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Mackelvane, Ransome: (189) Tabloid TV reporter for "in news," channel 9. He practically tackles Trevor Barnes to get the inside scoop on his "affair" with WW. "So let's have the dirty low-down on Diana, the Wonder Babe from Themyscira!" Mackelvane says. "Your woman, right? Is she as hot as everybody says?" He becomes furious when Trevor plays a schoolyard trick on him to distract his attention. A taxi driver tells Trevor that "Mackie News Nose [is a] real creep!"

Later when Trevor Barnes ("Wonder Woman's Boy Toy!!!") discovers the sword and statue Diana has hidden in Central Park, Mackelvane thinks Trevor is threatening him and screams, "I swear my editor forced me to do those stories about you and Wonder Woman! Dan LaPlante! 909 Third Avenue, 19th Floor!"

Magik (also spelled "Magic"), Mr.: (Wonder Woman Annual #3) A heroic name the White Magician operated under during the Forties.

Manhunter: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Martian Manhunter: See J'Onn J'Onzz.

Martian, Miss: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

The Mask fires her gunsMask, the:





Myndi MayerMayer, Myndi: (7) The pushy woman with the large forehead who becomes Diana's PR agent. Her "tasteful and subtle" advertising campaign to spread the word of Diana's mission plasters our Amazon princess across the consciousness of the nation if not the world. Narration tells us it's as "'tasteful' as a TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-- and about as 'subtle' as WORLD WAR TWO!"

Trivia lovers: It is Myndi who first suggests (issue #7) that Diana change her name to Diana Prince so as not to be confused with "that other Princess Di."

It's hard to believe but the memorable whirlwind who was Myndi Mayer was found dead after a mere 13 issues in the classic "Who Killed Myndi Mayer" in issue #20. Even though Michael ("Skeeter") Boyd shot her, he did so after she'd already died from an overdose of alcohol and cocaine.

MayflyMayfly: (78) A hitwoman who has been hired by Ares Buchanan because she has super-speed, even greater than (I'm sure Flash fans would vehemently disagree) the Flash. These she got from the gene bomb that was detonated in some Crisis or another. She is also a hemophiliac, who has a tendency to point, say "bang!" and not fire. Luckily for her would-be victims.

She shoots Flash several times when he tries to apprehend her. She's to be taken alive so she can give testimony in an important court case that could put away dozens of mob bosses. (79) She uses Flash as a hostage until Etta distracts her (!) and Diana is able to grab Flash back.

When Diana lassoes Mayfly, Mayfly spins at super speed, gathering the lasso around her. She uses her feet to kick Diana 1000 times and then drags Diana behind her as she runs around a shopping mall, so that Diana hits and grates against everything in the mall, injuring her badly. But when Diana lies defeated, Etta fires upon Mayfly with a firehose, saying, “So long, bitch,” allowing Etta and Diana to escape.

We are told that Mayfly doesn't work well when she's rattled, but she deliberately or conveniently misses many chances to kill Diana. She has a chance to mow down a squadron or two of policement, but Diana distracts her. In the time it takes for Diana's arrow to reach the barrel of Mayfly's gun, Mayfly manages to shoot Diana multiple times.

(80) Now in jail, Mayfly is visited by a disguised Donna Milton, who thanks her for not spilling the beans on Ares Buchanan, and reminds her to use her super-speed. Mayfly does so, breaking out of her cell, but finds herself for some reason unable to stop. She crashes through a window and the glass makes her bleed. Before she can super-bleed to death, she scratches the word "Ares" into her arm. Then she dies, darn it.

Donna MiltonMilton, Donna: Even though she was an identity of Circe, she played a large enough role as Donna (yet another doubled name in the Wondie mythos) that I'm including her as a separate character. See "Circe" for more info.

(78) Donna is Ares Buchanan's lawyer and by his side as he tracks his latest plot involving Mayfly killing WW. (80): In disguise, she visits Mayfly in jail and somehow gets her to utilize her super-speed, which now she can't control. This results in Mayfly's death. Donna gives us a flashback–a flashback which we and she will find out is completely untrue–about how she was once a simple, evil law student who started killing out of jealousy and then got involved with DAs who liked to operate on the wrong side of the law. Then one day the new, improved Ares Buchanan appeared on the scene, and Donna made herself available to him as his lawyer.

She is attracted to Ares' raw power and wants a piece of it as well as his money. Now she is pregnant with his child; his power will also be in the child. Whoever controls this child, controls Ares.

(81) Donna gets a room at Camille Sly's house and even pays Diana's rent for her. She says she's a big fan, and becomes Diana's chauffeur when Di can't fly due to injuries. She tells Diana her tale of woe: her boyfriend was against her being a lawyer, and the day she passed the bar was the same day she found out she was pregnant. She mentions that the boyfriend beat her up so badly she couldn't walk, but she left him. Her ex got her black-balled, but she managed to get a job as an assistant DA. Unfortunately, her boss first harassed her sexually and then raped her. When she threatened to sue, he blackened her name in Boston. She is now in need of money, among other things.

A shocked Diana says, “Nearly every TERRIBLE thing that can happen to a woman has happened to you.”

By the end of the issue Donna has witnessed Diana blackmailing mobster Antonio Sazia for money owed Hoppy, and when they return to their apartment, says she can't stand Diana's financial position any more. She gets on the phone and bluffs Maxwell Lord himself about a lawsuit, and gets Diana's back pay delivered to her—that very day. It is a trick to get Diana closer.

(82) Ares Buchanan recalls how he came to discover Donna Milton, whom he admires for having no ethics. She had been working for a corrupt DA, but Ares dug up a list of payoffs and rigged trials concerning the DA. Donna then switched sides, saying “Looks like you're God in the city for now, Mr. Buchanan… but even God needs a lawyer.”

He used Donna to befriend Diana and trap her, (83) which results in him shooting Donna with a singularity bullet when he thinks she's betrayed him and wants too much power—and is pregnant with his daughter. (This comes as a surprise to him even though she is huge and they've been having sex all along.)

Before that, Donna mused on her friendship with Diana, which has gone on for several months. Diana's other friends had befriended her, and Donna has even received letters of thanks from people she has helped by being at Diana's side and taking chances.

She had told him she was faking the pregnancy (see above!) and that they were full partners now. That's when he shoots her. (83) The explosion/singularity destroys the building they're in and sends Donna (and Diana) plummeting into the watery caves beneath.

There Donna gives birth (with Diana's help) and is ultimately saved by Etta & co.

(85) Diana is confused when the surgeon says that Donna Milton had only been shot once. Diana was sure she had been shot several times, and by a gun designed to kill meta-humans. Note: a routine test for the meta-gene has proven negative in both her and her baby's case.

(99) When Diana flies to Paradise, Circe wordlessly threatens her, then vanishes. Meanwhile, we see that Donna has been helping Julia K. with her physical therapy. You will recall that Julia should not be alive with her injuries, but she is now healing. In fact, she can now feel her legs. The doctor reminds Donna that logically she and her baby should not be alive, either. Julia surmises that Diana exudes a healing force field. Donna celebrates Julia's achievement.

(100) Diana visits Julia K. For the first time Donna M's little girl gets a name: Lyta. Diana pooh-pooh's the force field theory, but starts putting clues together.

Circe is a powerful sorceress, yet of late Diana has been able to defeat her or run her off with little trouble. The attacks do not feel of the real Circe, who loves to embroider her schemes.

Add to that that Circe would want to witness Diana's distress about her missing and/or dead people from a close distance. She would have known about the coming of Ares through Ares Buchanan, and know that Ares could disrupt her schemes if he sensed her. So Circe must have transformed herself so thoroughly that she herself was lost in the transformation.

Circe would have been ready to strike, but had not reckoned on falling in love and gaining friends—even the friendship of her sworn enemy, Diana.

Everyone looks at Donna.

Donna M. shouts that there's no way she could be Circe. Diana challenges her to recall certain events in her past, but Donna cannot, other than specific, limited events that gave her a background she could share with others.

Donna screams with confusion and then tells Diana to leave her alone. But Diana cannot, for if she is indeed Circe, she can transport Diana directly to the place where Artemis might be getting killed by the White Magician.

"I'm a laywer!" Donna exclaims. "If you want to go to Artemis, then go. Leave me alone!"

And Diana disappears.

Diana materializes near Artemis, who is in the fight of her life against the White Magician—now an über-demon—and his two slave demons, including demon-Cheetah. Artemis is mortally wounded. Circe appears. She can barely recall how to work magic, but tries to send the Magician to hell. Instead he rips her Circe appearance from her, leaving Donna. The only thing she can do, when faced with an attack from the lesser demons, is to teleport away, taking demon-Cheetah and the other with her. She screams, "You're my only friend, Diana!" as she disappears.

And that is the last we saw of Donna Milton. See the entry on Circe for the rest of her exploits.

Minister Blizzard rides up on a sheet of ice, just like the X-Men's IcemanMinister Blizzard:

Misfit: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Mr. Weapon: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. aka the Living Arsenal; more recently called Sureshot, captain of the Hellenders.

Modini, Isabelle: 74. This police officer is shot by a crackhead, Dickie Loder, who has flamethrower gloves, and falls off a high ledge. Diana saves her, but her lasso cracks some ribs and dislocates her neck, ending her police career. Modini tells Diana several times to keep her liberal social work to herself and not interfere with real cops and their work.

(75) In the hospital, Modini tells Diana to buzz off. But when the crackhead who'd tried to kill her comes to her room to apologize ("What a loser!" Modini thinks) and winds up stepping in front of her new would-be assassin to call for help, taking the bullets intended for her, Modini finds her attitude toward Diana and her efforts changed.

Moot: (72) Human buddy of Geof. They attack Etta, who has gotten in their way when they try to steal some antique stamps. Diana stops them. (82) Moot had long tormented Ares Buchanan, starting in childhood. She stole Geof from STAR Labs to help her in her thug-dom. When Ares Buchanan was possessed by the god Ares, he beat up Geof, got the name of Moot's STAR Labs supplier, and Moot and Geof came to work for him.

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