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a spaceship of the Ichor, showing a griffin designIchor: (3:18) According to Khund Kharhi, “No one knows ANYTHING about [the Ichor]. We’ve never seven SEEN a live specimen. Only their SHIPS... They land, always in a major city, and burrow into the ground. There are no survivors. EVER.” Apparently the Ichor only attack the most hated of civilizations.

(3:19) They are set to attack the Khunds, and have enlisted Green Lantern Kaa to defend them from Diana. Kaa tells her that the power of the Ichor is unimaginable, that all the Green Lanterns combined could probably not make them change their minds. “It is said that [the Ichor] are blood relatives of the gods of a hundred different worlds.” (But why do they need defending if they're so all-powerful?)

As Diana and the GL go off to stop Kharhi from blowing up his own planet, Etta Candy talks to the ship. In reversed-out word balloons they tell her to tell Diana that she is now to be held personally responsible for any interplanetary crimes committed by the Khund Empire, and that they will be back for Kaa.

Ed IndelicatoIndelicato, Ed: (Wonder Woman Special #1, #63) Ed sneaks into Wonder Woman's plans with Deathstroke to travel to the eastern European country of Pan Belgravia to free the Cheetah. Ed and Deathstroke know/know of each other, enough to constantly trade insults. Ed is disappointed that he can't seem to keep up with Deathstroke or Diana, but at the end is the one who captures the country's evil president. Before he can stop him, Deathstroke shoots the president, but because magics are involved, it is unlikely the man died.

(64) Ed gets his badge back without a hearing because no one wants to prosecute his recent exploits, which involve a lot of magic. Ed gets assigned a new partner, Cesare (Ches) Sabatini, and the two go after a money laundering scheme, not knowing that Wonder Woman is on the same trail because one of the launderers has abducted his daughter from his separated wife.

Ed tracks the husband down but almost kills his young daughter accidentally, if not for Wonder Woman’s intervention.

(71) We discover that in the year of Diana's absence from Earth, Ed has written and had published (that was fast!) a novel, After Shock. He then begins work on the sequel, After-Burn.

(77) He's caught in a black hole singularity with Wonder Woman and Micah Rains. Both mortals manage to hold on to the magic lasso while WW tries to extract them. (78) When Etta teases Diana about a possible romance between her and Ed, Diana replies, "Oh, please!"

(81) He doesn't really want to help Diana in her search for Hoppy's ex, who owes Hoppy big money, because "Cops hate to get involved in domestic stuff," as Donna Milton sneers. But he does. "I'm typing the NAME. See, this is me TYPING..." He discovers a number of possibilities that Diana can quickly narrow down.

(87) After Diana trashes the building housing a corporation that is likely mob-related, the police commissioner is angry at Indelicato. “You're supposed to be holding her leash.” Ed offers his badge as a response, frustrated with his limitations as a cop. He gives Diana a list of all remaining mob fronts that the police know about in the city. “If you're going to do this, you might as well be accurate.”

(98) Artemis yells at Diana about how inept she is and leaves. Indelicato is taken aback by the way Diana excuses Artemis' words, and says "Nobody'd blame you if you let out a little..." And Diana pulverizes his file cabinet. Then she asks Ed to gather some information for her (which we don't know what he got).

Inner Sisterhood of the Silver Iris: (189) A theosophical-like society in 1879 London whose members all seem to be lovely if gossipy young women who like to dress in ancient Greek-type clothing. They invite Mrs. Cranmer to one of their meetings, and she correctly prophecies that the Shattered God will return around the turn of the millennium.

Ivo, Professor: (600) The villain sends his cyber-sirens to abduct various congressmen and kill those who would protect them. WW and a group of superheroines stop the plot.

Ixion's Wheel: (167) Ares sentences Phobos to be bound to Ixion's Wheel in Tartarus for all eternity because he is the "GREATEST EMBARRASSMENT" of the war god's life.

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