Wonder Woman Gallery

issue coverI don't recall this happening before, but DC decided to put out a book entirely composed of full-page pinups of Wonder Woman on coated paper. The issue has a wrap-around cover by Brian Bolland and colorist Tatjana Wood, and the quality of the interior shots ranged from "Huh?" to "WOW!!!" Here's the artist lineup:

George Perez with Tatjana Wood

Stuart Immonen with Greg Wright

Mike Wieringo and Richard Case, with Tom McCraw

Brent Anderson, with Patricia Mulvihill

Jim Balant, with Tom McCraw

Amanda Conner, with Greg Wright

Chuck Wojtkiewicz and Will Blyberg, with Tatjana Wood

Howard Chaykin

Steve Lightle, with Tom McCraw

pinup page by Amanda ConnerPhil Jimenez, with Danny Vozzo

N. Steven Harris and Chip Wallace, with Michael Danza

Ivan Reis and Barbara Kaalberg, with Gloria Vasquez

Ed Benes, with Patricia Mulvihill (a solo Artemis page)

Tommy Lee Edwards, with Lee Loughridge

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, with Patricia Mulvihill

Phil Winslade, with Danny Vozzo

Humberto Ramos, with Patricia Mulvihill

Aaron Lopresti, with Patricia Mulvihill

Randy DuBurke, with Gloria Vasquez

Ty Templeton, with Tatjana Wood

Sergio Aragones, with Tom McCraw

George Freeman

pinup page by Phil JimenezMike Deodato, Jr., with Patricia Mulvihill

Jill Thompson, with Patricia Mulvihill

Trina Robbins, with Patricia Mulvihill

Terry Moore, with Gloria Vasquez

pinup page by Sergio AragonesMarshall Rogers, with Gloria Vasquez

Christian Alamy, with Tom McCraw

Alex Toth, with Mark Chiarello

John Byrne, with Patricia Mulvihill

Dave Johnson







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