna Troy (and not any of the 1000 other lifetimes) jump-started Donna's own natural-healing process, right? At any rate, Donna comes out of it healed 100% and perky as all hell.

(WW Secret Files & Origins #2) Donna becomes coronated as princess of the Amazons and official heir to the throne. At first the Banas, led by Falizia, protest, but Mnemosyne tells them Donna's origin (oy) and then Donna talks to them, apologizing for her mother's brusque explanations of what is going on. (The Banas' protest resides in having this person whom they regard as an outsider declared an official, 100%, Amazon with full legal station and dignity thereof, while the Banas remain seemingly outcast from Amazon society in all ways.)

During the course if events we learn that Donna has been teaching the Themies about photography. Now, urged on by Iphthime, Anaya requests that Donna teach her and the Banas as well, and Donna promises to even build them a dark room.

The queen's speech at the coronation:

"Hail, SISTERS. May the glory of Gaea be with you!

"You have been gathered here for a most UNIQUE event: A CEREMONY of CORONATION, a rite of passage we have not witnessed before, an event with NO forebear.

"In recent months, I have come to know the woman DONNA TROY as a warrior, but it as the gods themselves who revealed to me the TRUE nature of her spirit. It is a fraction of my daughter Diana's own... and therefore without question, of MINE.

"In this, I acknowledge that she is indeed Diana's sister made flesh, an HEIR to the throne of Themyscira. She will be treated with the diginity demanded of her station... and she will know the love our our ENTIRE nation...

"Raise your hands and your cheers, then. Let my daughter Donna know you accept her as our princess and an AMAZON BORN... Let her know that you pray to the five goddesses and the Fates themselves to bathe TROIA in their GLORY... in whatever NEW life awaits her!"

165: Deimos wants to destroy ALL of Diana, and he deems the part of her soul that resides in Donna as a target. He sets the Gorgon Stheno to attack Donna.

Donna's company, "Aurora Photo Studios," is located in midtown Manhattan. Because of her superhero career, she has fallen far behind on her photography one, and her partners, Carl and Joe, have been helping her update her portfolio as she works in her darkroom on shots for a fall collection.

A one-time psychic link which is the result of Deimos' spell coinciding with him poisoning Diana with Joker venom, knocks her onto the floor, wracked with screams in every cell of her body. She then politely tells the person who knocks on the darkroom door to go away, and discovers that Carl has been turned into a statue by Stheno. Donna catches him before the Gorgon can knock him down to shatter.

When Nightwing drops by, Donna calls to him to aim his batarang or whatever he calls his version of same at Stheno's head. The batarang for once is decidedly lethal (does it have a history of doing this?) and cuts off the Gorgon's head. Donna comforts him by saying that Stheno wasn't really human, so the death doesn't matter.

As for Carl, she says that perhaps Doctor Fate or Zatanna could reverse the spell if he's not dead, or the Amazons might have a way, too. She stashes Stheno's head in a bag and gives it to Nightwing to carry.

Having just received such a dire empathic experience from Diana, followed so quickly by her own almost-death, Donna takes her time getting dressed, putting in her earrings, and bantering with Nightwing before she starts the process of trying to reach Diana to save her. Yet she says how angry she is that someone she loves has been hurt because of who she is. She tells Nightwing he doesn't have to come with her (though he's come specifically to drag her along with him to Gotham to go to battle), and states, "I LOVE you for this" before she utilizes the Amulet of Harmonia, which Stheno had used to transport to her.

166: Donna isn't strong enough to keep hold of the Amulet when Deimos summons it. She battles the Chimera and finally fells it by throwing a huge statue on it. The beast rises up when mystic energies are released on the Areopagus, and Donna lies helpless (?) before it, but Artemis's poisoned arrows bring it down before it can harm her.

167: Phobos's power engulfs the Areopagus (and Gotham city), bringing fears to solid form. Thus Dark Angel faces Donna with "fear of your DESTINY. Of your next TRAGIC life." Though Donna knows the construct isn't real, she still weeps with fear and doesn't fight it. Nightwing gives her a pep talk about believing in herself and not her fear. When he turns Dark Angel into stone (using the severed head of Stheno), Donna smashes D.A. A few minutes later, she starts to talk Cassie down from her maddened state, saying, "I GAVE you the Wonder Girl name so you could fight alongside Diana and help her."

In the story arc's epilogue, Donna reports that Diana says that the Purple Ray could bring Carl back to life. Donna gets a backrub (lucky girl) from Nightwing and watches Batman and Diana from afar. She says that she thinks that rather than not getting along, the two "kind of LIKE each other."

168: In a kind of prologue, Donna gives us an overview of her romantic life: "I know people thought he was too OLD, or not MOTIVATED enough for me, or that I could do BETTER. But TERRY [Long] really was my FIRST LOVE. And I still MISS him." Diana says, "But you and [Green Lantern] KYLE [Raynor] were together for a awhile." Donna: "Yeah, but we were both REBOUNDING, I think. I was going through my DIVORCE, and Kyle and I were on the SAME TEAM, and he was GOOD to me. And then Terry and the baby DIED, and Kyle and I just couldn't HANDLE the changes that came after that. Or I couldn't, anyway." Diana: "And you and ARSENAL [Roy Harper]?" Donna: "Well, that was WEIRD, too -- I had so much to work through after DARK ANGEL." (Note that Donna can't have plain recreational sex because she enjoys a man's company, which is how it was depicted in Titans.) Donna then chides Diana for trying to vicariously live through her and then prods her on her own love life, delighted to hear that Diana has someone (the as-yet-unseen and -unnamed Trevor Barnes) she's interested in.

(An aside: It's interesting to note that readers missed the essential "first meet" scene for both Terry and Donna, and Diana and TrevorB. Perhaps that's why both males were so fan-despised? I mean, other than the fact that neither had any redeeming characteristics.)

Donna and Diana congratulate Iphthime on her "gorgeous" memorial to the Amazon fallen that now stands at Doom's Doorway. Donna also offers encouraging words to Anaya and proposes talking about a photography show in New York for her. She then goads Iphthime to bug Diana to tell them about this new passion in her life. A sabotaged offering explodes, wounding Anaya.

Donna and Diana call a conference in New Bana-Mighdall to discuss seeming hostilities between the Banas and Themies. Donna has to calm everyone down. (Note that she acts more as a Wonder Woman in this story arc than Diana or Hippolyta do, being a diplomat, warrior, and voice of common sense.) Donna makes it clear that she thinks the Banas have made amends for their past actions and are a changed people. She deals in the present circumstances. When Diana and Hippolyta get into a screaming hissy-fight back at the palace, it is Donna who shouts them down and suggests family therapy. She reminds them of what is at stake and what the Banas' problems with the Themies and Hippolyta are. She chides Diana for publicly undercutting her mother the queen, and reminds everyone of their responsibilities.

Hippolyta responds: "You are a NEW Amazon, Donna, and a NEW princess. I ADOPTED you as my OWN because I was told you were created from a FRACTION of my daughter's own soul. I had hoped to build a CONNECTION with you, as CLOSE as the one I have with Diana. But if I'm such a disastrous FAILURE in your eyes, perhaps you should start calling your creator, MAGALA, 'Mother!'"

Donna tells her not to be so dramatic. "I heard you loud and clear, TROIA. I heard EVERY word. If my two daughters think that I have been REMISS in my duties, then perhaps it's time for me to STEP DOWN... and for them to ASCEND to their PROPER stations. Perhaps Artemis and her tribe will barter for PEACE... if the TWO of YOU represent the royal house of Themyscira." The queen leaves Paradise in a snippy huff.

So with civil war imminent, Donna and Diana go off and playfully spar with staves high above Paradise. Donna says she's been looking forward to this since her teamate Starfire left Earth, and mentions that Starfire would always beat her two out of three times. She demonstrates a trick of whirling the staff that she learned on New Chronus, that she taught to Starfire. "What's the matter, Diana?... SHOCKED your little sister has the upper hand in this game?" she asks. Diana easily grabs the staff from her and throws her off. Donna zips back to wrestle her, but Diana drags her through the water and the two wind up on the shore, trying to catch their breath. That leads to a spa bath scene so the fanboys can see a bit of boobie, and Donna reiterates her faith in the Banas (while assuring Diana that they shouldn't forget what they did to her), and says that the Themies aren't so innocent in all this. Iphthime seems to be involved at the deepest levels. The next we see of Donna is she and Diana, unconscious, while Fury stands over them both. Apparently a battle of superhumans has happened off-panel -- but how could Fury have bested both Diana and Donna, much less either one? Perhaps the Themie bath attendants drugged them instead.

169: Hippolyta breaks into the stall where Diana and Donna's unconscous bodies (along with Phillipus') have been guarded. Conveniently, their uniforms are stored in the stall with them. Hippolyta fusses over Diana but not Donna (though I will give her this: she called Donna's name first when she discovered them). As the royal family view the civil war, Donna gathers her hair back into a ponytail. Mysteriously, it grows about a foot in length as she does so. Donna tells the others that she sensed that Themyscirans are involved in the sabotaging of the Banas in order to get them to attack Themyscira.

Diana tells them that they have to "REMOVE their capacity to hurt each other and then stop this war!" Donna is the only one of the royals who follows this strategy. We see her facing three helicopters, which shoot at her. "Dammit, you guys, I DEFENDED you!" she calls to the Banas. She makes sure the Banas are safely out of the copters (they jump -- but they're just human, not super), and then tosses the copters two at a time into the ocean. Later, Donna spots Iphthime carrying Phillipus, and learns that Magala is behind all this. Donna flies off to tell Hippolyta and Diana (and Fury and Artemis) that Magala and a group of Themysciran separatists are behind everything. She directs them to the palace, where Magala is. There, Donna is the only one who sees that Fury is not taking the confession/bragging of Magala/Ariadne well, but she does not move to stop her as she rips the heart out of the villain's chest. Fury is left confused that Hippolyta is not happy with her "present," and Donna says, "I'll take care of her, Hippolyta. I think I know her daughter [Fury II of Infinity, Inc.]." Minutes later, the two watch Diana and Hippolyta (but not the forgotten princess, Donna) give up their royal titles and abolish Amazonian matriarchy. Donna was not consulted about this move, though Diana was. In a more private setting, Hippolyta tells her daughters that she's returning to the outer world as Wonder Woman, and that it is up to them to help rebuild Amazon society.

Osira and Dr. Poison battle Donna during her stint as Wonder WomanIn WW vol 3, issue 2, we see a flashback to Donna's time as Wonder Woman (during Diana's One Year Mope). Donna is aided by Cassie. As she battles Dr. Poison and Osira, Dr. Poison says, "So, it's TRUE... Donna Troy IS the new Wonder Woman."

Osira asks, "How can you TELL, Dr. Poison? They look exactly alike."

This is the ONLY time we ever hear anyone say anything like this. DC's trying to force the "mystical twin" thing down our throat, thinking it's a simple fix for Donna, without having done their research. Donna has NEVER looked like Diana's twin, unless you count the short time after the origin version when she appeared from the magical mirror. As soon as Dark Angel kidnapped her and subjected her to different lifetimes, she gained a new body. She bears a sisterly resemblance to Diana. That is all.

3:20-23: After Tom Tresser throws a couple grenades down Diana Prince's stairs in order to fend off the Gorilla Knights, Donna Troy shows up, arms crossed, and stares him down. "Excuse me," she says, "but if it's not too much TROUBLE--could someone PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on here?"

After a mere moment's hesitation, Tom blabs his ultra-top-secret mission to Donna. She asks if he believes that Diana and Etta are "Amazon SPOOKS," and he says it's possible. "Maybe before the attacks on D.C. I wouldn't have believed it, but..."

Now we get a wonderful sequence in that it shows us that Donna and Diana have had a lot of off-panel sister talk about lots of things. Donna shows Tom her bracelets and says that Bullets and Bracelets are "just the fireworks. Their MEANING is another thing ENTIRELY." Whereupon she kneels at his feet, crossing her bracelets in the Amazon way, and vows "as second child of Themyscira" that she means no harm to him and will not allow harm to come to him. (I wonder how long that vow is good for?)

"Man, what is it with you people and making me feel like a grade-A chump all the time?" Tom asks. Donna assures Tom that he will get answers, but that they're not hers to give. Then we get a great bit:

Donna says, "I know she's taken a fancy to you, Tom. I was just telling Nightwing that she DESPERATELY needs to get--"

"Wait. Wait," Tom says quickly, "we haven't DONE anything yet...!"

Donna continues, "--a boyfriend. She needs to get a boyfriend, is what I was saying."

DMA forces suddenly show up outside and distract Tom.

Tolifhar tells Donna, "He isn't suitable for the princess. He takes NOTHING seriously."

To which Donna replies, "He takes everything INCREDIBLY seriously. And he carries that weight ALONE." Afterward as Tom frets about his job status, Donna makes him tea. "Oh, well, that solves everything," he says.

Donna asks Tom if he loves Diana, and he tells her that that's between Diana and him. So Donna gives her approval and says, "For my sister's sake, I hold you in my heart. Be brave for the trials ahead." Then she gets in more lip-action with Tom than he's had yet with Diana (what--no nectarine pit?): she kisses him on the cheek. "And whatever you do," she adds, "DON'T upset HIPPOLYTA!"

Roy calls Donna a whoreDeep in the throes of its Dark Age, DC decided to (among other senseless shock murders) kill off Roy Harper's young daughter, Lian, after it had derived Roy of an arm a few issues previous. (Aren't comics fun?) At the funeral in Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #2, Roy exploded at first Speedy II, then... well, you'll see:

Ah, such deep character development. Donna merely crossed her arms over her chest and looked embarrassed in front of a group of JLAers and Titans.

What a class act he is, Donna.

Titans #20: In a solo tale, Donna travels to Miami, where she is struck by how much the place reminds her of Themyscira. She uses what she claims to be (I don't THINK so!) a long-ago attempt at a secret ID when she was first starting out as a photographer, the guise (she wears glasses) of "Donna Prince." In Miami she battles the Fearsome Five, meets a cute guy, and a few weeks later, takes an apartment there. We don't know if she's buying or renting.

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