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Odin and his wolves


Odin: 3:15. Diana approaches him in person to find a way back to Themyscira so she can aid her mother. She calls out to him as "Wodinaz," but he tells her to call him Odin. He says he wishes he could aid her (especially since he has no daughter), but he will not go against Athena's will to keep her off the island.




the Olympians

The Olympians: Blah blah space holder here.

Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon, with her computer symbolOracle: Batman's ally and all-round DCU central communication/info person, aka Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl I (before she became a paraplegic). 164: In this Wonder Woman/Batman family story arc, Oracle is compared to the Amazon Penelope. Wonder Woman contacts Oracle to tell her Penelope's prediction of doom originating in Gotham City, and Batman tells Oracle to relay to Diana that she is not welcome in his city and should stay away. Later, Oracle gives Huntress and Batman a brief (and incomplete) history of the Golden Apples of Discord. Then when Diana shows up in Gotham, Oracle informs Diana of where the action is and what's happening. Diana replies by saying, "Could you extend a 'Hello' from my mother and me to Black Canary [Oracle's partner in Birds of Prey]? Let her know we both hope to see her soon."

165: Oracle hears Batman's plight and tries to inform Huntress, but she's too busy to respond. She tells Nightwing, which prompts him to go to Manhattan and Donna Troy to enlist her help in the fight.

166: Though communications are breaking up, Oracle keeps Robin and Huntress on scanner as long as they're in range. She sees that the manifestation within the cathedral is growing and hopes she hasn't sent the kids into "something they can't HANDLE!"

"All of the traces of the gods have LEFT Gotham," she says, and takes Batman's orders to enlist Father Mike (?) to help with the ex-acolytes of Maxie Zeus.

The two other-dimensional Oracles3: 20-23. In the S&S arc, "Ends of the Earth," we find that all dimensions have a being known as Oracle. We see two of them. The one pictured on the left and right of the triptych here is located on Stalker's home world. She tried to make a deal with the demon D'Grth and wound up losing the lower portion of her legs, though as you can see, she sometimes straps animal legs on to herself to get around.

This woman is a mighty mage who helps Stalker in his plan to get himself a soul (Diana's) by betraying a group consisting of Diana, Beowulf, and Claw the Unconquered, who think they're about to destroy D'Grth. Oracle supplies Stalker with the Soul or Heart of Eternity, which along with Diana's shell ship allows them to cross dimensions. Oracle also adapts Diana's clothing and language skills as needed.

The Oracle in the middle is blind and tattooed and comes from Claw's world. She is the one who warns the group that they will be betrayed.

When the balance of power changes, Stalker's Oracle helps the group perform the mystic ceremony of killing the demon permanently.

Brave and the Bold #33. In a highly unlikely story that takes place in a too-recent past, Zatanna learns of the imminent paralyzing of Barbara Gordon and, rather than do anything about it or help her afterward, gets Diana to join them for a ladies' night on the town partying. Along the way, it is Diana who puts the idea of becoming an oracle into Babs' mind. Yeah, right.

Oracle: 600. An unnamed blind woman who is possibly not an Amazon, tells Diana about her past.


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