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Raijin, thunder god, on his throneRaijin: 3:15. In search of a god to help her get around Athena's barriers and return to Themyscira to help her mother, Diana goes to the Celestial House of Thunder to petition Raijin, thunder god. Raigin tells her that "the last time I fought other gods, impertinent one, I was nearly DESTROYED." He then dismisses her.

Micah RainsMicah Rains: (73) A down-on-his-luck Boston PI who orders a mountain of food from Tacowhiz and then devours it as sloppily as a pig in front of her. When he confronts Mr. Sazia, a local mid-level mafioso, he does so without a plan of action, even though he knows that Sazia is rumored to be able to turn into a demon. After Diana saves him, he offers her a job.

(77) Diana tells Insp. Indelicato that she's working with Micah because the city is in terrible danger. He's caught in a black hole singularity with her and the inspector. Both mortals manage to hold on to the magic lasso while WW tries to extract them.

(93) Diana has apparently spent all the back pay she got from the JLA, for after Artemis takes over as Wonder Woman, Diana finds she needs a job. She rescues Micah from monster thugs, and he reminds her that she can come work for him part-time.

"Fifty-fifty," she offers to his surprise. "We will rent a real office, with a real telephone and we will share it 50-50. I will receive an additional 20% of any new revenues I generate for the agency. We will each contribute 10% towards the functioning of the agency, which will not be called "The Wonder Woman Agency" or anything foolish like that. We are going to hire my friend Donna Milton to be our attorney and office manager. Any questions?"

"But I'm still in charge, right?"

"Yes, Micah. You are still in charge..."

Also in this issue, Hawkman reports that Micah has worked with Oracle in reporting some criminal conspiracy.



Rama appears in all his glory


Rama: (148) DC decides to see if they can outrage some of the world's 900 million practicing Hindus by introducing (the married) Rama as Diana's love interest.








Randolph, Thomas Asquith: See White Magician.

Ravager: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Republic of Themyscira: (208) The name of the Amazons' country during the Rucka run. It is run by Archon Eponymous Pillipus and Polemarch Artemis.


Rhanda: 3:14. He's one of the Gorilla Knights, who have their own entry.




Robin: Batman's ally, aka Tim Drake. 166: In this Wonder Woman/Batman family story arc, Robin is compared to Cassie. Robin and Cassie the Wonder Girl come to Huntress and Artemis' rescue against Maxie Zeus and his acolytes outside a cathedral in Gotham City. Robin talks Cassie and Huntress out of an argument and then halts the group as they're about to enter the cathedral, saying, "NEVER walk in the front door, it's ALWAYS a trap." He leads them in through some unknown "BACK way."

167: As Phobos/Batman's fear spreads, Robin finds himself unable to jump because he's afraid he's going to fall. Nightwing tells him it's his imagination. Later, Robin sits helplessly and tells Cassie that since he can't get to Batman, she'll have to stop him. The maddened Cassie uses this order as an excuse to "SWASLAMM!" Robin full-force across the cathedral. He emerges with only a shiner and then talks Cassie down out of her madness. Later, he helps lead Maxie Zeus' acolytes out of the crumbling Areopagus.

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