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Nathaniel: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. No last name. Chief of the Hellenders and crazed Methodist.

Nazi, Capt.: see Capt. Nazi. Because I said so, that's why.

Nelson, Inza: see Dr. Fate.

Nemesis: see Tresser, Thomas.

the leader of the Neo-Nazis and his buddiesNeo-Nazis: 3:14. The Society (Secret Society of Super-Villains) have imbued "nearly a hundred young and motivated volunteers" with the powers of Capt. Nazi. (They claim their strength is equal to Diana's.) The Nazis' plan is to wipe Amazon culture off the face of the Earth, and use Themyscira as the "new Fatherland." Capt. Nazi refers to them as the Wunderkind, but this may not be an official designation.

The only two of these named are Tabitha, who gets a bit of a role, and Carl, who doesn't, but at least during the first part of the fight Tabitha is not in command. The Nazis try to kill all the animals on the island but find themselves running from the monsters instead. They do manage to kill Hippolyta's pegasus and wound the queen grievously. They threaten to burn the library, but it is unknown if they actually got around to it.

(3:17) After surviving Hippolyta's wrath as well as that of the Circle, Diana decides that massacring the Nazis would not be honorable. Thus she gives them the supplies to leave the island. Tabitha warns her that they can find Themyscira again. Diana tells her that that would not be a wise idea and mentions that the sea monsters that surround Themyscira now have their scent.

New Bana-Mighdall: 168: A city ten miles distant from Themyscira that is being built by the Banas. It includes mosque-like structures (though there's never been a hint that any of the Banas are Islamic), and they are trying to build an aqueduct since they don't have an adquate water supply. The city is filled with construction and Themysciran sabotage is rampant. Already something has been done to bollux the crop soil and defense cannons there.

NYC Themysciran Embassy: First introduced in the mother title in issue 191, though it was used in the graphic novel "Hikketia" two years prior. It utilizes handprint identification to unlock its front door, with audio confirmation. Hours of operation are 9 am - 4 pm, and visitors must sign in at the front desk. An elaborate door with wonder symbols marks Diana's office. Inside is a large wall mirror that views Paradise and acts as a transporter to there.

Nightwing: aka Dick Grayson, the first Robin. 165: In this Wonder Woman/Batman family story arc, Nightwing is compared to Donna Troy. Oracle tells Dick of the mayhem going on in Gotham City with the children of Ares and Dick travels all the way to Manhattan to invite Donna Troy to join the fight. Dick finds Donna in the darkroom of Aurora Photo Studios, where she tells him to "AIM FOR THE HEAD!" , to which Dick flings his Batarang (whatever it's called), which slices off the head of the Gorgon Stheno, who had been menacing Donna. Dick agonizes over the murder, saying that he's not a killer, and Donna assures him that it's all right since Stheno wasn't human. (uh huh)

Dick rightfully chastises Donna for wasting time "accessorizing" when all hell is breaking loose. Throughout the story, as now, Dick has a difficult time believing that the people and things he'd learned from mythology are not only real but menacing him. He refers to the Amulet of Harmonia as a "shiny doohickey," and can't quite believe that they're going to take Stheno's head -- in a bag -- with them. They use the amulet to transport to the Areopagus, and when Batman asks Nightwing what's in the bag? Nightwing replies, "You REALLY don't wanna know."

166: Nightwing cannot keep hold of the Stheno bag when Deimos summons it to himself. He tries to free Harley Quinn, but Eris's Ares creature distracts him before he throws it over a ledge. Maxie Zeus in turns slugs Nightwing (!) away from Harley.

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