ISSUE #129: April, 1962. WF explained by film-splicing of Diana, but this seems very unlikely, so if we just don't consider the film splicing, we can accept this as being IN CONTINUITY. 25 pp. Members of WF in story: all four.

WW 129"The Return of Multiple Man!" The story begins with readers writing to Queen Hippolyta requesting another Impossible Tale featuring the entire Wonder Woman Family. Lt. Diana Prince takes advantage of a forty-eight hour pass to return to Paradise where she and her mother splice various films together to make avery complicated movie which goes like this:

Multiple Man returns to grab a hurricane hunter plane which Steve Trevor is piloting. Steve uses telepathy to trigger WW's bracelet omni-receiver, which is related to the Golden Age mental radio except that it's embedded in her bracelets. It's a communications device that can receive telepathic transmissions. Steve tells her the problem and the Wonder Family glides to the rescue. They struggle over the plane and the WF tumble away from Multiple Man, faking a defeat so they can dive into the ocean to create a whirlpool that causes MM to sink. But he does not let go of Steve's plane.

Wonder Tot lassoes Multiple Man and tickles him until he loses his grip. Diana then pulls the plane to safety while the others go after Multiple Man. He can alter his very molecular structure and now changes himself into sand. As the WF gather him up, they find him slipping through their fingers. In a burst of super speed, Diana gives all members of Steve's crew artificial respiration and is joined by Manno the Merman, Mer-Boy and Mer-Mite, who bring "undersea oxygen reeds" to help her. Ever-gracious Steve revives just in time to taunt Manno.

The group splits up. Wonder Tot goes with Mer-Mite, WG with Mer-Boy, Diana with Manno. Hippolyta and Steve go off on their own.

Multiple Man regenerates himself into an iceberg and grabs Steve's repaired plane. WT rescues Mer-Mite from a giant fish who wants to have him for his supper, and in the process spots the iceberg threat. She uses telepathy to call the rest of the WF who find themselves caught by the downdrafts caused by the cold air over the iceberg. Encased in ice, they have to vibrate themselves free. They try to capture the ice, which is also MM if you recall. The ice melts.

Mer-Man and Steve arguingKanigher liked to write his adventures in three, using lots of triptychs along the way. Our third scenario for Multiple Man comes when he turns himself into a volcano and starts spewing lava right next to Paradise Island. The edge of the volcano falls away under Hippolyta's feet but when the rest of her family start riding the volcano's updrafts in a circular pattern, they create a suction that draws Hippy from the deadly lava. They keep going until they drag a tornado of air with them into outer space, where Multiple Man to be dissipated into dust. However, there is no explanation of how the WF can survive in airless space, much less glide on air currents there. This story ends with Steve and Manno arguing for Diana's affections.

It's interesting to note that in this issue and the next, Wonder Tot makes a point of saying that she wants to grow up to be A Wonder Woman and not WW herself, which is more proof that this is an in-continuity story and not an Impossible Tale.

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ISSUE #130: May, 1962. IN CONTINUITY whether you want to think of WT as Diana or as WT, but I think it's WT due to further adventures tying into this one. 12 pp. Members of WF in story: just Hippy and the Tot.

Where have you been, Wonder Tot?

WW 130"Secret of Mr. Genie's Magic Turban!" Hippy is painting in the palace one day when Wonder Tot hops into the room on top of a giant whale's tooth and claims that she's just been out doing nothing. The queen demands an explanation and we go into flashback.

WT awakened tha tmorning with a bird -- who looks an awful lot like a crow -- singing on top of her bassinet. She gets up and touches her toes while brushing her teeth, but is interrupted when Mr. Genie floats to her balcony. WT demands that he leave. If he touches the ground he could bring doom to the Amazons.

Mr. Genie come to call

But Mr. Genie cries that he's lonely and has been waiting for her to return to play with him. As WT wipes his eyes with the end of his turban, Mr. Genie explains that she should never unravel his turban because it is the secret source of his magic.

WT invites Mr. Genie along as she rides the air currents, and Mr. Genie pops in a magic carpet that they ride hither and yon. Unfortunately as they do an aerial roll, Mr. Genie falls off. Ordinarily, WT would use her magic lasso to catch him, but she has left the island without it so she grabs his turban, which she refers to as a "towel," and forms it into a lasso to save him not only from the fall but from a giant crazed fish who wants to eat him.

The next adventure of the day comes as she and Mr. Genie fly on the magic carpet. WT spots pretty "flying fishbowls." Mr. Genie explains that they are actually Martian invasion craft heading straight to Paradise Island to conquer it. The Martians, who in this case are shown with yellow, scaly skin and with three eyes (later in this era they'd have dark green skin with regular, if exaggerated human features) catch the Tot and Genie in an imprisoning ray and WT plays bullets and bracelets with deathrays.

She then takes Mr. Genie's turban, lassoes one of the spaceship globes, and whirls it around until it strikes the other vessels fo the invasion force, sending them out of the atmosphere. The crews are so demoralized they call off the invasion.

Third and final adventure comes when a crazed giant whale suddenly looms up out of the ocean, knocking Mr. Genie and the Tot off their magic carpet. Both notice that the whale rubs its jaw against some rocks -- it has a bad tooth that needs to be extracted. The Tot again uses Mr. Genie's turban, this time to pull the tooth, and the thankful whale gives the two of them a ride and also gives WT his tooth as a souvenir.

Having told her story, WT bounds around the queen and off into the distance. The queen asks where she's going and she says, "Out!" "What are you going to do?" "Nothing!"

BUT WAIT -- there's another story in this issue which although it's not a full Wonder Family tale, does include some WF elements and is a fan favorite, so let's look at it. 12 pp. Members of WF in story: Diana and Hippy.

"The Mirage Mirrors!" Our story begins with Lt. Diana Prince constantly asking Steve out for dates, only to be turned down because he's already got a date with herself as WW, or he's sitting around waiting for a call from WW. We also find that the times when he does indeed go out with Di on dates, the only thing he can say is "Yak yak yak Wonder Woman this," and "Yak yak yak Wonder Woman that." Diana finds she's jealous of her own secret identity and goes home to see if her mother might have some words of advice.

Hippy (in clever disguise) and Herc

Hippolyta tells her of her old courting days with Hercules. Diana seems surprised to find out that Hercules was one of her mother's suitors. We find that Hippy also had a secret ID (name unknown) as a mere soldier in the Amazon army, but when she went out with Herc, all he said was "Hippolyta yak yak yak this," and "Hippolyta yak yak that." So she decided to teach him a lesson.

She took him for a walk in a witching woods one day and let him chase her. They happened to find two mirrors. As Herc looked at their reflrections, he saw Hippolyta's had an extra head and four extra arms. He must have done a double-take when he turned to see that the real Hippolyta was now in the same condition. He ran from her, saying "I must have been bewitched to have ever thought she was beautiful!" When Hercules spoke to her in her soldier identity, he asked her out but she told him, "I have been spoken for!" and rode off with a handsome man.

Diana now wishes that she had the magical-mirage mirrors so she could teach Steve a lesson, too. To her surprise, Hippy still has the mirrors: "You ought to know your mother better than that, daughter! You know I save everything in case it might be needed again!" So we find out that Hippy is a collector, which could be the basis for a wonderful character trait if only someone had remembered it later.

Diana takes the mirage-mirrors back to the mainland. Once there, she's pleasantly surprised when Steve asks Diana Prince out to a charity carnival and regrets her decision to teach him a lesson. She decides to call Steve back and ask him over for dinner first, but when she calls, he mistakes her for WW and tells her that he's going to dump Diana that night so he can take WW to the carnival. This does not go over well with Diana.

She sets up the mirage-mirrors at the charity carnival and the two attend it, not knowing that Angle Man has decided to rob the carnival for a half-million dollars. WW and Steve go in the Hall of Fun Mirrors and encounter the first mirage mirror, which shows WW as an extremely roly-poly person, and when Steve looks over, she really is fat! He's terribly embarrassed to be seen with her.

When half of Angle Man's gang takes off in a railroad roller coaster ride, WW rolls herself up like a volleyball and crashes into their vehicle, thwarting them. Later on and back in her normal form, she catches up with Steve. Idiot Steve thinks that he imagined her previous change. They return to the Hall of Mirrors because it had been SO much fun before and encounter the second mirror. Now Diana is a beanpole towering at least fifteen feet high. Again, Steve is embarrassed to be seen with her.

This time the gang strikes from a helicopter and Diana takes an airplane ride and hurls it against the helicopter to stop Angle Man's plan. After she reverts to her normal form, she looks around for Steve. She says, "He's gone! He didn't even have the courtesy to spend the rest of the evening with me, just because I didn't look as beautiful as he thought." So she changes into Diana Prince to complete his lesson.

Steve spots her and asks her for a date tonight. "I have other plans," she says as she walks away with Superman on her arm!

Please note that not only did we have an appearance of Superman, but WW also cites the JLA case, "The Cosmic Funhouse," for the ideas for her changes that she made with the mirrors -- so for the first time in the Silver Age we have a WW story that melds her into the rest of the DC Universe. (Superman wouldn't appear again in the pages of WW until the "Twelve Labors" storyline that came a year or so after the Diana Prince era.)

Diana Prince dates Superman

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ISSUE #132: Aug, 1962. WF explained by the de-aging of Diana, so unfortunately this little disaster can be considered IN CONTINUITY. 13 pp. Members of WF in story: Diana in all three ages and Hippy.

WW 132"Wonder Tot and the Flying Saucer!" is not really a WF story at all. Hippolyta uses a highly-suspect scientific device, a time and space transformer, on WW to get a picture of the "Wonder Family" at diferent ages. After picture is taken, WW has to save Merman from a giant whale spout and then happens to see a commotion onshore on a nearby shore. A couple who are both science fiction writers have found their baby alone on a beach, its nurse missing. There's a crater next to the baby buggy. The baby saw what happened, but of course no one can understand baby talk.

Calling on the Sugar and Spike principle that all babies can understand each other, Diana uses the time and space transformer, which we now find out is slightly malfunctioning, to transform herself into Wonder Girl, then Wonder Tot, and then -- get this -- Wonder Midge. (WM has no ponytail and instead of bangs, she wears the hair on her forehead in spitcurls, making her look like a miniature Napoleon.) That's right, Wonder Midge, who communicates with the baby.

She finds out that a flying saucer had appeared on the beach and sucked up the nanny. Wonder Midge then gestures for the time and space whatsis to transform her into WW, but since it's malfunctioning it can only get her to the Wonder Tot stage. Still Wonder Tot goes up against the alien craft, throwing her bracelets at various internal machinery that tries to stop her, and rescues the nanny even as she grows back into WW. WW dispatches the flying saucer handily.

See, I told you it wasn't that great and it doesn't make that much sense, so let's just say it's out of continuity and go right to the SECOND STORY, 12 pp, which is "Wonder Queen Fights Hercules!" which again is not a WF story per se, but is a very nice glimpse into Hippy's background, especially one particular character in that background.

Diana has various adventures with Steve and Manno resulting in arguments and she goes to her mother for advice. Hippy tells her: "Long ago before we Amazons sailed to this secret island, many warriors courted me!" One of these warriors was the overbearing Hercules.

He calls for a tournament for which the winner will win Hippy. She has to agree to the tournament to prevent bloodshed though she does not want to marry any of them, especially Herc. Now look at page 7: Hippy says that in the privacy of her tent that night, next to a man's suit of armor: "I have never loved anyone but the noble PRINCE THENO... who vanished on a daring sea voyage... All I have left of him is this suit of armor... which he brought back from one of his reckless adventures! O' THENO! THENO! If you could only suddenly appear -- to claim me for your bride -- how quickly would I fall into your arms!"

The next day at the tournament Herc bests all the others and Herc looks forward to the second day of the tournament because since there's no one left for him to fight, Hippy must be his. Once again, Hippy goes to her tent that night and says, "O' THENO! Noble prince of my heart! Why could you not return from the unknown, whence you have vanished, to don your own armor, to save me from the boastful HERCULES!"

That night Athena comes to Hippy in her dreams and gives her a plan. The next day the only person to challenge Herc is "the lily-fingered Theno" whom Hercules tells he will crush. But Theno wins the contest and goes over to silent, unmoving queen, takes her in his arms and goes back to her tent.

Amazons stand around and watch: "Did you see PRINCE THENO and our beloved queen stare at each other?" "They didn't have to say a single word -- their hearts spoke!"

Unbeknownst to the Amazons, hot 'n heavy hanky-panky is not commencing within the queen's tent. Instead "Prince Theno" takes off his helmet to reveal that it was Queen Hippolyta all the time and that the silent, unmoving queen was actually a robot. Hopefully she meant mannequin instead, since at this historical point it's a stretch to think that the Amazons have developed their super-science.

A panel brings us out of the flashback and Diana says, "You REALLY had troubles with your suitors, compared to me, Mother! But -- what became of PRINCE THENO? Did he ever return to claim your hand? Did he REALLY have to fight HERCULES? Did --?"

Hippolyta says, "That's another story, daughter! And, perhaps some day I'll tell it to you!"

An interesting response in that since this version of WW had a father and that Prince Theno was the only man that Hippy ever loved, one would think that he did return to face the fate that all the men of the Amazons faced that was referred to in issue 105. We'll find Hippy claiming that Wonder Girl's father was also lost at sea. Same guy? How many men did Hippy love who were lost at sea? And if Theno were indeed WW's father, why wouldn't she know it? How confusing. But Kanigher never did worry about continuity...

I'll show you Theno's pic in a later issue.

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Alert! Great story ahead!

ISSUE #133: Oct, 1962. WF explained only by an Impossible Label which we can ignore and claim the story is IN CONTINUITY. 15 pp. Members of WF in story: all four.

WW 133This is one of my three favorite WF stories: "The Amazing Amazon Race!" Diana Prince picks the winner of a contest of readers for a reader who gets a free trip to Paradise Island. It turns out to be Alice, no last name. She gets to pilot the robot plane to Paradise and meets Merman.

Hippy greets her when she arrives and tells her that today is Amazon Queen for a Day contest, for which any Amazon can compete for Hippolyta's crown. The first contest is a race to see which Amazon can race so fast that they can run on top of the ocean along a racecourse. Only two Amazons emerge from the ocean without a dunking: Wonder Girl and Diana.

Second contest is to dive down a waterfall and swim back up. This time three contestants emerge victorious: WW, WG and Wonder Tot. The next contest is on a field where sewing thread is strung between poles. The mission is to whirl around a thousand times on tiptoe upon the string without breaking it. WW and WG manage their feat, but WT keeps whirling because she can't count up to a thousand yet and has to be told when to stop.

The fourth contest is a series of supported hoops that get smaller and smaller as the track progresses. The contestants have to hurl themselves through the hoops without touching a one. Hold tight to your suspension of disbelief and cross your eyes at Einstein, because Kanigher invokes Einstein's equation that as one approaches the speed of light, one's length increases. However, he fails to include Einstein's sister equation that one's mass also increases to infinity, keeping up with the length increase... The upshot is, that these contestants jump so fast through the hoops -- approaching the speed of light, perhaps? -- that their length increases BUT THEIR WIDTH DECREASES. Kanigher apparently thinks that mass stays the same. So they turn needle-thin as they speed up to go through the final hoops.


I didn't get this when I was in fourth grade, and it doesn't make any more sense today. Besides, though Kanigher often gifted the Wonder Family with super-type powers like superbreath and invulnerability, they shouldn't have had such powers and shouldn't have been able to jump at a significant fraction of the speed of light.

When you open up your eyes again, they all emerge victorious. The final contest is to surf around the entire island through various obstacles. Despite her heels, WW grabs a surf board and Alice expresses the wish that she could watch the entire race because she knows she'll lose sight of them eventually.

WW says, "The request of a guest must be satisfied, by Amazon custom, Alice! I'll take you along!" So in addition to her heels, WW has the additional burden of having Alice on her shoulders as she surfs. The three Wonders battle it out equally but a giant swordfish saws Diana's board in two. Diana tosses Alice to WG and takes care of the swordfish.

Surfing in heels

The two remaining contestants come upon a whole bunch of boulders, which cause rapids-like conditions in the middle of the ocean. The boulders tear WG's surfboard apart and she tosses Alice to Wonder Tot and then clears a way for WT to get through.

WT faces a low sea-cave but cannot drop Alice, so WT submerges and surfs underwater, allowing Alice to stay above water and breathing. WT emerges triumphant at the end of the course. Everyone has dinner, after which Hippy should crown her queen for a day, but WT falls asleep during the course of things. Aww. Ain't that sweet?

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ISSUE #134: Nov., 1962. WF explained by being a history of Diana, but this would seem to be Donna instead: IN CONTINUITY. 12 pp. Members of WF in story: Wonder Girl and Hippy.

WW 134"The Capture of Mer-Boy!" Once again even though the introduction is WW telling us that this story is about herself as a teenager (does anyone ever really read these introductions?), this Wonder Girl thinks that she might grow up to be A Wonder Woman, and so is in continuity.

Wonder Girl finds Mer-Boy in a giant undersea cage. He's just been captured by a beautiful teenage diver, whom he's in no hurry to escape. WG runs back to her mother asking why Mer-Boy would even look at another girl and tries to find some way to blame his perfidy on herself.

She remembers how earlier Mer-Boy had interrupted her training and she hadn't listened to him when he tried to tell her something. Instead she rescued him from a giant shark and manta. Later on, Mer-Boy rode a large box kite proclaiming his love over Paradise Island. When his rope snaps, he falls seemingly to his doom -- which would also doom all the Amazons if he ever set a fin on Paradise Island. Wonder Girl rescues him and dumps him in the ocean even as he's trying to tell her something.

Now she determines she's going to find out what was so important, so she follows the sailboat carrying the large tank which holds Mer-Boy. The people aboard capture her in a net, which she shrugs off. She sticks around to witness the girl fawning over Mer-Boy: rubbing suntan lotion on his back, feeding him cod liver oil (yum!), and playing water volley ball with him.

For some reason the ship has a harpoon and now harpoons a giant whale, which breaks the ship in half and good for it! Wonder Girl pulls the harpoon out of the whale but the whale accidentally knocks WG to the bottom of the ocean.

Thinking she's in danger, Mer-Boy dives to her rescue. WG puts the ship back together, sends the people on their way, and asks Mer-Boy what he'd wanted to tell her all along. Turns out he has tickets to the Mer-man's Undersea Masquerade Party and he wanted to ask her out to it. She starts to yell at him, but then tells him that she would love to go.

NOTE: In all these adventures, it is always Wonder Girl who gives in to Mer-Boy and not the other way around. After all, you have to do what the boy wants because otherwise he might lose interest.

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