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Philippus: THEMIE. Don't miss the special Phillie costume mini-index! And if anyone has a nifty way I can remember that there's only one "l" and two "p's" in the gal's name, I'd appreciate it, though as the series went on it became Phillipus. I first noticed this during the Byrne run, I think. I could have come earlier than that.

Note that in mythological lists of Amazons, the name is spelled "Philippis." (Also one "l" and two "p's.")

(1) Aella had previously been shown to always flank the Amazon queens as Menalippe did, but when Aella takes off with Antiope and the proto-Bana-Mighdalls, it is Philippus who takes her place at Hippolyte's side. Until the Amazon Civil War, Philippus was almost always portrayed as in full armor. She is the first to respond to Menalippe's screams as she receives the vision of a mad Ares and the need to declare an Amazon champion to fight him. The night that Diana wins the great contest, it is Philippus who takes a gun to "POINT it like this... and SQUEEZE!" thus initiating the very first game of Bullets and Bracelets in order to take Diana through her final test. Phillie and the gun

2: When Diana rescues Steve Trevor and brings him to the Island of Healing, Phillie says, "Why do we waste our BEST PHYSICIAN'S SKILLS on this... CREATURE? I say throw him back into the sea!" Hippolyte tries to soothe her and reminds Diana that men have always hated the Amazons. Phillie says, "The last man I laid eyes upon BOUND me, FORCED HIS WILL upon me -- and then, smiling, SPAT IN MY FACE! I will NEVER understand why we should save ANY male!" She cautions Diana not to trust Themis, who is only a messsenger of the gods, adding that Ares is surely behind at least some of the events of the day. Later, she comforts the queen when Diana leaves with Hermes: "Worry not, my QUEEN! Diana's cause is JUST! The gods shall PROTECT her!"

(14) Philippus was snoted as doing a 180 on the subject of men and accepted the captaincy of the Amazon camp that favored the exchange of cultures with the outside world.

In WW Annual #1 we got a flashback look at Egeria, the First Captain of the Guards, with that meaning the folks responsible for guarding Doom's Doorway. She sacrificed her life to plug the doorway back up. Philippus, who had been one of the Guards, succeeded her in her position and immediately constructed a sturdy, real door to the portal so no other Amazon would be put in that position again. I think we can count Egeria as one of Phillie's three main heroes, with Hippy and Diana being the other two.

(50) Philippus is part of the Amazon contingent to America.

(51) She starts to sneeze. Perhaps she is allergic to the hotel's air conditioning.

(62) In her hospital bed, Phillie cries as she mourns Menalippe, who died saving the queen, Diana, and who knew how many Amazons. "I knew... she had it in her.... Used to think... she was such a... POOR warrior."

(104) When Hippolyta chooses self-banishment, she names Philippus to rule while she's gone. She can't completely hand over the throne, for she says that only the gods, who gave it to her in the first place, may take it back.

Now get this: When Phillie confronts Diana, Diana says that she's not a ruler and has never trained for the position. ! And if I may add, !!! Idiot writers and editors! Anyway, Diana confirms to Phillie that she -- Phillie -- is in charge now, and Diana takes off back to the mainland.

Phillie as temporary queen(128) Queen Philippus declares that Hippolyta must pay penance as being Wonder Woman. (129) Diana agrees. Hippolyta says, "I am HONORED to agree."

at left Phillie as queen or ruler or whatever she was.

(168) Philippus accompanies Hippolyta to the conference in New Bana-Mighdall that Diana and Donna have called. She acts as herald for the queen, and demands that everyone "BOW in LOVING SUBMISSION to your queen!" Later, after the queen storms off, Phillie seems primarily interested in the queen's emotional state. She tells the princesses that the queen is eager to return to the outer world and that she's not sure if Hippolyta "cares WHAT happens to Themyscira right now." She says that though she has ruled the island during the queen's absences, she's never been called upon to act as an arbiter as the situation demands now. Phillie lays the problem of preventing Civil War in the princesses' hands.

(169) Apparently Philippus has been dealt with by Fury (or perhaps she is miscolored as the Themie who goes to Magala for help at the end of the previous issue, and is subsequently mystically blasted by Magala. This would explain how she knew of Magala's treachery), because she lays beside the unconscious Diana and Donna, whom Fury had defeated off-panel. The queen calls Phillie, "My poor friend." Later, Phillie wakens and struggles to find the queen to tell her of Magala's treachery. A Bana gets her in her sights, but Iphthime kills the would-be assassin and runs to the general, swearing that she will not die today. She carries her to safety. Along the way, both witness the abdication of Hippolyta.

(172) In a flashback Philippus and Hippolyta tell each other that they're best friends. (WW:OWAW) Rashira wants to know if Philippus loves the queen, but for some reason this shocks Phillie.

(208) We learn that Phillipus' new title, "Archon Eponymous," translates as the civic equivalent of US President. She is introduced as "Her Excellency" at a presidential reception. Her country's name is given as the "Republic of Themyscira."

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