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Tabitha both with and without helmetTabitha: 3:14. One of "nearly a hundred young and motivated volunteers" that the Society (Secret Society of Super-Villains) have imbued with the powers of Capt. Nazi. Their plan is to wipe Amazon culture off the face of the Earth, and use Themyscira as the "new Fatherland."

Tabitha is one of the few females in this crowd, and certainly the only one who shucks her helmet during things. Hey--she got to wear the cutest helmet anyway, differentiating herself from the Vader-clones. (3:17) Tabitha survives Hippolyta's wrath as well as that of the Circle, and when Diana at last drives the neo-Nazis off Themyscira, Tabitha warns her that they can find Themyscira again. Diana tells her that that would not be a wise idea.

TacoWhiz: (73) It's usually one word. The DCU version of Taco Bell, at which Diana was employed from issue 73-81-ish. During this time, because of her absence during the "Space Pyrates" plotline, the JLA listed her as MIA and stopped sending her checks. Thus the need for a job. She took her job seriously and trained to be an excellent employee. She thought TacoWhiz accomplished good because people down on their luck could still afford a good meal there.

Her TW mentor was Hoppy Greene. Circe, in her identity of attorney Donna Milton, threatened the JLA with legal action to get Diana's pay returned (81). (Also, new editor Paul Kupperberg hated the TacoWhiz idea.) The fast-food restaurant was also frequented by WW's JLA friends, who found that other people did not bother them when they ate there.

Tai: 600. The name of the corporation the Big Bad operates from.

Tamika, pointingTamika: 3:18. The woman who runs the front desk at Montgomery General Hospital, which she refers to as a major one. Certainly it gets all the folks from the DoMA, so it must be located around Washington, DC. Tamika takes no nonsense from people who try to bother Diana when she's visiting patients.


Teranova, Mishka/Mina/Aleksis/Aleks: (66-71) Eight-year-old daughter of Natasha, only seen as a photograph as her mother writes her letters, records messages for her, etc. in hopes that she will someday know what happened to her mother if she should die in outer space. Maddeningly, the girl's name varies from issue to issue, finally settling on "Mishka," but we do know that she is a good dancer and her mother hopes to see her one day in the Bolshoi Ballet. ("Mishka" may be a pet name, but it would be odd for Tasha to use it so often when she used another name when the story started. This era holds many instances of names changing as stories progress.)

Tasha has very short red hair.Teranova, Natasha (Tasha): (66-71) A cosmonaut on a Russian-Israeli space station who is stranded because of a plot by Diana's foes, including the White Magician. When Diana comes to rescue her, the rescue is sabotaged by those foes, and Tasha and Diana wind up in another galactic sector.

There they become slaves to the Sangtee Empire, simply because of their gender. Tasha aids Diana when she can, and when rebellion breaks out, helps Diana as Diana frees some slaves and takes up piracy. Tasha is Diana's foil for this story, hearing her thoughts and motivations as Diana confronts the Sangtee Emperor and puts an end to slavery in the sector.

Tasha's time with Diana is over a year. They finally discover a way home, which has Tasha materialize in the heart of Red Square.

Tasha has an 8-year-old daughter, Mishka, whom she dearly loves and writes letters to, even when Tasha believes Mishka will never receive them. Tasha is an accomplished amateur magician, and keeps Diana and the pirates entertained with her tricks. She also claims to be claustrophobic, an odd condition for a screened cosmonaut to have. She is very clever, and converts her space station as needed when they become stranded.

Terra: 600. One of a group of superheroines WW enlists to stop a swarm of cyber-sirens.

Themyscira: The usual spelling for this from a mythological viewpoint is Themiscyra, but this is how WW has maintained the spelling for many years now.

164: The Amazons have erected an open-air museum dedicated to Wonder Woman. Artemis notes, "MOST of the sanctuary seems to be taken up by representations of HIPPOLYTA'S tenure." This would seem to make sense, as in theory Hippy had the longest career as Wonder Woman.

There is lots of statuary in the museum, some posters, urns, shields and swords, a propeller Invisible Plane, a copy of "Sensation Comics," and such. Artemis thinks, "LOOK at this! Practically a SHRINE to Wonder Woman! Have these AMAZONS begun worshipping THEMSELVES?"

the floating archipelago of Paradise
(177) The all-new floating Paradise Island (or more correctly, Paradise Archipelago), called "My Little Pony Island" by some, is revealed, a product of the gods' blessings and a team of Amazon and outsiders' design work. Note the new lineup of patron gods (all female this time, hm) (especially since at least some if not all of the Banas were atheist, something writers forgot especially when it came to Artemis) and their vows:

the all-new lineup of gods make their vows of safety and prosperity to the new Paradise Island
Note Aphrodite's statement that "NO WEAPONS will work on them, save one!" We readers thought that meant that there was one weapon that WOULD work. We were wrong. Instead, it meant that weapons were rendered harmless on all of the islands except for one, which was used for training purposes. If you, say, tried to slice through someone with a sword on any of the other islands, that sword would slide harmlessly through them. Later writers didn't understand this and screwed things up royally. They also made Hestia into a liar when it came to The Kick that Hera gave things in issue 200.

Note also: as of this issue, the technology ban is lifted from Paradise. (Which is curious; didn't I see helicopters and machine guns on Paradise during the Civil War? Ah, continuity.)

(208) The country is referred to as the "Republic of Themyscira."

Themysciran Embassy: Pick your city and look for it there. NYC, Washington...

(203) It is interesting to note that none of the staff in NYC are Amazon.

Quinn ThomasThomas, Quinn: 72. The very butch-looking, brawny woman who has rented Diana's old room in Julia's house after Diana disappeared for a year. She enthusiastically helps Diana to track where the Amazons have gone and listens to Diana's (out of continuity) origin story.

(85) She returns home to discover that the Kapetelis house has been trashed, Julia is badly injured, and Vanessa has been kidnapped. (86) Quinn berates Diana for this attack, and informs her that Julia has told her that Julia's mother was kidnapped by thugs when she was a girl. They tortured her to death, while they extorted money from Julia's father. This is why Julia says no ransom is to be paid.

(87) Quinn and Brian Elliot hack mob-run banks' computer accounts. They aren't sure that they're targeting the correct ones, but Quinn says, “By the time we're done, no one in Boston may have any savings left!”



Tolifhar: 3:14. He's the leader of the Gorilla Knights, who have their own entry.


Tom TresserTom toplessTresser, Thomas Andrew: (3:1) aka Nemesis, aka Sir Thomas of Cleveland. Originally debuted waaaay back in Brave & Bold #166, Sept. 1980. Was a member of the Suicide Squad and made guest appearances here and there, notably with Batman and then with Catwoman. Here's his wiki.

When WW Series 3 rolled around, someone decided Tom would be Diana's Love Interest, so he was made a high-ranking member of the Department of Metahuman Affairs in Washington, DC, and partnered with new agent Diana Prince for an adventure or two. He was assigned to her team, the Dragons, in issue 26.

Hippolyta made him an official Amazon in issue 24 of the third series as Diana was ceremonially courting him. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. 3:18 is the issue in which Diana approaches a hospital bed-ridden Tom, and without telling him word one of what she's up to except that the entire concept is "perilous," she makes him promise to wear a nectarine pit and a thorny bracelet. Later she informs him that this has sealed him into agreeing for her to consider courting him. They're not really courting, she's just thinking about it. Supposedly this is the tradition of her people, though we've never seen any other Amazon do anything remotely like this, nor has Diana done this in her previous romances and semi-romances.

Later, Tom muses about Diana's honesty (boy, does he have a lot to learn!) countered with, as he puts it to himself, "And YOU, sir-- are a liar to your very SOUL.”

In issue #18 we see that Tom is a leftie, and in issue 3:19 we find that he is gay. That must be our conclusion as we see a gratuitous co-ed shower scene. While all the hot young nekkid chicks are sidling up to Tom and giving him the eye, the only person he pays any attention to is James Yarborough, ostensibly to discuss a raid they'd just made against Society gorillas. Hmm...

3:20-24: Director Steel chooses Tom because he's ""sneaky as all hell.... I need a bastard, Tom. I need someone who would give up his own mother to serve the mission." Steel (who is being influenced by Dr. Psycho) thinks Diana P. and Etta are Amazon sleeper agents, and so assigns Tom to watch them.

Tom doesn't think this is the case at all. He spots who he thinks is Gorilla Grodd in Diana's apartment (it's really the Gorilla Knights) and leaps to her rescue because this could be a case of "blackmail or kidnapping or WORSE. And I'm not letting you be tortured by that animal while I wait around for BACKUP." Therein follows a funny scene of him trying to save his own bacon while fending off the GKs (who don't live up to their rep), including locking himself in Diana's bathroom while he uses his disguise power and a bottle of perfume to distract the gorillas.

After he sets off two grenades in Diana's apartment, Donna Troy shows up to calm everyone down. She makes a ceremonial vow to Tom that she means no harm to him and will not allow harm to come to him.

Tolifhar tells Donna aside from Tom, "He isn't suitable for the princess. He takes NOTHING seriously."

To which Donna replies, "He takes everything INCREDIBLY seriously. And he carries that weight ALONE." She then gives Tom a peck on the cheek and tells him, "For my sister's sake, I hold you in my heart." She leaves hiim with the advice: "DON'T upset HIPPOLYTA!"


Steve Trevor smiles for the camera, in civviesTrevor, Stephen (Steve):

a young Steve in a tux(72) Steve runs a business with Etta out of a hangar (labelled "Trevor's Way") located in a run-down "mid-town airport" in (near???) Boston. (73) Steve's been trying to discover where Themyscira and the Amazons have disappeared to. He feels responsible for the nation, since he was the one who brought them into the modern world, and it is his mother who is buried on the island.

(86) He shoots a monster, alongside Etta, at his hangar.

(208) Steve showed up (young with no explanation) at the US President's reception for Diana, Artie and Phillie. He announces that he's the new Deputy Secretary of Defense. Diana hadn't known. (She keeps track of her friends well, doesn't she?)

Troia: See Troy, Donna.

Troy, Donna: She's got her own webpage.

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