ISSUE 112: Feb, 1960. WF explained by time travel in which young Diana is aware of her future career, so that makes it OUT OF CONTINITY. Darn it, because it's a nifty little story. Close your eyes and pretend the time travel didn't happen and they got Diana mixed up with Donna. 25 pp (the WG part is the last 11 pp). Members of WF in story: WW, WG and Hippolyta. The Amazons now definitely display powers.

WW #112"The Chest of Monsters!" Inspired by Wonder Woman, young Bonnie rescues two friends from drowning, even giving them mouth-to-mouth. This wins a WW-sponsored contest for the young person "whose deeds most reflect credit to America." Does Diana do the same thing for Canada and Sri Lanka, do you think? The prize is three wishes, to be granted by WW.

First wish is a trip to Paradise Island, where Hippolyta proclaims Bonnie an honorary Amazon. We get to see Amazon life: hooked up to education machines even as they sleep, communications centers listening for SOS signals from across the solar system, and language facilities.

Amazons compete at a contest that seems hopeless to win, but Diana tries. Bonnie silently wishes with all her might that Diana would win, and she does -- and Diana counts that as Bonnie's second wish. How unfair! But I doubt if Bonnie really minds because Diana saves her from a waterspout and some sharks later on.

Bonnie makes her third wish: to spend a few hours with Diana when she was a teen. Luckily, the Amazon Hall of Time and Space contains a time machine, and Bonnie zips back in time, to be greeted by a Wonder Girl who's expecting her.

(Okay, so we can pretend that Donna's dressed up like Diana to humor this mortal girl, right? They feed her a little happy gas, she thinks she's gone back in time... No? Oh, okay.)

Wonder Girl gives Bonnie a tour of some science experiments and takes her gliding. ("Do you think I could ever learn to do this, Wonder Girl?" "You could if you were an Amazon!" Oh, those days...) WG reveals that the way she stays underwater indefinitely is by wearing a transparent diving outfit, complete with thought-wave transmitter. Yeah, right. Anyway, she and Bonnie and Mer-Boy explore a sunken ship, where Mer-Boy (can't take him anywhere) gets caught by an octopus, needing rescue. They bring back a treasure chest which, when opened, lets loose with things that quickly grow into giant praying mantises.

The bugs wreak havok on Paradise, emitting a gas that overcomes all except Diana and Bonnie because they're still wearing their diving suits. Turns out the bugs are aliens whose spaceship crashed into the sea, etc. etc, everyone in unison: and want to invade Earth. Diana tricks them into entering a lab we'd seen earlier in the episode, where the bugs are frozen so cold that they shrink to nothingness... because molecules contract when they get colder, get it? Ah, Kanigherian science. Btw, the cold doesn't affect Diana because of her Amazon training. Ta dah!

The Amazons feed Bonnie some funny gas and she wakes up thinking it's the fu... Oh, okay, she goes in the time machine again and meets up with Wonder Woman. The final panel of the story sets up suggestible readers: "Oh, Wonder Woman! I've had such a wonderful time! Can't you conduct more contests -- so other winners can be with you?" And then WW gives National's address so readers can write in, ostensibly for more stories like this. I wonder how many thought they were entering an actual WW contest?

NOTE: WG is featured character on the cover.

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ISSUE 113: Apr, 1960. WF explained by historical story so it is IN CONTINUITY. 9 pp. Members of WF in story: Hippolyta, Diana and first appearance of WONDER TOT!!! (Diana as a 2-year-old). WT wears an empire-waisted chiton: red top, blue skirt.

WW #113"Wonder Girl's Birthday Party!" At Wonder Girl/Diana's birthday party, Hippolyta reminisces about how, at age 2, Diana had accidentally blown her entire cake into orbit around the earth when she was just trying to blow out the candles. On the fourth birthday, columns fell on her cake when an earthquake shakes PI. Diana of course saved everyone from falling debris. On her sixth birthday Diana had to race up a tornado that swept her cake away. She saved the cake -- but fell into it when she stumbled back on the ground.

At this birthday (we don't know which one it is, but one shot clearly shows 10 candles) one of those pesky giant rocs dives down to snatch the cake. Diana follows and the roc drops the cake into the ocean. Not to be deterred by soggy cake, Diana chases after it, even when a whale swallows it. Whipped cream all over the whale's "lips" convinces her that the cause is lost. Only one candle remains. We all get a pleasant chuckle as we realize that once more, Diana has no cake for her birthday.

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ISSUE 114: May, 1960. WF explained by historical story, so it's IN CONTINUITY. 9 pp. Members of WF in story: Hippolyta and Diana, looking quite young, perhaps tennish.

WW 114"Wonder Girl's Robot Playmate!" Diana is lonely since she's the only child on Paradise (like I said, she looks quite young, so this story could have taken place before Rrara came). The Amazon planning board at the Amazon laboratories present a specially-made girl robot as a surprise to the princess. Using her gods-given imagination, Diana calls her new friend "Robot Girl."

RG takes things much too literally. When Diana tells her to throw a ball back to her as hard and high as she can, the ball melts by friction. Playing with jumpropes at top velocity just turns the rope into cinders. One of those annoying giant octopi grabs RG (who can't take verbal direction from WG because they're underwater, get it?) and Diana traps the poor beast where it probably dies from starvation eventually. Do I read too much into these things?

While WG's off chasing a butterfly for her collection that hussy Mer-Boy calls RG to him and starts necking with her because "she's so pretty!" And him (and Robot Girl!) so young, too. What ARE they teaching young mermen these days? So RG crushes him to death in her powerful robotic hand... No, WG drags her away and a convenient bolt of lightning makes mincemeat out of the ungrateful pile of bolts. Good riddance, Robot Girl! WG tells the Amazon scientists that no thank you, she doesn't want a replacement. Honey, what you need is a replacement boyfriend

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ISSUE 115: July, 1960. WF explained by historical story, so it's IN CONTINUITY. 13 pp. Members of WF in story: Hippolyta and Diana, looking her mid-teens self again.

cover missing"Mer-Boy's Undersea Party!" WG makes some noises about wanting to grow up to be "A" Wonder Woman, so it's still within continuity. She's making figurative wishes, not literal ones. Anyway, we see her practicing her languages with tutors (she even speaks Martian), and Hippy tests her on her gliding abilities until that interfering Mer-Boy pulls her out of the sky, making her fail her test. She has to save him not only from a giant shark but a giant octopus (maybe that one from last ish lived?) as well. Mer-Boy fakes unconsciousness so she will hold him in her arms, the cad. Diana is Not Amused, especially when the other Amazons accuse her of wasting time playing games with Mer-Boy.

But M-B really wants WG to wear his fraternity pin and go to this big undersea shindig with him. So he (ASPCA please note) strings flying fish to hover over PI, spelling out a "Wonder Girl unfair to Mer-Boy" sign. He writes another "unfair" note on a roc's egg, and while WG's busy wiping it off, M-B of course gets captured by the giant roc and WG has to save him. The rest of the story goes on pretty much the same. M-B writes "unfair" notes on the backs of giant turtles and undersea dinosaur monsters, and has to be saved from each, the latter of which gets a giant (what other kind is there?) electric eel shoved at it.v
But Mer-Boy had tried to lead the dinosaur away from WG by using himself as bait, so now Diana accepts both the pin and the invitation, tra la.

Note: Boo hoo! I don't know if WG is featured on the cover because my copy is coverless. Boo hoo!

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ISSUE 116: Aug, 1960. WF explained by historical story, so it's IN CONTINUITY. 13 pp. Members of WF in story: Hippolyte and Diana.

WW 116"The Cave of Secret Creatures!" Once again, Mer-Boy fakes an injury to get near WG. Her mother councils her to go easy on him, so when M-B's invitation to one of those undersea bashes (good grief -- is all the merpeople do party?), Diana bathes in an Amazon perfume geyser (phew!) and hurries to the soiree. But she finds out that she's not M-B's date (a cunning mermaid named Firra has given dating tactics to M-B and advises the jealousy tangent) and runs.

So Firra tells M-B to get WG something rare and wonderful. He decides on something TOO rare and wonderful, the Sea-Spider's necklace, and Firra has to ask WG to rescue him. WG braves a watery maelstrom and jungle, then finds M-B stuck to the Sea-Spider's web, becoming entangled in it herself. She uses her Wonder breath (Never did figure that out, Mr. Kanigher. You used it a number of times.) to detach the web before the spider reaches them, and WG declares that even if M-B didn't get her the necklace, it was the thought that counts.

Note: Wonder Girl is featured character on cover.

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