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the Queen of FablesQueen of Fables:3: 24. Gail Simone announced on the DC Message Boards that, "People might not know this, but I did create the Queen Of Fables, even though she first appeared in JLA under the brilliant pen of Mark Waid. She was always meant to be a Wonder Woman villain, because the Diana/Snow White coincidences are considerable, and it just made a fun kind of sense for one of Diana's villains to be the wicked Queen from Snow White!

I came up with the name, the motive, the concept, the basis for her actions, all the stuff about Wondy/Snow White and Superman/Prince Charming, and most of the rest, including how they trap her. Bryan's visual design is purely his, if I remember right. I had no input in that, I think. Mark might have. I haven't asked. And of course Mark wrote her in her first story and so he did a lot to flesh her out and establish her voice.

"But all the concept stuff, her original creation, was all mine."


Question, the: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Quinn, Harley:164-167: A Batman foe, girlfriend or maybe self-styled girlfriend (?) to the Joker (her "Puddin'"). Throughout this story arc she is held hostage as a possible sacrifice to bring Ares into the Earth plane. She constantly pleads with Joker, who has been possessed by the god Deimos, to come to himself and release her. Nightwing continually attempts to free her, but in the end it is Wonder Woman who manages it. Of all the Batman villains involved in the story, Harley is the only one who completely escapes capture or detection in the end.

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