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Pan Belgravia: Wonder Woman Special #1, #63: A former (supposedly) Soviet republic which had gained its independence only to fall victim to Baron von Nastraed and his black magics. Wonder Woman, Ed Indelicato and Deathstroke overthrow von Nastraed as a side-effect of Diana's mission to save the imprisoned Cheetah. At the end of the story the people celebrate their new freedom, but our group has concerns as to whether they can keep it.

Paradise Island: I'm going to call the joint this to differentiate it from the city of Themyscira, though people tend to mix the names now and then.

164: Paradise Island appears "suddenly from a dimensional warp to sit, for one brief moment, along the Gotham docks" on the Sprang River. Having deposited Diana and Artemis, the massive mode of transportation then disappears. Nary a wave has been started or interrupted with either maneuver.

Pegasus: 600: Although unnamed in this story, the black, flying horse belonging to Nikos Aegeus was the original Pegasus, according to Aegeus' Bronze Age origin. My gosh, there are so many Pegasi in the Wonder mythos, it'd be tiresome if this Dark Age version had the same name. Can we call him something else? Maybe something Greek like, oh, Mr. Oed?

Phobos as Batman
Phobos: 164: Phobos has rescued his sister Eris: "It took more than a mere handful of obals to bribe Charon the ferryman to release you from the Styx." He has possessed the body of Batman foe Scarecrow in order to inhabit the Earth dimension and circumvent his vow of non-interference on Earth. Apparently Phobos has been the one telling Maxie Zeus to gather followers so that their worship will provide power to revive the children of Ares and in turn, bring Ares into the Earth plane. If this is so, then it was also Phobos who planted the many trees that now bear the golden apples of discord within Gotham City, and Phobos who has captured Harley Quinn as a future sacrifice. On the hill of the Areopagus, Phobos releases the Chimera upon Diana. Phobos balks when Eris tells him to kill Diana.

165: Deimos tells Phobos to "take care of" Batman, and the god of fear conjures an illusion of Batman's failures; "How many people have DIED because of your failure? How many more of those you know will FALL -- simply because they chose to TRUST and LOVE you?" Batman doesn't believe in gods, though, and fights off the mental attack. Diana tells Phobos that Eris will betray him, and the two gods argue.

166: Phobos tries to rally his brother when Joker's personality starts to take his body back. Diana lassoes both Deimos and Phobos, saying that the truth will force the gods out of the human hosts. The trick almost works, but probably requires more time to complete the process. As Deimos falters, Phobos utilizes the Amulet of Harmonia to open a doorway between Olympus and Earth, and to release "a vile luminscence..." "the divinity of FEAR!" that enables Phobos to utilize Batman's faith in himself to merge himself with the crimefighter into what Diana names, "the ULTIMATE GOD OF FEAR!"

167: Phobos' power spreads to envelop all of Gotham City with fear, first striking criminals, then their victims, and then everyone else. Maxie Zeus's acolytes grow frightened "of NOT bearing witness to the arrival of the GOD OF WAR on Earth," so they file into the altered cathedral to the Areopagus. Phobos' power makes Donna Troy believe she faces Dark Angel, paralizes Huntress with her fear of disappointing Batman, and makes Robin afraid that he might fall from his perch. Phobos gives the newly-arrived Ares an introduction and then points out everything he has done to accomplish this to his father and includes the failures of his siblings. "Impressive, Phobos," Ares says. Eris thinks, "Phobos is DRUNK on his newfound POWER... Father has NEVER seen him this confident or powerful." In fear for her borrowed life, she then plots to betray both, but can only betray one, so she chooses Ares.

Ares responds to Phobos' continued explanation with, "SILENCE your braggart's mouth, Phobos." When Diana pushes Ares into a limbo, panic fueled by Phobos' rage and power bursts through Gotham and the Areopagus, striking even Eris and Deimos. Phobos says, "I don't NEED you, Eris. I don't need ANYONE! ESPECIALLY our father!" Cassie begins to fight Robin, though Nightwing and Artemis are unaffected.

When Ares returns, he rejects the acolytes and Phobos tries to talk them back, by saying that everything the godlings have done has been for Ares. Diana calls him a liar and a coward, and says that she's never been afraid of Phobos. Then she spends two pages talking to Batman inside Phobos until Phobos's spirit is ejected from the body. The god claims he doesn't need Batman when he has all these acolytes to choose from, but Diana says that the acolytes will not listen to liars. Ares says, "Damn you, Phobos, for bringing such SHAME upon the name of Ares.... You are the greatest EMBARRASSMENT of my immortal life." He then sends Phobos to Hades to be chained to Ixion's wheel for eternity.

Doctor Poison holds hypodermic needles and grinsDoctor PoisonDr. Poison: 151:

Poison Ivy: (94) Ivy receives an offer too good to be true while she is shacking up with a wealthy bank CEO in NYC. She gives him a poison kiss as she leaves, with the expectation of receiving a generous portion of his estate. Now in service to Julianna Sazia, Ivy teams with Cheshire to face down Diana, and looses poison gas in Diana's office. "She's got enough poision in her to kill a sequoia!" Ivy gloats. Diana is merely weak and dizzy, but she eventually passes out.

(95) The villains take Diana to the Sazia estate, where the White Magician's golems begin to gather to attack. Ivy sprinkles seeds on some of the golems. The seeds sprout and grow at super-speed (is Ivy kin to Chlorophyll Kid?), destroying the monsters. Ivy then takes off to kiss as many of the Magician's mutant super-villain mercenaries as she can, on her way out of town.

164-167: A Batman foe with power over plants (?) who has been possessed by the goddess Eris. See "Eris" entry for more information.

Power Girl: (77) Like many of the JLA, she likes to eat at TacoWhiz because people don't bother her there.

600. In a story that takes place near the beginning of PG's 2009 series, Peege and Diana take down Chang Tsu, while Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) watches. Afterward, Peege gets Diana to act as a "cat whisperer" to explain why Cat is having problems.

Prince, Diana: (109) When Diana mentions that she may need to adopt a second name in order to have a "regular paying job" (says who? That's not a requirement!), Cassie Sandsmark suggests "Diana Princess," but Mike Schorr says, "Somehow 'Diana Prince' sounds better to me." In issue 118, Diana is presenting herself to the public as "Diana Prince," though she makes no secret of the name, nor does it indicate another identity. It is merely for occupational and fanboy purposes.

the other Diana Prince


Prince, Diana: (WW:OWAW) We find out that the queen had a roommate during her time in Washington, DC in World War II. The roomie was a nurse and her name was Diana Prince.



Prince, Diana: (3:1)

Diane with an "e"


Prince, Diane: WW Special #1, 63: Diana takes on a secret identity modeled after Myndi Mayer -- Diane Prince -- in order to travel secretly into Pan Balgravia with Deathstroke and Ed Indelicato.






Don't artists and writers have any creativity any more? Donna in glasses to form her secret ID.Prince, Donna: Titans #20. Donna Troy claims that this was "one of [her] failed attempts at a SECRET IDENTITY," apparently from very early in her photo career. I don't remember it. Do you? Nope, don't think it actually ever happened. Anyway, during this story she accepts a job under the name, and "disguised" as Donna Prince, she puts her hair up and—gag—puts on a pair of glasses to fool everyone. Later, after having to go into action when she's attacked by the Fearsome Five, she is surprised—nay, SHOCKED—when a bartender recognizes Donna Troy as being Donna Prince.

ProteusProteus: Wonder Woman Special #1, #63: Diana puts herself into an almost dreamlike state to travel deep under the ocean and confront Proteus, "son of Oceanus and Antibe, and god of 300 changes!"

Proteus looks like a giant Popeye who has eaten too much spinach and turned green. Diana flatters him to avoid being turned into a centipede, and he gives her a powerful mantra. "As long as she can RECALL it, hold it in a mortal brain not meant for such words, she will have the power!"

She uses this power to create a passport and other documents for herself when she goes undercover as Diane Prince. Though she is up against mystic foes, their inquiries into her identity come back without problem, as Proteus' spell holds. Later, Diana uses the spell to disguise Barbara Minerva as herself, and the spell is good enough to fool two demons.

Dr. Psycho: (65) He creates a subconscious “Dream Bomb” in order to strike at Diana through her friends. His first victim is Vanessa Kapatelis, who has a scary adventure in which she thinks she’s Diana, being threatened by Cheetah and various magicks. Psycho’s dream has flaws in that Nessie keeps seeing herself in reflections. She is ultimately able to use lucid dreaming techniques to control the scenario to a great extent. Still, Psycho threatens her that he can trigger the Dream Bomb again any time he wants, and Nessie wonders if he has done the same to her mother.

Purple Ray: 167: Donna tells Nightwing that Diana has mentioned that the Purple Ray might be able to revive Donna's business partner, Carl, from his petrified stone state that the Gorgon Stheno has put him in. I'll let you know if it is ever shown to have worked.

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