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Heart or Soul of Eternity: (3:20-23) A chip of the Rock of Eternity (from the Captain Marvel mythos) which exists in every dimension. The Oracle (who also exists in every dimension) has one and gives it to Stalker, who uses it along with Diana's shell boat to travel from dimension to dimension. This rock is part of what the demon D'Grth desperately wants to increase his power across all dimensions.

H'Elgn: (68-71) A blue-skinned alien woman who is imprisoned with Diana in a distant part of the galaxy. She began as red-skinned and with another spelling to her name, but this story is filled with typographical inconsistencies. She tells Diana of the Sangtee Empire that holds them.

As the story progresses, H'Elgn becomes one of Diana's inner circle of pirates. She seems to coordinate things, especially in teaching recruits the more technical skills they need to operate. H'Elgn is the one to come up with an optic prosthesis for Julia the Daxamian. Presumably she also is in charge of discovering what the emperor's big secret is. She is certainly the one who figures out the coordinates of Earth so that Diana and Tasha Teranova can return home.

this time he's called Hercules, complete with Seventies-style logoHerakles/Heracles/Hercules:









Horne, Jonathan Vincent: (208) President of the US during the Kick era. Don't know why he's introduced with all three names at a Presidential reception. He's married to a woman who also uses three names.

Hypolyta [sic]: (69) The name of Diana's pirate flagship.

Huntress: a Batman ally, aka Helena Bertinelli. (164) In this Wonder Woman/Batman family story arc, Huntress is compared to Artemis. Huntress keeps an eye on the acolytes gathering around a Gotham City cathedral and is joined by Batman. Both are interested when Maxie Zeus is revealed as the acolytes' leader, but they go on alert when Poison Ivy (incorporated with the goddess Eris) appears to turn the crowd into a riot and orgy. Throughout this story arc, Huntress waxes on about religious belief: the right ways to believe and the wrong ways. She has little sympathy for those who don't share her own personal beliefs. She lures acolytes away from the cathedral and encounters Artemis, whom she draws her crossbow upon, thinking her an assassin on Maxie Zeus' payroll.

(165) The two are surrounded by maddened acolytes. Instead of using her drawn bow, Huntress proceeds to whale the heck out of those she can reach, while engaging (for 1 1/2 pages) in a theological discussion with Artemis, whom she insists on portraying as a pagan, though Artie is an atheist. They escape the acolytes and Artemis has to show the unobservant Huntress that the grounds are littered with apples of discord, which have harmful effects.

(166) We get another two pages of theological discussion before Cassie the Wonder Girl and Robin enter to save Huntress and Artemis from the mob. Immediately (possibly due to the apples' influence), Huntress criticises Cassie and gets into a major argument (non-theological) until Robin breaks it up. Robin stops them from following Maxie Zeus into the church through what is possibly a trap, and leads them in a safer way. Inside, Huntress is shocked at the desecration done to a church.

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