Numbers in parentheses are issue numbers. If they do not have a colon, they're from the second series. If they are noted as (3:something), they're from the third series.

THEMIE. (1) Born in the third wave of Amazons and described as "She whose ONENESS WITH NATURE shall make her ORACLE of the gods' new race." Note that myths of Amazons mention one named Melanippe. Someone get their consonants mixed?

In issue (38) we are told that Menalippe was the third-born Amazon. First was Hippy, then Antiope, then Menalippe. Also note that of all the Amazons, Menalippe was the one who seemed a trifle on the chubby side. How cute!

(1) Menalippe foretells the arrival of Heracles and his army to war upon the Amazons. She says, "I am filled with DREAD this day!" Later that night as Heracles' army parties with the Amazons, she ponders that the signs have foretold disaster and wonders how she could have been so wrong. She observes Antiope and Theseus together and thinks them happy.

Once the Amazons have settled on Paradise in their new city of Themyscira, ages pass and the Amazons know only of the threat that lies beneath their island. The Amazons "hear only the voices of the old gods grow more DISTANT -- as if OLYMPUS ITSELF were being SWALLOWED IN THE CLOUDS! Until finally, of ALL who did ONCE commune with the gods, only MENALIPPE remains able."

When Hippolyte comes to her one day asking why she has been feeling discontented, Menalippe tells her that all "original Amazons" (note the use of the term "original") are reincarnations who had been processed through Gaea's Womb, but only Hippolyte had been pregnant when killed. This yearning is for that child. Menalippe gives Hippolyte Artemis' instructions for how to construct a daughter. Thus is Diana born.

Years later, Menalippe hear the gods cry from Olympus about danger. The gods have sensed Ares' power suddenly magnifying a thousand-fold and being drawn to some power within Man's World. Ares may consume the very Earth itself if not stopped. The gods command the Amazons through Menalippe to choose a champion to face Ares.

When Diana wins the great contest and the queen forbids her part in it, Menalippe orders the queen, "The princess WON her place rightfully. You cannot fight the WILL of the gods!" She then later leads Diana to the temple of Hades to face the final test, that of Flashing Thunder. After the world's first game of Bullets and Bracelets, Menalippe says, "Now is the PLAN OF THE GODDESSES clear, Diana! You were born into this world to be the MOST HONORED among all Amazons!" She then shows Diana to the vault that houses her new costume as Wonder Woman.

2: When Hippolyte asks what the future holds for Diana on her dangerous mission, Menalippe replies, "Ares' power has CLOUDED the days to come, making them impossible for even MY eyes to see!"

5: Menalippe still says "Never have the signs been so difficult to DECIPHER!... Why won't Apollo answer his wayward daughters?" The answer is that the god of prophecy is in a coma, leaving Menalippe with only vague impressions: "The TIME OF RECKONING is nearly at hand."

Penelope21: We discover that Penelope is Menalippe's lover. It's a very subtle story point. Eventually we'll learn that Penelope is also an oracle.

(38) Menalippe is one of the first to get caught up in Eris's Golden Apple plot. She feels extremely guilty for falling for it and loses her close connection to the gods for a long time afterward as she falls into deep depression.

In (39) she is referred to as High Priestess.

(50) She is part of the Amazon contingent that travels to America. When all heck breaks out during that arc (see synopses), Menalippe is wounded and arrested in Gotham City.

(War of the Gods #4) When Circe throws a great magical bolt at Hippolyta, who is trying to revive/recreate Diana, Superman intervenes. Though he does not deflect the bolt (much), he does weaken it greatly. (We learn that it could have destroyed half of Paradise Island.) Instead Menalippe hurls herself between the queen and the bolt and is killed.

(62) Penelope is now High Priestess and as such, presides at Menalippe's funeral. As usual for an Amazon, Menalippe's body is cremated in a pyre, put in an urn, and the ashes scattered over the ocean.

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