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Lady Zand: See Zand, Lady.

LaPlante, Dan: 193. The boss of shallow tabloid TV reporter Ransome Mackelvane. Mac gives his address as 909 Third Avenue, 19th Floor, NYC, and says that it is he who has forced Mackelvane to do all the horrible stories about Trevor Barnes and WW.

Morgaine leFayMorgaine in Trinity, 2009LeFay, Morgaine::









Light, Dr.: (77) Like many of the JLA, she likes to eat at TacoWhiz because people don't bother her there.

Lightning: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Loder, Dickie: 74. A self-confessed crackhead, Dickie has gotten flamethower gloves from either the White Magician or Ares Buchanan. He uses them to shoot policewoman Isabelle Modini. Diana manages to catch Modini before she can fall to her death, and talks Dickie into giving himself up and finding a more noble side to himself.

(75) Loder has a chance to dry out in the hospital. He comes up to Modini's room to confess that he's a junkie but wants to apologize. She thinks him a loser. When her supposed police guard enters the room, the door hides Loder behind it. The "guard" gets out a gun and points it at Modini; he's actually a hitman. All Loder has to do is remain quiet and he will stay out of sight and unharmed.

Instead he shouts for help. The hitman winds up emptying his gun into Loder as Loder tries to stop him, and thus Modini is spared. Though Loder dies, Modini's attitude toward Diana and her philosophy of human worth, is completely changed.

Lombard, Steve: 191. Wrote an article that wound up in Becca Doherty's WW Scrapbook (#12 in a series, that is) headed "Love Calls for Super Heroine?" with the subhead: "Dr. Trevor Barnes of East 128th Street seen with Amazon Princess." Gee, I thought Steve was a sports reporter for WGBS and Clark Kent's co-worker; guess that was pre-Crisis. The Shattered God uses the article as seen through Becca's eyes to track Trevor and thus Diana.

Longo, Paulie: (85) With the death of Antonio Sazia, Paulie tries to take over the Boston mobs, using the White Magician as an ally. Longo had been Antonio Sazia's personal leg-breaker, but the Magician has chosen him to be Sazia's successor. Sazia interviews thugs, and the Magician turns them into super-thugs.

(86) Diana demands that he turn the kidnapped Vanessa K. over and never attack her friends again. Longo counters that she will leave Boston for two years, and at the end of that time Vanessa might make a reappearance if he feels like it. “Otherwise, really bad things could happen to her. Really bad. I mean she's a good-looking kid and the guys are only human…” When he then hides under a desk, she destroys it with him under it, crushing his legs. And then she declares war upon him if he does not return Nessie.

(87) Three days later and out of the hospital with broken legs, he summons the heads of all kinds of mobs to declare ultimate war on Wonder Woman. Instead, Julie/anna Sazia enters, tells him how incredibly stupid he is, and says that if she is made head of the families, she will have the White Magician deal with Wonder Woman.

(91) Reports are that Longo is getting more erratic in his behavior, and favor is given to J. Sazia, who says that if she's made head of the mob, she'll deal with Wonder Woman.

(94) When the White Magician deserts him, Longo comes to Wonder Woman at Micah Rains' agency for help. He hires her to guard him, especially since Cheshire and Poison Ivy are after him. (95) When Diana is captured, Longo summons the Magician and begs him to keep his promise and help him. The Magician agrees. (96) The Magician cannot make his monsters stronger, as Longo wants him to do. If he did, the Magician's humanity would be stripped from him. Many of Longo's men are killed by the Joker.

(97) The Magician and Longo wait to finish off Diana, but the Cheetah attacks the Magician. Diana sets off a bomb, and Longo figures that is the end of Sazia; he is king of Boston's mobs. But then he spots her walking down the street, grabs her car, and takes aim. She's able to jump out of the way. When Longo turns around for a second try, she says that she's all too familiar with him, and triggers a bomb that blows up the car—and Longo.

Lyta [legally Milton-Buchanan, I guess]: (84) Daughter of Circe and Ares, conceived when they were in Donna Milton and Ares Buchanan form, respectively. When Ares B. shoots Donna with a singularity bullet, she falls from the disintegrating landscape into a freezing underwater river, where Diana delivers the baby for her. (85) Despite living through such mayhem, baby Lyta is fine and dandy, and routine tests for the meta-gene show her as negative.

(99) The doctor reminds Donna Milton that she and her baby should not be alive, though they are hale enough now. (100) Lyta gets her name, doubling/tripling or is it quadrupling the name within the mythos. Silly writers.

LycusLycus with his helmet offLycus: Teen Titans (2008 version) 62. Seems to have the potential to be a major Cassie foe. Lycus is another son of Ares (and thus Cassie's nephew), but he was mortal and when he lived was king of Libya during the Golden Age of Greek Myth. Now Ares has brought him back to life (and given him a Hellhound) because Cassie has not become Ares' avatar, which is why he gave her his lasso in the first place.

Now "every time Lycus MURDERS someone in his father's name while [Cassie is] near, he grows STRONGER." So the stage is set for lots and lots of gore, DC's present forte.

Every time Lycus murders, Cassie suffers a lapse or weakening of her own power. It is only when she becomes angry -- allowing Ares' power to grow within her -- that she shows uberpower.

When Cassie asks her father Zeus to help her against Lycus, he announces that when she accepted Ares' lariat their power link was severed. Conveniently he adds that he "cannot interfere directly" though we all see that Ares certainly can. No one gives a reason for this.

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