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Warhammer: Artemis: Requiem mini-series. One of the less spotlit members of the Hellenders, but one who had an excellent fighting reputation known to Artemis. He had his head ripped off by a demon but is feeling much better now.

Wayne, Bruce: See Batman. Wait—was I supposed to tell?

Wellys, Danielle: The Hiketeia. A girl who revenges her little sister by killing the sister's Gotham City enslavers/pimps. When Batman comes after her, Danielle seeks Wonder Woman's succor by invoking the hiketeia rite. Diana then becomes Danielle's protector until the girl runs off. Pursued by the Erinyes/Furies, Diana is somehow (!) prevented from saving the girl from leaping to her death.

The White MagicianWhite Magician: (WW Annual #3) Boston's Thomas Asquith Randolph (The name "Thomas" is added in issue 66) is known to be the 1940's hero, Mr. Magik (or Magic. Darned editors!). Unfortunately, he's a misogynistic artistocrat egomaniac with a goal of "rul[ing] this mudball like a GOD!" He keeps a TV reporter as a mistress so he gets great press.

Often he hides his murders behind an "attempt" to solve crises through his magic. He kills a maddened man after that man had peacefully surrendered to Wonder Woman.

Randolph says "I can tap into the mystic energies that flow through all things," but that may be a lie for the cameras.

He takes advantage of Eclipso's plot to turn Diana into an Eclipso, planning to drain her increased power to ignite his own failing magics. Unfortunately for him, Diana is completely possessed by Eclipso and thus Randolph can only hide to escape her wrath.

Randolph says he prefers others to do his killing for him. He also values appearances and his own superiority to mere mankind above all else. His spells often come off as if inspired by Dr. Strange, with invocations to exotic energies.

(66) Randolph is generally known as Boston's resident hero for "longer than anyone remembers." Now in semi-retirement, Randolph was known as Mr. Magic (no "k" now) during the Forties, the White Sorcerer in the Sixties, and was with a superhero group called the Echoes of Justice in the Seventies. "Now, he does SUPER-SECRET JOBS for the government! Everybody knows that!" a beautician tells Diana. Randolph's name is only "strangely familiar" to her because the spell he, as the White Magician, last performed on her erased her memory of him.

Randolph owns a space R&D division, and when cosmonaut Tasha Teranova becomes marooned in Earth orbit (something he arranged), he furnishes Diana with a "space sled" from Apokolips and a suit. He also arranges with others (Ares Buchanan?) to have a boom tube-ish thing whisk the ships involved to the far reaches of the galaxy.

(71) With Diana missing for over a year and presumed dead by the public, Randolph claims to have taken her place with the people of Boston. When word comes that Teranova has reappeared, and he knows that the odds are that Diana has also, he is filled with consternation.

(82) Ares Buchanan bribes the Magician and makes him his ally. Together they plot and succeed in sending WW off earth for a very long time. (84) The Magician appears to Antonio Sazia and tells him that Buchanan's essence is no longer on Earth. He now wants to team with Sazia so as not to lose what he's gained.

The White Magician offers Sazia “unlimited power, unlimited knowledge, unlimited wealth.” He explains that he knew Thomas Jefferson as a young man, and that their family made this country. “But it's been perverted. The people turned away from our leadership.” He blames it on immigrants and non-whites. Now the White Magician wants to control the city and remind its inhabitants of just who is their rightful master.

Sazia shoots him to no effect, but the Magician destroys Sazia. When Sazia's new bride tries to shoot him, he tells her, “The White Magician does not war on women!” and disappears.

(94) Paulie Longo says the Magician has deserted him. (95) In a field under a full moon, Longo begs for the Magician to appear and help him. Longo isn't prepared to fight magic and super-villains who are out to kill him. "You promised t'help me!" he cries.

The Magician appears. "And I always keep my word... It makes me such an interesting villain." Oh, baby! He then creates a golem army to march on the Sazia compound. Poison Ivy takes care of a few of the golems, but not all. He also collects a small army of mutant super-villains with the same goal. Ivy takes out a significant number of these as well. (96) Diana and Cheetah take care of what's left.

Longo complains that the Magician's monsters aren't as powerful as they used to be. The Magician responds, "You wouldn't want me stronger than I am, Paulie. A theurgist who allies himself too closely with the forces he seeks to control, loses his humanity." All that will remain is naked power.

(97) Outside the building where Diana is confronting the Joker, who holds Sazia prisoner, the Magician and Longo wait to finish them all off, but Cheetah pounces on the Magician just as he casts his spell, her final payment in the debt she owes Diana. They disappear together.

(98) Diana says that files in Artemis' NYC offices should reveal that the White Magician has been financing her (male) staff and feeding her lies while directing her toward which cases she should take on (which all turn out to be fake). (99) Cassie Arnold slips into something more comfortable in order to reignite the interest of the Magician. In a shadowy room, he tells her that he's been dipping far into dark power, seeking to ally with major demons in order to become more powerful. His human passions have gone, and he rises from his chair, slightly demonic in appearance.

He needed an animalistic familiar, and reveals that he has chained the Cheetah into a pet, "which I am training for obedience!"

"Filth!" Cheetah cries. "When Diana finds out, she will eat your heart!"

But the Magician is not deterred. He grows and grows, becoming even more demonic. "I am a high lord daemon now! I am beyond petty good and evil... beyond pain and pleasure! I am the stuff of which the universe is made!" To keep this power, he must provide blood gifts to his brother demons—and he picks up Cassie and Cheetah and sacrifices them.

The White Magician in demon form towers over Artemis(100) Cassie and Cheetah are now demons with no humanity left. The Magician uses them to attack Artemis and Diana. When Artemis fires an arrow at him to distract him from Diana, he turns the arrow back, burying it in her chest and thus mortally wounding her. He then uses the lasso to fling her back and forth, battering her.

A dazed Circe appears. She can barely recall how to work magic, but tries to send the Magician to hell. Instead he rips her Circe appearance from her, leaving the identity of Donna Milton. The only thing she can do, when faced with an attack from the lesser demons, is to teleport away, taking Cassie and Cheetah with her.

Dying on the floor, Artemis urges Diana to take the Gauntlet of Atlas (magnifying her strength by ten), even though that is the only thing keeping her alive. Finally Diana does so, and batters at the Magician-demon for five full pages until he dissolves in flames.

Adieu to one of the greatest WW villains!

Wonder Girl: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You're going to have to figure out which one you mean. Look under either Troy, Donna or that upstart, Sandsmark, Cassie.

Wunderkind: see Neo-Nazis.

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