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Eclipso: Wonder Woman Annual #3: The almost all-powerful being constructs a cross-company plot which intersects with Wonder Woman's mythos. The White Magician becomes aware of this and utilizes it to "eclipse" Diana and steal her increased power to supliment his own fading powers. Instead, Diana is completely possessed by Eclipso and easily defeats the Magician, who has to hide to avoid being killed.

EctrebaEctreba (67-71) A Khund prisoner held on the same Sangtee slave planet as Diana. She is violent and blood-thirsty, as are most of her species. At first she battles Diana at every turn—they even have one great battle in which neither wins, but both are knocked out by an electric fence—but when she sees that Diana hunts lizards at night for food as she does, and when Diana offers her one of her lizards, she does not attack Diana again.

When Diana is punished, Ectreba seizes on the diversion and begins what will be a successful rebellion. It is Diana who gets them ships, however, and Ectreba becomes one of Diana's inner circle as they harry the Sangtee Empire.

Ectreba tries to undermine Diana's position as leader by torturing prisoners though she knows this is against Diana's rules. Diana manages to keep her from unnecessary killing, but still compromises with her to keep her under control. Even so, Ectreba plots mutiny with Sakritt. Diana manages a truce for two days.

When Diana's strategy succeeds and the empire renounces slavery, Ectreba becomes the leader of the pirates, with Sakritt acting as her advisor.

Eliot, Brian: 74. A computer nerd who buys a living computer chip from the White Magican to gain revenge on his mother, whom he (unjustly) blames for a lifetime of abuse. The chip turns him into a demon of electricity (or something), but the Magician takes it away from him in order to look good in front of the press. Diana saves the severely-burned Brian.

(75) Diana travels to the Isle of the Sun to get a Golden Fleece and incurs a severe wound in doing so. But the fleece is used on Brian to cure him (as well as 5 children in the hospital's burn ward). (77) He tells Diana that he got his tech from STAR Labs rejects.

(87) Brian and Quinn Thomas hack mob-run banks' computer accounts. They aren't sure that they're targeting the correct ones, but Quinn says, “By the time we're done, no one in Boston may have any savings left!”

(98) Brian uses his computer skills to help Diana and reveal to Artemis that all her seeming triumphs that she lorded over Diana, were in fact failures. Despite Artemis' assumptions, he discovers that there has been no change in the rate of rainforest deforestation or of sweatshop proliferation. The women's shelter Artemis had supposedly saved has been torn down on schedule. The Chauvinist, the guy who'd confronted Artemis at that women's center, had actually left his card... with his agent's name. He was an actor, thinking he was in an action movie.

Elmen: JLA: The League of One. A gnome who turns against the dragon queen and aids Diana.

Elongated Man: (77) Like many of the JLA, he likes to eat at TacoWhiz because people don't bother him there.

the EmperorThe Emperor (67-71, if only in references sometimes) The emperor has no name! Still, he is the leader of the Sangtee Empire, and about 26 years old. He is beloved by the masses, but despised by the imperial bureaucracy. Like many in the empire, he is a clone. The first fifteen years of his life remains a mystery.

Diana and her "pyrates" discover that he is actually a she, an abomination in this misogynist culture. It took 15 years to "train" feminine proclivities from her, and now she is disguised as a man so she can rule.

When Diana defeats her, she asks Diana what it's like to be a woman. "Good. It feels... good," is the response. The emperor frees all slaves and promises to do what she can to alter the culture's gender hatred.

EnigmaEnigma: Trinity 1:






Erinyes: See Furies.

Eris/Poison Ivy

Eris: 164: Eris awakens, sitting in a tree outside a Gotham City cathedral that grows her golden apples of discord. It seems her brother, Phobos, has bribed Charon the ferryman with "more than a mere handful of obals" to release her from the Styx. Phobos warns her that escaping from Hades will cost her even more if she is caught. Her soul has been placed in the body of Batman foe Poison Ivy so as to circumvent a directive not to interfere with the mortal plane again. Phobos says that Maxie Zeus's worshippers have provided the prayer-power to bring her back.

After Maxie introduces her to the crowd, Eris tells them that as a reward they may eat her golden apples "let your souls be EXALTED! And let your PASSIONS -- RUN FREE!" The crowd does so and erupts in riot and orgy. Yet upon seeing Batman, the Poison Ivy part of her personality comes to the fore, quickly stanched as Eris slaps Batman away and flees into the cathedral. Inside when Diana bursts in, Eris encourages her to "Bring ALL your mighty battle skills to bear! Let struggle and malice FILL my Golden Apple! AND fill me!" Diana claims she will not cooperate, but Eris says she already has, and holds a glowing apple to prove it. When Diana temporarily defeats the Chimera, Eris urges Phobos to kill her.

165: Poison Ivy keeps emerging as the dominant personality every few panels within this story arc. Deimos orders Eris to torture Harley Quinn, so Eris creates a giant plant version of Ares to devour her. It's unknown why this event doesn't take place. When heroes arrive to join the fray, Eris holds out her apple and says, "The more heroes there are to offer RESISTANCE, the more POWER they give to DISCORD."

166: Eris's green Ares stands over Harley as if to sarifice her. The goddess' power grows greater as small battles rage across the Areopagus and she basks in the knowledge of her coming victory. Batman talks to Poison Ivy to tell her that Eris stands against what she's working for, and that Ivy is already a living goddess who doesn't need Eris' powers. It almost works, but when Maxie Zeus comes barreling in carrying another apple of discord, it "boils [Eris'] blood!" and she snaps out of it, knocking Batman away. Her green Ares sacrifices Maxie Zeus. The power of this combined with the apples and Amulet of Harmonia are enough to bring Ares to the Areopagus, which "phase-shifts" into Gotham City.

167: Fearful of how the powerful Phobos is confidently approaching Ares, Eris realizes that the possibilities are great that Ares will send her back to Tartarus. She says she "could EAT of the apple... drain the discord... and destroy ONE of them. But not both." Instead, she poisons the apple so that Ares will die before he can kill her again. Diana saves Ares, but in the meantime, Phobos' fear infects even Eris. She offers him a deal to rule the Areopagus together, but he refuses. When Ares returns, he crushes the apple, which causes Eris great pain. He sucks out Eris's soul from Ivy's body, and when she begs him to spare her, he says, "Contemptible cow. Your godly soul will rot at the bottom of the Styx," and she disappears.

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