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Sabatini, Cesare (Ches): (64) Ed Indelicato’s new partner, presumably comic relief as he reveals that he is allergic to wool, hyper-aware of men’s fashion, concerned with his expense account, and mentions that his mother dressed him like a girl until he was 13. He’s stutteringly star-struck when Diana appears. He keeps a copy of her “adventures” on him and loves to read them, though Diana assures him that the stories are not true.

Sandsmark, Cassie: aka Wonder Girl II. I'll try to remember to include out-of-WW landmark occasions for her in this index. In the meantime, don't miss the Cassie the Wonder Girl Costume Index!

(166) Oracle directs Cassie and Robin to rescue Huntress and Artemis from Maxie Zeus and his acolytes in Gotham City. Cassie uproots some trees (bearing the golden apples of discord) to throw at or throw in the way of the acolytes, "to show Maxie there the STRENGTH of the REAL Zeus!" Artemis congratulates her but Huntress berates her. Cassie angrily asks, "Which one are you, Bat-GIRL? Bat-WOMAN? Bat-HOUND?" and the two increase their apples-driven hostility until Robin talks them down.

Later, Cassie spots Maxie going into the cathedral that houses the Areopagus, but Robin stops her and the rest from following because it's almost surely a trap. He leads them in a safer way.

(167) Golden Apples of Discord explode around Cassie as she flies to Diana's rescue, maddening her. She deliberately misunderstands Robin and punches him across the Areopagus (he receives only a "shiner") because "NO ONE tells me what to do!" She tells him that he's not leader of Young Justice; she is. He doesn't deserve to be in charge. Artemis tries to prevent her from attacking Robin again, but it is Donna who finallly pulls her off him. Robin talks her down, telling her how great she's been in Y.J. and how her friends are proud of her. Later, Cassie helps the acolytes flee the crumbling Areopagus, and she apologizes to Huntress from her previous behavior.

Sangtee: (67-71) The race and empire which is currently composed (supposedly) only of males, and who hate all females. Every 1000 years the entire race changes gender in some fashion, which is when a lot of babies are born, but in between they use cloning.

The purple-skinned Sangtee (incorrectly called the Kreel for an issue or two) capture and enslave Diana in the "Space Pyrates" saga. She escapes and launches pirate raids on their ships and systems, encouraging slave revolts, until the emperor capitulates and declares that he/she will enslave no more, and encourage the culture to rid itself of misogyny.

SakrittSakritt: (69-71) A Dominator, and ex-slave of the Sangtee Empire who allies with Diana as one of her inner circle as advisor and chief strategizer. (The name is sometimes erroneously spelled "Sakrete.")

Diana learns that Sakritt is contemplating a mutiny with Ectreba since she does not want to die in order to fulfill Diana's high ambitions. Sakritt does not deny this and tells her that betrayal is the highest of tributes, for a leader should be able to survive treason, else they have no right to rule. Diana forms a truce so that Sakritt will wait two days to see if Diana's plan can succeed. As part of that plan, Sakritt plays the part of a traitor to Diana's pirates in order to get them into the emperor's fortress.

After it is all over and Diana prepares to go back to Earth, Sakritt gathers the freedom troops together for a final tribute to Diana. It is decided that Ectreba will be the new captain of the pirates, but Sakritt will be beside her as advisor... and true controller.

Antonio V. SaziaSazia, Antonio V.: (73) Called a mid-level Bostonian Mafioso. A techno-headband turns him into a demon, in which form he can fly and has flamethrower breath. His two bodyguards are androids (he calls them robots), who are put out of action by Micah Rains. Diana defeats him and takes the headband away, leaving him in the care of Micah. Sazia's ex-wife has custody of their daughter, though Sazia does not want to grant her such.

(77) He funnels ultra-tech weaponry to underworld types, claiming they are found items and doesn't know where they originated. (See: Ares Buchanan) He wants Diana to tie him up in her magic lasso for more information—but means it in a kinky way, the sleaze.

(81) He holds a meeting of mob leaders to talk about his new partner, Warmaster (Ares Buchanan), who wants them heavily armed so they can take over the East Coast. Instead, Diana busts in, demanding that Jerry Greene, Hoppy's ex, pay back child support. He now works for Ricco DeBlagia, and both men are present.


Julie SaziaSazia, Julie/Julianna Hutöff: (84) At least the second wife of Antonio, married "for about a minute." They were in their honeymoon suite when the White Magician murdered him. Julie came after the Magician with a gun, but he declared he did not make war on women (uh huh) and disappeared, letting her be. (85) New mafia boss Paulie Longo has his men "encourage" Julie to take a train to Pittsburgh and never return.

(87) When Longo comes out of the hospital with broken legs (due to Diana), he summons the heads of all kinds of mobs to declare ultimate war on Wonder Woman. Instead, Julie Sazia enters, tells him how incredibly stupid he is, and says that if she is made head of the families, she will have the White Magician quietly deal with Wonder Woman. Maybe they'll kill each other off, she suggests before demanding her house back as well as her people. She also wants the private accounts of her husband returned. “That's all… for now.”

We next see Julie giving Diana a paper with a transportation spell that takes her to the kidnapped Vanessa so the girl can be rescued. (91) Reports are that Paulie Longo is getting more erratic in his behavior, and favor is given to Julianna (the name just changed0, who says that if she's made head of the mob, she'll deal with Wonder Woman. (92) Sazia uses Mutt and Geof as bodyguards to discourage would-be assailants.

(94) In bullying a former STAR Labs employee to reveal tech secrets, Sazia accidentally releases the Cheetah from her other-dimensional prison. Not so accidentally, Sazia hires Cheshire and Poison Ivy to do away with her enemies, including Wonder Woman.

(95) Sazia has heard—incorrectly—that welding Amazons' bracelets together weaken them. She has a male subordinate do so (how?) to Diana's, but that doesn't work. Sazia escapes to her limousine, only to find that the driver is Joker. (96) As the White Magician's constructs attack her compound, Sazia and the Joker get away. Later, Diana confronts Sazia. Sazia assures her that she and Joker are willing partners, though Sazia is chained to her desk.

(97) When Diana blows up the building they're in, Sazia manages to escape and wanders, dazed, down the street. Paulie Longo tries to run her down from her own car, but she manages to jump aside. When he comes around for a second run, she mutters that she knows Longo all too well, and triggers a bomb that destroys the car and Longo.

(98) When Artemis tries to track down Sazia, she battles robot guards made by Lexcorp, and confronts a hologram of Julianna, which triggers a net of robotic arms which she thinks will kill Artemis. When they don't, a bomb goes off that levels the compound. (Artie escapes somehow.)





Scarecrow: (164-167) A Batman foe with power over fear (?) who has been possessed by the god Phobos. See "Phobos" entry for more information.


Scylla: (191) The 6-headed, long-necked monster from The Odyssey is used and augmented by Diana the god to attack the Amazons. The monster's new abilities make it capable of a medusa-like gaze which turns its victims into statues of marble, gold, silver, or bronze. Artemis attacks and injures it with a rocket launcher. The Shattered God speaks through it just before Diana destroys one head with a tree and decapitates the remaining ones with her tiara.

Mike SchorrSchorr, Mike: (101)







ShazamShazam: (3:15) In search of a god-level magic-user to help her get around Athena's barriers and return to Themyscira to help her mother, Diana petitions... Is that Shazam, or Billy-as-wizard? Readers on both the WW and Shazam DC boards wondered, with the final decision being a split one. Anyway, Shazam-whoever says, "Gods will be gods, Diana. I have no dominion in their affairs. Forgive me."

the Shattered God

Shattered God: (189) He gives his own origin in issue 193: "In the beginning, the universe was without form and void. But I was there.... After an eternity, out of that void, there was a beginning and I was its center.... And I spoke... to give it voice.... But at the first syllable, the beauty of the word... the order of creation... disintegrated into chaos. And so did I. ... Into trillions upon trillions of unimaginably tiny fragments. I was beyond the measure of counting.... I was a long time recalling myself. But my will was in every fragment... and after countless millennia... a few frgments turned back... and slowly, from across the expanding universe, I gathered myself... unto myself."

To make a long short short and without all the ellipses, the SG discovered Diana, "a creature of earth and sky," on Earth, and initiated his rebirth within the core of Earth.

His consciousness discovered all the gods of the universe (though the ones pictured seem Terran- or Apokoliptian-based, which lends credence to a theory that the SG was in actuality Chaos of the Greek myths) and that they formed a nexus essential to the foundation of existence. By disrupting the gods, he could disrupt the nexus and existence, allowing himself to reshape the cosmos and start things again.

By combining himself (or itself) with Diana, who is a combination of a creature of earth with form and substance, yet imbued with divine gifts from the gods, the SG will have an anchor in the universe from which to operate.

The SG's rebirth is predicted in the Nineteenth Century by Mrs. Cranmer, who translates pottery from ancient Ur and declares that the SG will return sometime around the turn of the millennium.

The re-formation of the SG causes destructive ripples across Oa, located at the center of the universe, and creates a disharmony within the cosmos that the Guardian Ganthet can hardly bear to sense.

Though the SG claims to have taken Diana's powers from her, there is no reason for him to and every reason for him not to, and indeed he hints that Zeus has had a hand in freeing her from the two-week suspension the SG had placed her in order to keep her unharmed until he was ready. Thus it is probable that Zeus stripped Diana of her powers and memory for the "Game of the Gods" story arc in order to render her useless to complete the SG's plan.

The SG can possess humans and animals. Their eyes glow red when they are under the spell, and they gather information for the SG. When the possession passes, they go about their business with some idea of what they've done, unless they've been possessed too long -- in which case they turn to dust.

The SG is responsible for a growing, planetary drought that we see start in India and spread to Zambia and then NYC's Central Park.

The SG bribed the Roman goddess Diana with promises of power and helped her not to reincorporte with the rest of the Graeco-Roman pantheon when that took place. (Presumably he also prevented the other gods, including Artemis, from noticing.) Possibly this is why the god Diana has a halo when we see her, as Diana the Amazon also gets a halo when she is incorporated with the SG.

The SG incorporates Diana into himself, but she still has enough will power to transfer some knowledge via a kiss to Trevor Barnes that will aid her. The SG likens the merging to a marriage, and returns Diana's lasso to her as a wedding gift. Diana has a halo when she is in this god-form. SG also returns her powers to her by destroying the clay statue in which Zeus (probably) had stored them, declaring that his plan will not work if Diana does not have her powers, and that she has mislead him these past few days into thinking that she still had them.

The SG dissociates from Diana to incorporate with Trevor Barnes in order to kill him, shock Diana, and thus incorporate her completely. But goddesses have changed Trevor so that the SG cannot leave him without Trevor willing it. But though trapped in a mortal's body, the SG cannot be killed.

When Diana releases the other gods, the SG starts to collect all the remaining parts of himself from throughout the universe, but Diana fends them off using Bullets and Bracelets.

When Trevor finally releases the SG, the other gods blast him to smithereeens, though he tries to bribe them with promises of power.

Shim'Tar: The leader of the Bana-Mighdall, who gets to wear fancy armor.

(168) Akila appears as Shim'Tar.

(169) Akila gives the title of "Shim'Tar" to Artemis, because "[Akila said] she wasn't WORTHY of being Shim'Tar... because she thought she wasn't worthy of the trust [Hippolyta had] placed in her!"

Shock Treatment: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. A member of the Hellenders whose costume kept getting shredded, like all the other women on the team.

Volume 3's Silver Swan

Silver Swan: (600) Diana recalled her as she watched (in a flashback from the present day; otherwise, this was out of continuity) Vanessa K. graduate from highschool.





Simpson, Donald: (64) Mentioned as the man in charge of a money-laundering scheme. His name is well-known and feared by police and crooks alike in the Boston area.

Skyrocket: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Camille SlySly, Camille (Miss): (73) An ex-rich, elderly woman who rents rooms in her rundown Boston townhouse. She enjoys having renters because that means she has friends—and that those friends pay her money to be so. She does enjoy money! She rents her old study to Diana.

(77) She mentions that she's danced with Douglas Fairbanks. A woman says that Camille Sly was "the queen of the swashbucklers! The Dueling Countess! [1926] Anne of the Mounties! But… my Lord! She’d have to be 100 years old by now!”

This “hundred years old” guess would be a running gag for Camille. We never did get to know her secret, and WML never answered my message asking him about it. (sob)

(78) A newspaper clipping tells us Camille Sly was born in 1889. “Often called the “female Fairbanks” Sly did most of her own stunts, even directing upon occasion. After the introduction of sound, she dropped out of sight…”

(85) As she watches her old movies, she hears the front door being burst open by two armored constructs. Camille faces them with a sword and broom. "I'm no lady," she tells them as she sets on them in furious motion. She declares that everyone in the house is under her protection, despite their plans to kidnap some “broads.” The thugs find themselves outmatched by Camille's expertise with her sword and athletic ability. She slices and dices 'em. In fact, she kills them both. “Nobody hurts my girls, you wolfheads.”

Sojourner: "costumed" name of Jessup, Hank, of the Hellenders. See that (short) entry.

Solstice: Wonder Girl v.1 #1. The new hero Solstice (aka Kerin) teams with Cassie, and together they fail to stop the scheme of Lady Zand.

Soul or Heart of Eternity: (3:20-23) A chip of the Rock of Eternity (from the Captain Marvel mythos) which exists in every dimension. The Oracle (who also exists in every dimension) has one and gives it to Stalker, who uses it along with Diana's shell boat to travel from dimension to dimension. This rock is part of what the demon D'Grth desperately wants to increase his power across all dimensions.

Spectre: (3:15) In search of a god-level being to help her get around Athena's barriers and return to Themyscira to help her mother, Diana tries in vain to contact the Spectre.

Snow Man: See Blue Snowman.

the modern Stalkerissue #1 of the Stalker titleStalker: (3:20-23) One of three of DC's S&S stars from 1975 who were used in the "Ends of the Earth" arc. Stalker was a nameless, desperate child who sold his soul to the demon D'grth in return for skills. In relation to the WW mythos, the adult Stalker then plotted with his world's Oracle to make a deal with the demon for the souls of Diana, Beowulf, Claw the Unconquered, and the Soul or Stone Heart of Eternity.

Stalker tricked them all into coming with him to kill D'grth. The journey sucked the soul out of Diana and into Stalker. During this time Diana bestowed Stalker with a name: "Elpis" ("Hope"). Though moved by this, he still tried to kill her but grievously wounded Beowulf instead.

Diana ultimately defeated D'grth and convinced Stalker to do the right thing and give her back her soul. He did so, and the four then completed the mystic ceremony that ultimately killed D'grth.

After this, Stalker returned to his own world with his Oracle.

Stargirl: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Sarge Steel swings into action, sucking on a cigarSteel, Sarge: Pretty much the whipping boy of the third volume of WW. Always the victim of someone, whether it be a shape-shifter or mind-controller. Here's his Wiki. (3:14) Sarge inerrupts Diana's surprise birthday party by demanding where she got the information that Gorilla Grodd is gathering strength. He sends Diana to Toronto to investigate the Society HQ there.

Returning to his office, we discover that he has hired one Lt. Col. Etta Candy to investigate Diana Prince undercover, since he suspects her of being an Amazon sympathizer. She not only takes what he dishes, but dishes out some criticism of her own so that he squirms. She’s found lots of anxiety meds in his office that have been taken in large amounts, and points out that he has scotch on his breath when it’s still 11 AM. (These are our first hints that Dr. Psycho is attempting to take over Steel.)

Stinky: See: Cat.

SthenoStheno: (165) Daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, sister of Euryale and Medusa, Stheno is a Gorgon whose gaze can turn a mortal into stone. Stheno refers to herself as the "last of the Gorgons." Deimos sends her to hunt down Donna Troy. She succeeds at turning Donna's partner, Carl, into a statue, but the lucky interruption of Nightwing finds the Bat-hero cutting off her head with his Batarang per Donna's instructions. Donna stuffs the head into a bag for Nightwing to carry, and says that perhaps Doctor Fate, Zatanna or Amazon magic can bring Carl back to life.

(167) Nightwing uses Stheno's severed head to turn the false Dark Angel, who had been threatening Donna, to stone. Later, Donna reports that Diana posits that perhaps the Purple Ray can undo Stheno's damage to Carl.

Supergirl: (600) One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Superman (Clark Kent): (88) Appears long enough for Diana to talk to him about some problems and for him to appear on the cover, increasing sales. (600) Teams with Diana to stop Nikos Aegeus, who is blackmailing the US and using terror to up the ante. Acting as a gentleman, Superman allows Diana to get in the final punch.

Sureshot: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. Team captain of the Hellenders. Once known as Mr. Weapon, the Living Arsenal. Artie had a thing for him until he cried. He's bff with Deadfall.

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