WW #168WW #168: May, 2001. Story and art: Phil Jimenez; Co-Plot: George Perez; Editor: Eddie Berganza. "Paradise Island -- Lost? Part One: Loving Submission" Cover: Adam Hughes.

Donna Troy and Diana discuss their respective love lives -- and Diana confesses that she's interested in someone -- as they fly down to congratulate Iphthime on her latest triumph: a memorial to the Amazon heroes of Doom's Doorway. Iphthime's lover, the Bana Anaya, picks up a vase of flowers and it explodes in her face.

Hippolyta works with the JSA at a "sixteen-car pileup on the 609 overpass," commanding her team well, rescuing those they can, and confronting the carjacker who caused the destruction. Hippolyta manhandles him as she reminds him of the deaths and broken homes he has caused today, but leaves him for the law to handle. A man comes up to thank her for rescuing him and to tell her that his father often spoke of her "mother" back in WWII who had saved him in the South Pacific. Hippolyta goes along with his mistaken identity, and later, though Black Canary seems to think Diana is in the wrong about Hippolyta's super career, the queen decides to return to Paradise to settle family matters once and for all.

The Banas are building a New Bana-Mighdall ten miles from Themyscira on the land they've been given. Recently some of their crop soil and defense cannons have been tampered with, and now someone sabotages an aqueduct under construction. Artemis coordinates clean-up efforts, ponders the situation, and then goes with Shim'Tar to a large, mosque-like auditorium where Diana and Donna have requested a conference to discuss the rising hostilities.

Accusations fly across both sides, with Artemis and Donna the cool heads. The Banas claim they've reformed and are only trying to build themselves a new home. Hippolyta enters, flanked by her guards and Gen. Philippus. Artemis refuses to acknowledge her as her queen, and Hippolyta says it's her gods-given duty to watch over the island. Artemis accuses her of being a part-time queen and says she should leave. Diana agrees.

At Themyscira, the queen and Diana scream at each other over Hippolyta's supposed ineptitude and Diana's long-ago lies to enter the original Contest for Amazon champion. Donna has to shout them down and suggests family therapy. Hippolyta retaliates with a very cruel speech about her shallow reasons for adopting Donna and that if Donna thinks she's such a failure, Donna should call Magala "mother" instead. The queen snidely says that "if my two daughters think that I have been REMISS in my duties, then perhaps it's time for me to STEP DOWN" and for them to take over the negotiations (which they've already been doing, right?). In the meantime, she walks off in a snippy huff, abandoning all her royal duties.

Philippus is concerned about the queen's mental health, and explains that though she's used to subbing for the queen, she is not a diplomat and the princesses must handle these inter-tribal discussions.

A scene in the caverns beneath Doom's Doorway shows us a large band of Themysciran separatists, led by Aella II, who report to Magala. They plot to strike the Banas that night, while Magala will take care of "Hippolyta and her brood."

An action sequence shows us Donna and Diana squaring off to play with staves in the skies over Paradise. Donna wants to impress her sister with some snappy moves she learned growing up on New Chronus. She says that she hasn't practiced this way since Starfire left Earth, and that the Tamarranean could best her two out of three. Diana easily slips by Donna's tricks and winds up dragging her through the ocean until both lay in the surf, catching their breath. Afterwards in a spa-type bath flashing unneeded amounts of skin, the two again discuss the Banas. Donna believes that that Banas have changed for the better. She says that the hostilities seem to involve some Themyscirans, too, with Iphthime being a top suspect.

A poster page narrates that the queen feels her fate is to be a superhero, though it has distanced her from her daughter (singular noun used).

That night we see three parallel scenes unfold: (1) Magala enters the queen's chambers and dons her crown, boasting about her coming victory and how she wants Hippolyta to feel her pain (though it was Hippolyta's sister and not Hippolyta who got in the villain's way); (2) Akila the Shim'Tar discovers that all explosive shells are Themysciran in origin (though the Themies don't have much in the way of technology) and are inscribed with the word "Ariadne": and (3) that Iphthime confesses that she didn't think things would go this far to Anaya, who lies in hospital, and that she's determined to make things right and settle tribal differences in some other fashion. Magala declares that there will be not an Amazon alive on the morrow, and mystically blasts a Themysciran soldier (Philippus?) who runs to warn her that Banas are advancing on the city. Artemis hears Akila's findings and turns to discover a squad of Themyscirans firing automatic rifles at them.

The final panel is of Fury standing over the unconscious and sheet-clad bodies of Donna and Diana. (It seems near impossible that Fury could take out one, let alone both. Probably the assistants in their bath drugged them.)

Wonder Words: Paul Dale Roberts, Brendan Walsh, Richard B. D'Allessandro, Robert Jones, Jr.

WW #169WW #169: June, 2001. Story and art: Phil Jimenez; Story assist & partial inks: George Perez; Editor: Eddie Berganza. "Paradise Island -- Lost? Part Two: Winds of War" WRAPAROUND Cover: Adam Hughes.

Magala gloats to Iphthime that her plot has been easy to produce. The "haughty" Themies are afraid of change (Iphthime calls them "pollutants"), and the Banas, as always, are warlike mercenaries at heart, eager to declare war if goaded right. We see panel after panel of Amazons killing (or at least mightily injuring) each other. Paradise runs with blood and hate. Fury, persuaded by Magala that the princesses are plotting against Hippolyta, and also told that the Banas are "her bitter ENEMIES," lends her considerable force against the Banas.

Hippolyta returns in time to take care of the guards around her daughters and the unconscious Philippus in the royal stables. She gently wakens Diana and the royal family survey the battlefield. Diana says that they should have prevented this (guess she shouldn't have been playing with Donna for so long), Donna says that Themies are involved in the sabotage incidents, and Hippolyta says that the Banas are just evil. Diana suggests strategy to disarm everyone, but Donna is the only one to follow through.

Diana flies through the skies, creating sonic booms. She looks at battlefield scenes and determines that she will remind everyone "what it means to be an AMAZON--!" but meets up with Fury first, whom she engages in a fistfight (brandishing her lasso all the while). They knock down a building or two before Fury mentions that Magala has told her that Diana would betray Hippolyta.

The queen rides through the battles, exhorting her commanders to drive the Banas off. Artemis jumps her, dressed as Shim'Tar -- for Akila has passed the title on to her. The automatic weaponry has only managed to slightly wound the half-armored Akila, while it missed the unarmored Artemis entirely and she took out the squad of super-strong, armored Amazons with her bare hands. As Hippolyta and Artemis fight, Hippolyta says that the Banas deserve death, while Artemis tells her that the Banas have changed, and that Hippolyta is at fault for not leading her people in "Gaea's way." It is only when Artemis says, "How can you continue to wear that armor -- and not UNDERSTAND what it REPRESENTS?!" that Hippolyta stops fighting.

Under fire from Bana helicopters, Donna complains that they shouldn't be shooting at her, for she's been arguing in defense of them. She makes sure that all the crews bail out safely (but seems to forget that they're only human and not super-strong Amazons), and then tosses the copters out to sea. She spots Iphthime carrying Gen. Philippus and discovers that Magala is behind all this, and is operating from the palace.

Gathering her family, Artemis, and Fury, they repair to the palace. Magala helpfully gloats that she is indeed Ariadne, who loved Theseus 3000 years before, and that she killed Antiope out of jealousy. More recently, Circe used her "restless shade" after she started the first war between Banas and Themyscirans, and transplanted her soul into the body of Magala, who had just died due to a spell snafu (Circe-caused?) without Amazons noticing her dilemma. Ariadne says that she obtained Hippolyta's trust by warning her of Diana's impending death, and then urged a council to send Hippolyta to the outer world as Wonder Woman, while ensuring that the Banas knew it was Hippolyta who was responsible for Artemis' death. She says that Hippolyta has desired freedom from the island for 3000 years, and Ariadne's plot to fulfill her dream tricked Hippolyta into actually forsaking her people.

Fury transforms to her Tisiphone form and rips the heart out of Ariadne/Magala. She presents it to Hippolyta as a gift, and does not understand when the queen isn't pleased. The queen tells her they'll talk about it later, and Donna says she'll take care of Fury.

Diana and the queen talk, for the queen says that Ariadne's speech has given her the insight to end the war. Diana flies the queen into the air and, using the lasso's flame to signal all combatants, Hippolyta reveals Magala's plot. Though she doesn't apologize for her failure as a queen, she does say it's time for Paradise to change. The culture must become an example "to show those in Man's World a better way of life... THE POSSIBILITIES OF A BETTER WORLD." All citizens must be regarded as equals. Hippolyta then forsakes her crown and throne, and abolishes the monarchy. Donna is shocked, for she hadn't been informed beforehand.

An epilogue has Iphthime apologizing and expressing her love to Anaya in hospital again -- and again Anaya does not respond to her -- before being accompanied to "barracks," perhaps some kind of incarceration. Hippolyta tells her daughters that she will resume the mantle of Wonder Woman and live with the Flash and his wife until she can decide whether to move to Washington, DC or Baton Rouge. She leaves her daughters to help rebuild Paradise.

Wonder Words: Paul Dale Roberts, Luc Lauzon, Jef St. deLore.

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