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Gaea Gaea:194: The goddess appears in silhouette and tells everyone that she had chosen Trevor and had goddesses invest him "with the beauty of the world... the steadfastness of the Earth itself bound to Earth's mortality... and the doom of death... that he might contain the deathless Shattered God, if only for an instant to give my children their only chance of victory." Then she declares that Trevor will be reborn as rain to grace the world. (Leading some readers to sing, "It's raining men!")

Ganthet: 189. the last adult Guardian of the Universe left on Oa. Simonson says that Ganthet's role in the six-part "Game of the Gods" story was as Greek chorus, but all he does is meditate on the "music of the spheres," only to be interrupted by a sudden, quick blast of disharmony. He is able to sense another disturbance, which collapses a building, and saves two of the Guardian children, who refer to him as "Papoo." He states that the manifestation seems to be collecting at Oa, which is the center of the universe. In issue 191, he uses telepathy to try to communicate with the Shattered God, but can sense nothing except an aura of domination. "For the first time in memory, [Ganthet] is afraid," the narration tells us.

He's so afraid he can't even enjoy breakfast without being shocked out of his baggy red britches by the Shattered God (192).

Jan. '95Gauntlet(s) of Atlas: (93) Hippolyta presents Artemis with the Gauntlets of Atlas (actually referred to in singular form, though the pic shows two; this was a mistake on the part of the artist, who apparently didn't read English well), which will give her the "strength of ten!"



Geof: (72) Hulking android buddy or sentient robot to Moot. They attack Etta, who has gotten in their way when they try to steal some antique stamps. Diana stops them. (82) Moot stole him from STAR Labs to help her in her thug-dom. When Ares Buchanan was possessed by the god Ares, he beat up Geof and the two came to work for him.










Winston GohGoh, Winston: 3:26: Negotiator member of Diana Prince's DMA Dragon Squad. Based on a WW fan. Diana notes of him, "Distinguished career in the diplomatic corps overseas. Thrives best on being challenged."





an apple of discordGolden Apple(s) of Discord: 164: Apple trees have grown to maturity outside a Gotham cathedral in a matter of weeks. Eris holds an apple and causes many more to appear to Maxie Zeus' followers. She tells them to "Eat of the GOLDEN APPLES -- and let your souls be EXALTED! And let your PASSIONS -- RUN FREE!" The crowd devours them, and soon they pull off their clothing and either beat up each other or participate in an orgy.

Oracle reports to Batman the myth of the original Golden Apple, marked with the word "kallisti," that was used to spark jealousy between three goddesses and in turn ignite the Trojan War.

Later, Eris declares that Wonder Woman's baser emotions as she battles the Chimera will fill her golden apple (and herself as well).

166: Maxie Zeus brings the "ripe" golden apple, filled with the malicious energies from his acolytes, to the gods. He uses it to zap Diana.

167: Eris uses the apple to infect Cassie the Wonder Girl. Cassie goes into a jealous rage against Robin. Donna and Robin talk her down.

Eris thinks, "I could eat the apple... drain the discord... and destroy one of them [Phobos or Ares], but not both." Instead, she poisons the apple just before Phobos presents it to Ares as a gift of worshippers' strength. Deimos/Joker senses the betrayal and mentions it aloud, so that Diana can warn Ares before he injests it. Ares crushes the apple, which causes Eris great distress and returns the faith-energy to the acolytes. At the end of the story, with the temple destroyed, we see the sprout of a golden apple tree (or perhaps the snake-extensions of an apple) barely emerging from the ground in Gotham City.

Gordon, Barbara: See Oracle.

the Gorilla Knights help Diana attack neo-NazisGorilla Knights: 3:14. This is how Diana refers to the pack of young super-gorillas she first encounters in a jungle somewhere. According to their leader, Tolifhar, "We have been ENHANCED... post-birth GENETICS. By GRODD HIMSELF... We are the most EXTRAORDINARY combat unit ever ASSEMBLED on this EARTH. To take BACK the land that belonged to us... to SLAUGHTER your kind!" They were designed to kill Superman, but have been assigned to kill Diana as a test.

Diana sees them as bored, easily-impressionable youths who were easily misled. They are strong, agile, enraged and skilled, yet she defeats Tolifhar and gets him to swear on her lasso that he will neither subjugate nor devour any humans, and in return she will speak on the group's behalf with Solovar's Gorilla City Council... after things have cooled down.

Aside from Tolifhar, only one other Knight is named, Rhanda.

In the meantime, the Gorilla Knights reside as guests at Diana Prince's apartment. They treat her as their queen, and join her when she returns to Themyscira to fight neo-Nazis in issue #15.


Granny Goodness gloating

Granny Goodness: Good grief. We'll get to her by and by.







Grayson, Richard (Dick): See Nightwing. DC's most luscious hunk. Well, maybe tied with Mon-El.

HoppyGreene, Hoppy: (73) A short, chatty woman in charge of the local TacoWhiz in Boston, Hoppy hires Diana at a time Diana can find no other employment and (through computer foulups) has no source of income. Hoppy is often bewildered at Diana's devotion to and study of her job. (76) Hoppy yells at Diana for missing the noon rush (Diana had been injured and unconscious at the time), but when Diana meekly admits that she has dishonored her job and leaves, Hoppy assures her that saving the world is more important than TacoWhiz and makes sure she comes back. She reveals that her father named her after Hopalong Cassidy, "this white cowboy dude from the Fifties," because Hoppy was always in dressed in black, yet was a good guy.

(81) We learn Hoppy's last name, as well as the fact that she has two daughters. One, Rachel, has been accepted to an prestigious/expensive school, with an offer of a limited academic scholarship. There is no way that Hoppy and Rachel can take advantage of this offer, because Hoppy's ex-husband took off when Rachel was four and Hoppy has not seen or heard from him since. And of course TacoWhiz doesn't pay all that well.

Diana tracks down Jerry “the Jumper” Greene, a "minor knee-breaker for the Sazia family.” Greene is one of Ricco DeBlagia's best men. Through a little blackmail, Diana gets Sazia to fork over a check for the full amount of child support: $108,000. Greene will repay Sazia, Sazia announces ominously. We assume that Rachel can now go to that school.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan): (77) Like many of the JLA, he likes to eat at TacoWhiz because people don't bother him there.

Guardians: 3:15. In search of a god-level beingto help her get around Athena's barriers and return to Themyscira to help her mother, Diana tries in vain to contact the Guardians.

Gundra the Valkyrie on her winged, flying horseGundra the Valkyrie:

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