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Zand, Lady: Wonder Girl v.1 #1. This ruler of Zandia, previously seen only in Young Justice #50 with a completely different look, attacks a natural museum in London to retrieve a necklace she claims was stolen from her country. Despite Cassie teaming up with Solstice, the two fail to stop the villain and her scheme.

Lady Zand possesses considerable elemental powers. She can literally become “the soil of her home world,” transforming herself into a towering figure made of rock and earth.

Zatanna: Brave and the Bold #33. In a highly unlikely story that takes place in a too-recent past, Zatanna learns of the imminent paralyzing of Barbara Gordon and, rather than do anything about it or help her afterward, gets Diana to join them for a ladies' night on the town partying.

Zeus: 189: is turned into a statue within the graveyard, along with many other gods. It is probably he who stripped Diana's powers from her, though the Shattered God says that it was he who did it; however, this doesn't make sense for the plot.

Diana prays to Zeus for his thunderbolt and actually handles it for a few seconds -- all she can bear -- in order to use it to free Zeus, who then frees the rest of the pantheons of gods, who then destroy the Shattered God.

Zeus, Maxie:164: A Batman villain who believes himself descended from Zeus. He inspires the disenfranchised crowds outside a Gotham cathedral to follow the Greek gods and to eat from Eris' apples of discord.

165: Maxie directs his followers to kill Artemis and Huntress as an offering to Ares.

166: Maxie reiterates his threats, and then, when seemingly defeated, his daughter Medea gives him a fully-charged apple and he runs into the cathedral in response to the gods' bidding. He claims that they will make him one of them. He thinks he is to sacrifice Harley Quinn to bring Ares into the Earth dimension, but a plant construct formed like Ares performs the sacrifice on him instead. Maxie goes willingly, calling out to the gods to witness his sacrifice and work, and that he will be waiting for their rewards in the Elysian Fields.

Maxie's death powers the Amulet of Harmonia to bring Ares forth.

Zeus, Medea: 166: Well, I guess that's her last name. She's the daughter of Batman villain Maxie Zeus. She gives a fully-charged apple of discord to her father so he can appease the war gods.

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