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Jessup, Henrietta (Hank) Sojourner: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. aka Sojourner. Ex-security guard, cop wannabe who joins the Hellenders along with Artemis. Of all the team, she has no powers.

Joker: (95) Julianna Sazia leaves her estate in her limo, but discovers that her driver is the Joker. (96) He says he's been attracted to Boston because of "the smell of blood," and offers to ally with her. Boston becomes the scene of several Joker-grin massacres. Sazia assuers Diana that she and Joker are willing partners, though Sazia is chained to her desk.

(97) Joker tries to scare Diana to death as he renders her paralyzed. Instead, she uses her trance power to connect with the god Pan and learn the secrets of chaos. returns to consciousness in time to offer up the punchline to Joker's joke. Now it is Diana who rattles off joke after joke as she frees Sazia and then beats up Joker.

Diana throws herself at an "electric fixture," aka a ceiling light, and shorts it out, shocking Joker both physically and mentally. The lights go out but Joker blindly shoots as Diana taunts him from the darkness. She finally strikes a match, and Joker discovers that his explosive vest now has a very real fuse coming out of it—which Diana lights. The building explodes and we must only assume that Joker (and Diana) escape, because she's back the next issue, and he's soon back bugging Batman.

164-167: An insane Batman foe utilizing poisons who has been possessed by the god Deimos. See "Deimos" entry for more information.

J'Onn J'Onzz (Martian Manhunter):(77) Like many of the JLA, he likes to eat at TacoWhiz because people don't bother him there.

Judomaster: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Juice: (74) Micah Rains' "office" is a bar filled with losers. A large Black man, Juice, owns the place and unkindly tells Micah, "Don' be havin' folks leave no messages at m'bar." (85) A monster has come looking for Micah, and Juice blasts it to smithereens.

Julia, the one-eyed DaxamianJulia the Daxamian: (68-71) Daxamians are every bit as powerful as Superman. For some reason this story has Julia captured by the Sangtee through the use of gas. She is tortured by them, and her eyes are gouged out. Displayed as a warning to other prisoners, she goes insane from this treatment, and is held on the same prison planet as is Diana.

Julia escapes during the big slave rebellion, but is transported and sedated (?) by Diana's troops. They keep her in a large vault within their asteroid base. H'Elgn comes up with an optical prosthesis for her that causes her great pain, but she bears it.

Through the Pyrates in Space adventure, Julia sometimes provides distraction while Diana acts elsewhere. At one point Julia tries to kill a Sangtee male, but Diana battles her, talking her down, and Julia eventually gives in, to Diana's relief.

It is the discovery that Julia knows English words (we never learn how) that allows H'Elgn to find Earth so that Diana and Tasha Teranova can return there.

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