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Fate, Dr.: 76. During this era Inza Nelson wore the golden helmet of Fate. She and her husband return from a lengthy Mexican vacation only to find phone messages from Diana asking for help in determining where the Amazons have disappeared to. Fate uses a time-weaving spell so both can view what happened: an attack by Circe that apparently obliterated the nation, followed by feedback or some kind of attack on Circe that killed her. Diana is satisfied, and both women show a close and trusting friendship with each other.

The Fearsome Five as they appeared in 2010


Fearsome Five: Titans #20: A Teen Titans-related supervillain group, consisting (at the time of this Feb. 2010 issue) of Jinx, siblings Shimmer and Mammoth, Rumble, and Nano. They've come to pick Titans off one by one, starting with "the most powerful," Donna Troy. She dispatches them quick enough. Not only do they know about her previously-unknown one-time "secret ID" of Donna Prince, but they seem to think that Cassie Sandsmark is her little sister.




Fenton, Christine ("Chrissie"): 7: Myndi Mayer's long-suffering, seemingly perpetually static-charged secretary.

Flash (Jay Garrick): (168) cameos as part of the JSA team Hippolyta is on.

Flash (Wally West): (78) He's been sent (by whom?) to warn WW that someone has hired a hitman for her, and he should guard her as well as take Mayfly in alive so she can give testimony in some case. Instead, Mayfly shoots Flash in several places when he tries to apprehend her. (Mayfly is faster than Flash.) (No, that's not possible; any Flash fan can tell you that.)

(79) Mayfly uses injured Wally as a hostage until Diana can save him, but he lies bleeding and pretty much useless throughout the issue.

Fire: (77) Like many of the JLA, she likes to eat at TacoWhiz because people don't bother her there.

Free Sisterhood: (69) This is the name Diana gives to her slave rebellion/pirates. We only see it used once, but Diana's =W= becomes the symbol for slave rebellion throughout the Sangtee Empire.

Furies: aka Erinyes. The Hiketeia. The Furies stalk Diana to see if she will forsake her vow. If she does, they will rend her into pieces.

Fury: (Legends of the DCU #32) aka Helena Kosmatos, the (post-Crisis retcon) Golden Age superhero. This is her wiki page.

(168) Fury appears on the final page, standing over the unconscious bodies of Diana and Donna Troy. The attack on them occurred off-panel (or perhaps their bath attendants drugged them).

(169) Magala/Ariadne gloats: "[Fury's] INSANE. She believes Hippolyta is her MOTHER. -- she's completely loyal to her. Her fractured mind was so easy to MANIPULATE. With Hippolyta gone, I kept Fury's counsel. Thanks to me, the girl believes her 'sister' [sic] BETRAYED their mother and she thinks of the Banas as her bitter ENEMIES!" We see Fury battling through a group of Banas and laying waste to a jeep bearing down on her. She only pauses as she's about to toss a column from the Temple of Demeter when she sees Hippolyta on the battlefield.

Fury and Diana clash, crashing into the roof of a building, and Fury takes Diana's punch well, though her impact on that building destroys it. She tells Diana, "You ABANDONED our mother! You drove her away!... Magala told me you'd try to turn Hippolyta AGAINST me like you always have.... Magala's orchestrated this! She's going to SAVE Paradise for our family!"

When the royal family, Fury, and Artemis confront Magala/Ariadne and Ariadne gloats over what she's done, Fury changes into her Tisiphone form, saying, "You have lied to me. You have set me against my family. For that... I am your fate." With that, she rips out Magala/Ariadne's heart, and then returning to human form, presents it to Hippolyta as a gift. "Mother?" Fury asks, confused at Hippolyta's shock. "I did this for you." The queen replies, "Yes... We'll speak of this later, Helena." Donna offers to take care of Fury. She says, "I think I know her daughter [which would be Fury II of Infinity, Inc.]."

(223) Phillipus tells Helena to take Sitra and Bryony with her during the OMAC attack.

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