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Procanon Kaa crackles with Green Lantern energy

Kaa, Procanon: (3:18) Green Lantern of Sector 422, which includes most of the Khund Empire. The Khund's actions sicken him. Eventually they lead to his own daughter, a pacifist, being killed in a raid. After this, Kaa protects the Ichor who are out to destroy the Khund, only to come up against Diana, who has been summoned by the Khund to help them.

(3:19) Though Diana offers peace and does not resist, Kaa continues to use his ring to batter her. Finally he stops and the two discover that this has all been a ruse to keep them from preventing Advisor Kharhi from annhilating the Khund homeworld in honorable destruction. It is up to Kaa to contain the blast of a powerful explosive. After this, Diana works things so that Kaa becomes mentor to a new Green Lantern, Kharhi's daughter, Kho.

Kane Milohai the hottie

Kane Milohai: (3:15) Diana searches for a way to get to Themyscira to help her mother, though the island has been barricaded from her by (she thinks) Athena. As Diana visits various pantheons, she is turned down until she reaches that of Hawaii.

Kane Milohai, god of the sky and the heavens, receives Diana and almost turns her down. Quickly she gets to her knees and tells him that if he aids her she will pledge her allegiance to him. “No god will come before you in my eyes. When you are in need of a weapon, I shall BE your fiery sword. I give my life to you, of my own free will, if it shall help save my tribe and my mother.”

Kane is impressed. He gives her a red scarf, his standard (which artists often forgot to depict afterward), and tells her that she reminds him of what a daughter’s love means. He gives her a shell that will grow into a vessel and take her anywhere she needs to go. “Keep faith, trust to love, fight with honor, but fight to win,” he tells her.

Julia Kapetelis posesKapatelis, Julia: (71) Julia has written numerous letters to Diana during the latter's year-long unexplained absence, but she refuses to believe Diana is dead... until a few moments before there is a knock on the door, and Diana appears to greet her.

During that year, Julia did field work, returned to Boston and broke her leg, then recovered, bored to tears, until Insp. Indelicato started visiting to read his book manuscript to her.

(85) Julia is badly injured by an attack in which Vanessa is kidnapped and her home trashed. (86) She has massive internal injuries, every bone in her body is broken, and her spinal cord is ruptured. The doctors don't know why she's still alive, but she is able to tell Diana that Dreadnought [a construct created by the White Magician] attacked her and, even though she shot him several times, he beat her up and then waited for Nessie to come home. Julia was too injured to shout a warning. Julia instructs Diana that if they want ransom, not to pay it. She tells Diana just to find Nessie, and Diana promises.

Quinn Thomas relates that Julia had told her that Julia's mother had been kidnapped by thugs when she was a girl. "They tortured her to death, while they extorted more and more moeny from her husband." This is why Julia won't pay ransom when Nessie is kidnapped.

(99) We hear that Julia is in an iron lung and paralyzed, but she merely wears a big box on her back. ?? Julia begins to feel tingling in her legs. The doctor reminds her and Donna Milton, who has aided Julia in her physical therapy, that none of them (including Donna's newborn baby) should even be alive. Julia theorizes that Diana exudes a healing forcefield. (100) Diana pooh-poohs the theory and reveals that it is actually Donna's latent magic that is healing them. Donna is Circe.

(600) What seems to be an unexplained flashback shows Julia, Diana and friends attending Vanessa's high school graduation, where Nessie is valedictorian.






Kapatelis, Vanessa (Nessie): (65) Dr. Psycho creates a subconscious “Dream Bomb” in order to strike at Diana through her friends. His first victim is Vanessa, who has a scary adventure in which she thinks she’s Diana, being threatened by Cheetah and various magicks. Psycho’s dream has flaws in that Nessie keeps seeing herself in reflections. She is ultimately able to use lucid dreaming techniques to control the scenario to a great extent. Still, Psycho threatens her that he can trigger the Dream Bomb again any time he wants, and Nessie wonders if he has done the same to her mother.

(71) Julia's undelivered letter to Diana informs us that during Diana's year-long absence, Nessie is doing better at high school and is parliamentarian of her class and in the debating society as well as on the wrestling team. She also has a boyfriend. After a period of deep depression ("she seemed to see your disappearance as a BETRAYAL"), three weeks before she seemed to be saying goodbye to Diana when Julia spotted her sitting in Diana's room.

(85) Nessie is kidnapped by a monster named Dreadnought, who was made by the White Magician. (86) Julia declares that no ransom will be paid for Nessie. (87) When Diana cuts her free, Nessie says, “Hullo, Diana. I knew you'd find me.”

(600) What seems to be an unexplained flashback shows Vanessa's high school graduation, where Nessie is valedictorian. Her mother, cousin Stavros, Steve Trevor and Etta Candy attend.

Karisin: (190) An Indian goddess of the soil who greets Trevor Barnes and directs him to Zambia.

Leanna KellyKelly, Leanna: (3:26) The medic on Diana Prince's DMA Dragon Squad. Diana notes that she "seems to blossom with even the slightest acknoledgment."




Kharhi: (3:18) Advisor to the Khund emperor and father of Kho, Kharhi orders a full-blown attack on Diana, who easily repulses his forces. He then invites her to Khundia and tricks her into battling Green Lantern Kaa and the Ichor while he sets up (3:19) a plan to destroy a hemisphere of the planet so the Khunds can die with honor. Kho overhears the plan and warns Diana, who enlists Kaa's help to thwart the plot. Kharhi dies, but Kho does not mourn him since he died with honor.

Kho as a Green LanternKho's face; civilian formKho: (3:18) Boistrous daughter of Advisor Kharhi, Kho was a corporal in the Khund army. She was gleefully about to be killed (or at least punched) by Diana when her father called a cease-fire in a battle with WW.

Like many Khund, Kho idolizes Wonder Woman. Kho has learned much from (choke) MTV, and says things like "rad" and “I am SUCH a fan, pardon my gush, warrior... Oh, to die by your mighty HAND!” She tells Diana that her own “space handle” is “Neko.”

(3:19) She overhears her father plotting with the emperor and warns Diana that her confrontation with Green Lantern Kaa is a diversion for her father blowing up the planet so the Khunds can die an honorable death instead of being wiped out by the Ichor.

Kho does not spare a moment to mourn her father's death after the plan is thwarted. It is enough that he died in battle. After that she becomes a Green Lantern, uneasily mentored by Kaa.

Khunds: A Klingon-like alien civilization whose people have great strength and ruthlessness.

Kiran: see Solstice.

Kosmatos, Helena: see Fury.

Kung in a flying kickKung the Assassin:

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