Issue #13, Dec. '07: "Mothers & Daughters" J. Torres—writer; Julian Lopez—penciller; Bit—inker; Bernard Chang—cover; Matt Idelson—"mother" (editor)

As WW fandom held their breath for the advent of Gail Simone, J. Torres got to write a fill-in issue. Wonder Woman helps the army take care of a few leftover rampaging mythological monsters such as the hydra (which I believe Wonder Girl also got to fight in Torres' solo mini that occurred soon after this). Her actions were watched by Tom Tresser, who gushed over them and thus portrayed himself to be a Wondie groupie.

His boss, Sarge Steel, began to display signs that we'd later find was his mind being taken over by Dr. Psycho. Steel declares that all the capes, especially Wondie, are suspect and need to be controlled.

DMA top agent Diana Prince lets herself be used as a menial, bringing in lunch and then using an excuse that she's forgotten something in order to slip out to become WW. (Please note that this issue portrays Diana as a meat-eater.)

At the Gateway City Museum, protestors want to close the Themysciran exhibit. Corporate sponsors have pulled out and one of the museum workers demonstrates fear of Wonder Girl when she arrives. This allows Cassie to set up her mother for her miniseries by asking her to take the Sandals of Hermes and Gauntlet (single) of Atlas from the museum vaults to take with her to someplace safe.

Diana breaks up the protest by just staring people down. She returns to Washington, where we get some baloney trying to reestablish the connection between Wildcat and Hippy (he asks if Diana has word from her), during which Wildcat says that he's not allowed to step on Themyscira (remind me: HOW many years has it been since the island's been open to men? Almost two decades, you say?). From there Wondie goes to help the female members of the JLA (why just the females?) reopen a girls' school in Georgetown.

There a girl there who hasn't spoken in years, not since her mother died, who speaks again as she meets her hero, WW.

Here's an example of art that deliberately sets out to belittle Wondie. It takes malicious intent to arrange things like this, and is a reason why I'm always campaigning for more material in the Wondie Suit, and for the tiara to be shaped correctly. I mean, is respect for women so much to ask?

Now Wondie travels to Themyscira, where she encounters a magical forcefield around the place. She blames it on Hippolyta's anger. "Hippolyta did it all for ME," Diana muses. "The attack on Patriarch's World, the war, and all the ensuing death and destruction... a twisted show of maternal love from a woman resurrected from the dead by evil and then tainted by it." Well yeah, if you completely disregard Circe. And hold AA as having actually taken place.

Any kind of Wonder surprises, Wonder tricks? Hm, don't see any besides a Spin that takes the artist almost an entire page to accomplish (See? It's inefficient from a comics point of view.) and the bit about Diana being a carnivore again. Next ish will be Gail S, and we'll see an entirely new slant to everything there!

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